TrailManor Earns Valuable June TV Exposures

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TrailManor’s unique folding hardwall travel trailer is slated for cameo roles in two national television programs in June.

During the week of June 1, TrailManor will be a part of “Rollin’ On TV,” a program that focuses on the RV lifestyle in a segment that includes the Hartington, Neb., TrailManor manufacturing plant, demonstrations of new TrailManor model, and an interview with two TrailManor owners, according to a news release.

“Rollin’ On TV” is broadcast on cable networks around the country, and the segment will also be available on the show website, Anyone interested in viewing can locate a link to a local TV station at

On Thursday, June 13, and Sunday, June 16, TrailManor will reach a broader automotive-based audience with a feature segment on “Motorhead Garage.” The segment, hosted by Motorhead Garage personalities Dave Bowman and Sam Memmelo, explains in detail how a TrailManor operates, and Memmelo, an RV enthusiast, points out features he wished he had during his tent camping days — like the ability to open the TrailManor in the rain without everything inside getting wet.

To find a local station, visit

“This TV campaign will allow us to reach millions more with the TrailManor message, and we’re excited about how this can translate into business for our dealers,” said Cleo Eickhoff, vice president of marketing.

TrailManor travel trailers are unique hardwall travel trailers that fold down for easy towing (similar to towing a tent camper). They are also much lighter than traditional travel trailers due to TrailManor’s laminated construction using lightweight materials. TrailManor trailers can be towed with properly equipped minivans, crossovers, and small SUVs. It only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a TrailManor 100 miles.

A TrailManor trailer sets up in less than two minutes and owners don’t even have to unhitch. Inside, TrailManors have the amenities of upscale travel trailers, including a full kitchen, a hardwall bath with shower and tub, plenty of storage, and great living space.

To learn more about TrailManor’s innovative, super-lightweight trailers, visit


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‘Rollin’ On TV’ Adds Pleasure-Way as Sponsor

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“Rollin’ On TV” announced the addition of Canadian Class B builder Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. as its newest sponsor.

Executive Director Jose Moniz reported that ROTV is currently working with Pleasure-Way CEO Dean Rumpel and his staff in producing a couple of TV commercials that will begin airing in April along with an active web ad tied directly to the TV spots.

“The new Pleasure-Way ads will air on all ROTV stations and networks throughout the country along with Direct TV and  Dish Network,” said Moniz.

Pleasure-Way, a family owned and operated company, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, began manufacturing van campers 27 years ago and has grown to be the second largest Class B motorhome manufacturer in North America.

For more information on Pleasure-Way van campers and Rollin’ On TV visit or

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VIDEO 2: ‘ROTV’ Profiles Restorer Flyte Camp

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This week’s segment of “Rollin’ On TV” features a trip to Flyte Camp Vintage Restorations in Oregon. The crew also spends time with Gary and Monica Wescott to learn all about their “Extreme RVing” lifestyle. And Britta, ROTV’s TrailerChix cooker, prepares a great chicken dish with a definite Mexican flare.

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‘ROTV’ Initiating Closed & Spanish Captioning

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“Rollin’ On TV” announced that beginning April 1, all TV programs will be available with both Spanish and closed captioning.

“Reaching out to the growing Hispanic community has been a goal of ours for some time,” stated Executive Director Jose Moniz in a press release. “Being we were getting ready to institute closed captioning, we decided that this would also be the perfect opportunity to go ahead with the Spanish captioning.”

Moniz also reported that Middlebury, Ind.-based Jayco Inc. has signed on to sponsor both the closed and Spanish captioning for 2013.

Despite the recession, U.S. Latino households that earn $50,000 or more are growing at a faster rate than total households.

And when it comes to RVing and camping, the Hispanic community is the fastest growing ethnic group in the country, said Moniz, noting that 23% of Hispanics under the age of 18 tried camping for the first time on 2011.

“With these statistics we felt that addressing this market now was the right move for ROTV, and for the whole RV industry,” he said.




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Rollin’ On TV Announces its Largest Expansion

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“Rollin’ On TV” announced the largest single expansion of its television coverage since the show began in mid 2010, according to a press release.

Starting April 1, ROTV can be seen on Altitude Sports, which has complete cable coverage in nine states including, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. Along with the cable coverage, Altitude Sports can also be seen nationally on the Dish Network channel 410 and on Direct TV channel 681SD and 682HD.

Altitude Sports is the home for the Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL) and the Colorado Rapids (MLS) and is also an ESPN college football affiliate for the Western Conference, Big East Network and the SEC Network.

The addition of Altitude Sports will increase ROTV’s total household reach by another 8 million-plus homes and increase its cable coverage to 30 states along with nationwide coverage on both satellite systems.

Additionally, ROTV is in negotiations with another sports network and three network affiliate stations. the company reported that by June ROTV will have a total household reach of over 35 million homes.

Rollin’ On TV is also available online at


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‘Rollin’ On TV’ Penetrates Arizona Marketplace

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Continuing with its planned expansion, “Rollin’ On TV” will begin airing on KLHU-TV based in Havasu City, Ariz., starting Jan. 5.

According to a press release, plans call for the show to air on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. ROTV will be posting the actual airtime on its website by Dec. 31.

While adding stations and sports networks in key metropolitan areas, ROTV said its expansion plan also calls for penetration into less populated areas of the country that have a high percentage of RVers. Catering to RVers both year-round and seasonally, “Arizona fits into our market perfectly,” said Jose Moniz, executive producer.

According to local statistics, over 100,000 snowbirds descend on the Lake Havasu area every winter with the majority of them being RVers. KLHU-TV is the regional station most people watch for all the local news, sports and activities.

Scheduled plans call for an additional 5 million-plus homes to be added to ROTV’s overall coverage market during the first quarter of 2013.

For further information visit


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Rollin’ on TV to Marquee RVB’s ‘Best of Show’

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“Rollin’ on TV” (ROTV), a 3-year-old production company from Mattapoisett, Mass., will be producing a special video episode on RVBusiness magazine’s annual “Best of Show” promotion during the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) 50th Annual National RV Trade Show, Nov. 27-29 in Louisville, Ky.

The half-hour segment is set for a primary airing in late December and early January through a growing TV network reaching 20 million viewers in 27 states and will focus on three new RVs that the magazine’s Indiana-based staff deems the 2013 model year’s most interesting new products on display at Louisville — one of which will be designated as the “Best of Show.”

All three will also be publicized in RVB’s Jan./Feb. issue.

“People ask whether ‘Best of Show’ honors are for a unit we think will gain the most market acceptance and, therefore, the most sales — or whether it’s for the most innovative and cutting-edge design, regardless of marketability,” said RVBusiness Publisher Sherman Goldenberg. “But the fact of the matter is that it ordinarily winds up being a combination of both.”

This segment and a separate trade show-related ROTV episode being taped at Louisville will be seen — and often rebroadcast — on an array of TV outlets affiliated with ABC, Fox, My NetWork TV and the WB Network. Additionally, it will be shown on three regional sports networks and will receive national coverage on the Dish Network on Cox Sports Network, reported ROTV Executive Producer Joe Moniz.

“Besides the overall show coverage,” said Moniz, “this special episode, for which we’re currently working to line up an anchor sponsor, will include interviews and segments on the award-winning RVs with company representatives for both the main ‘Best of Show’ manufacturer as well as those representing the other units in contention for the honor.

“We think that RVBusiness is on to something with this ‘Best of Show’ idea, and we would like to help them amplify this whole concept in the future like Motor Trend’s ‘Car of the Year’ award.”

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‘Rollin’ On TV’ Picks up New Ad Partner for ’13

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Rollin’ On TV announced the addition of a new advertising partner for the 2013 season. According to a press release, Canvas Replacements, with headquarters in Loyal, Wis., is the latest company to sign up for the upcoming 2013 television season.

“We are looking forward to working with Bob Grambsch and his staff in producing a multi-media, 30-second ad,” said Executive Producer Jose Moniz, adding that the ad would air nationally on the TV show along with the ROTV website and partnering websites.

Canvas Replacements is a longtime manufacturer and supplier of replacement canvas for the pop-up camper industry. Over the years the company has expanded its product line to include all major lift systems, a full line of awnings, mattresses and cushions as well as cleaning care products.

Rollin’ On TV now has a household reach of over 20 million homes in 22 states both on cable and on Dish Network. The program can be seen on various stations and networks including, ABC, FOX, CW and MyNetwork TV along with independent stations and major regional sports networks.

For information on Rollin’ On TV visit the website at or contact Jose Moniz at


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Video 2: Rollin On TV Visits Duncan Systems

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This week, Rollin On TV looks back at RV glass with Duncan Systems, the country’s largest supplier of RV glass, and seeshow RV windshields have increased dramatically in size and cost.

Also Jeff Johnston shows us the new Winegard Rayzar “super thin” HD antenna that retails for under $50 and works great.

And the program will check out an RV destination in Death Valley that is a perfect place to spend Thanksgiving and get a free Thanksgiving dinner.

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‘ROTV’ Adds Nevada TV Station, New Sponsor

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Mattapoisett, Mass.-based “Rollin’ On TV” announced the addition of KLBC TV Channel 2, Laughlin, Nev., to its station lineup.

According to a news release, the show will air on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. KLBC also has an extended reach to Bull Head City, Fort Mojave and the Mojave Valley area in Arizona while plans call for KLBC to be covering the whole Las Vegas area by the end of the year.

In addition, Four Wheel Campers is ROTV’s newest sponsor. “We’re really looking forward to working with Tom Hanagan and his staff over the next year,” said ROTV Executive Producer Jose Moniz. “Besides developing and producing a couple of interesting 30-second ad spots, we’ll be producing some short, entertaining and informative camping segments that will air throughout the next couple of seasons.”

Four Wheel Campers is based in Woodland, Calif., and is a respected manufacturer of pop-up truck campers.

For additional information visit


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