New Book Chronicles Year-Long Trek by RV

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New book on RVs

New book on RVs

Editor’s Note: The following news release was provided by PR Urgent and promotes a new book titled “In Search of America’s Heartbeat,” which chronicles the author’s 12-month trip in an RV.

The past two years have seen the recreational vehicle industry in its worst shape since 1991. Recent figures however suggest that the RV industry is on the rebound at last and Americans are preparing once again to take to the road for those highly anticipated extended travel trips. Bob Mottram, the author of ‘In Search Of America’s Heartbeat’, is relieved to see this happen now.

“Many people, including myself, are happy that the RV industry is pulling out of its Great Recession nosedive,” Mottram said. “This means there is significant pent-up demand for entry into the RV lifestyle, and my book is nicely positioned to help those who would like to take that plunge. ‘In Search of America’s Heartbeat’ not only provides practical advice for persons contemplating a life on the road, but also captures the feelings and the allure that draw so many into the lifestyle in the first place.”

“In Search Of America’s Heartbeat” is both an engaging tale and a guide to the ultimate road trip. Mottram and his wife lived the secret dream of countless American couples; a year on the road – with no timetable – that took them more than 30,000 miles into the far-flung corners of the nation. Along the way they came face-to-face with personal grief but also with the warmth and humanity of America and its people. The book has garnered excellent reviews. Readers find the story engaging and the information provided invaluable. Mottram also was featured recently on The Authors Show, and was selected to be included in “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading,” produced by The Authors Show.

“I’m delighted to have been selected,” Mottram said, “from among the hundreds who have done broadcast interviews on The Authors Show for inclusion among only 50 in ’50 Great Writers You Should be Reading’. As a life-long professional journalist, I find the recognition gratifying.”

Bob Mottram is available for interview, and can be reached using the information below, or by email at More information, including a pre-trip checklist, a list of America’s best RV parks, America’s top 10 must-see locations and photo galleries are available at Mottram’s website at ‘In Search Of America’s Heartbeat’ is available through most online book retailers and wherever books are sold. “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” is available at The Authors Show website at

About Robert Mottram

Robert Mottram has spent his life in journalism. His career has taken him from the North Slope of Alaska to the humid jungles of Costa Rica, into classic smoke-filled rooms where politicians have decided the fate of important social programs and even into a small Russian Orthodox Church for what purportedly was the first canonization ever conducted by any church in the Western Hemisphere. He has spent more time in courtrooms than many lawyers, and has covered courts at every level but one in the American judicial system.

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