Rollin’ On TV Partners With Winegard on Contest

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“Rollin’ On TV,” together with its advertising partner Winegard Co., has launched a multi-media, television/Internet contest with the prize being a Winegard, fully automatic, portable “CARRYOUT” satellite TV antenna.

According to a press release, the contest began Feb. 11 and will end March 18. To enter, log onto, go to the contest page and submit your name and contact information.

The winner will be drawn on March 21 and posted on Rollin’ On TV’s website March 24. The contest is being promoted on TV with a full 30-second ad during the show along with a full page promotion on the website.

For additional information on Winegard, visit


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Rollin’ On TV Partnering with Lance, RVBusiness

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Lance Camper Manufacturing Corp., a leading U.S. RV manufacturer, has signed on as an advertising partner with Mattapoisett, Mass.-based Rollin’ On TV (ROTV) for 2012, reports ROTV Executive Producer Jose “Joe” Moniz.

Lance Camper, headquartered in Lancaster, Calif., is long known for its quality and workmanship in the manufacture of truck campers and, more recently, travel trailers.

“We look forward in working together with Lance’s Norm Jacobson and Mark Hovanec this year in creating and producing some interesting and effective television and Internet promotional packages,” said Moniz.

In other news, Moniz announced that complete episodes of Rollin’ On TV will be available for viewing starting later this week on, the Internet site that operates as an extension of RVBusiness magazine.

“We are happy to be working together with partners Sherman Goldenberg and Beverly Gardner and their staff at RV Business to help expand the RV lifestyle and market to as many mass media outlets as possible,” said Moniz. “Whether it’s Rollin’ On TV through its television and Internet market, print media or consumer trade shows, we all have to work together to expand awareness before we can enlarge the pie — as the saying goes — and this cooperative venture between Rollin’ On TV and RVBusiness is a good example of diversified media outlets working together on a common goal. We look forward to working with Sherman, Bev and their staff in finding new ways to expand the RV market.”

“We, likewise, look forward to working with Joe Moniz and the Rollin’ On TV crew,” adds Goldenberg. “We see this as a signal of the new directions we plan to be taking in 2012 with, which has been logging relatively sensational traffic since we purchased the site last spring from Affinity Group Inc. And we’ve got some more things in the works, along with our second season of ‘RV Capital Talk,’ a popular weekly Internet TV program produced by Elkhart, Ind.-based RVNN.TV that we want to take to a whole new level this year.”

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Rollin’ On TV to Begin Airing On Elkhart Station

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“Rollin’ On TV” announced that it will begin airing on WSJV FOX 28 in Elkhart, Ind., on Jan. 1.

The premiere on WSJV will feature a special program looking back at 2011 and the companies, destinations and stories covered by “Rollin’ On TV” this past season. Regularly scheduled programs will begin on Jan. 8 with a segment on Sportsmobile West along with a special Dutch Oven cooking segment with host Jeff Johnston.

In addition, “Rollin’ On TV” announced that Winegard Co. and Duncan Systems have joined as sponsors for 2012.

Winegard, based in Burlington, Iowa, is a leading satellite antenna producer and in the forefront of RV satellite TV systems with its popular Trav’ler series. Duncan Systems, with headquarters in Elkhart and locations in Florida and Arizona, is a leading supplier of RV replacement glass and most recently offers repair of fogged-up RV glass.

“We’re delighted to have these two leading companies on board with us for 2012 and look forward to working with them throughout the year,” said Jose Moniz, executive director.

For more information on “Rollin’ On TV,” including a complete listing of stations and times visit


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Rollin’ On TV Expands Reach into 3 New States

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Mattapoisett Mass.-based Rollin’ On TV has expanded its reach into three more states including Oklahoma, Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to a press release.

Cox Sports TV, a major sports network throughout the south that covers seven Gulf Coast states and Virginia, has now expanded its cable and Dish Network reach to include a large portion of Oklahoma. Rollin’ On TV can be seen at 9 a.m. on Saturdays along with other times during the week depending on major sports coverage.

MIDCO SPORTS NET, which currently airs Rollin’ On TV on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday in North and South Dakota, has completed a cable acquisition that includes the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Because of the baseball playoffs and World Series along with the NASCAR final chase races on some of our stations, we postponed the launch of our new season to Nov. 15,” said Jose Moniz, co-producer and host for Rollin’ On TV. “We felt it wouldn’t be fair to the companies featured on these shows to be pre-empted due to these major sports events.”

The new season starts out with a visit to Kickin’ Kampers in Tucson, Ariz., a small company that builds custom truck campers and trailers along with building and retrofitting RVs for disabled individuals. In addition, Jeff Johnson visits Columbia State Park in California.

The second show features Alan Feld at Sportsmobile West as the company celebrates their 50th year of building unique Class B motorhomes that can be found in remote areas around the U.S. and the world.

For additional information along with TV schedules and times visit our website at


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Rollin’ On TV Adds NMC/Coach-Net as Sponsor

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Mattapoisett Mass.-based Rollin’ On TV has signed NMC/Coach-Net as its latest advertising sponsor.

“We’re delighted to have such a great company on board with us and we look forward to working with them as an advertising partner on some exciting, upcoming promotions,” Jose Moniz, co-producer and host for Rollin’ On TV, said in a press release.

The NMC/Coach-Net brand has been a trusted name since 1987 and covers over 80% of all motorized RVs sold in the U.S. each year. Coach-Net provides 24/7 roadside assistance in all 50 states and has the largest network of heavy-duty providers in the US and Canada. Coach-Net is also the pioneer of RV Technical Assistance.

Moniz said Rollin’ On TV will be airing a segment featuring NMC/Coach Net in an upcoming episode.


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Rollin’ On TV Picks Up New Stations, Networks

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Rollin’ On TV announced that it has increased its station and network lineup.

Beginning the first week in August viewers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota can watch the show, which is dedicated to the RV lifestyle, on the MIDCO Sports Network on Tuesdays at 7 p.m., Thursdays at noon, and Sundays at 10 a.m.

Also, viewers living in the Evansville, Ind., area can watch the show on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WTVW Local 7. (Check local listings for times)

Rollin’ On TV said it also plans to add four additional stations starting in September for the fall programming season. The information will be posted on the company’s website at

In additon Rollin’ On TV is partnering with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) in sponsoring the first “Road Chef” competition to be held at the FMCA’s 86th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Madison, Wisc., August 10-13.

FMCA members have been submitting their recipes over the past month and the three finalists selected will face off at the Madison reunion. Rollin’ On TV will be covering the whole event and airing it in an upcoming episode.

For additional information contact Jose Moniz at:



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‘Rollin’ On TV’ Focus is on RVing Lifestyle

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Jeff Johnston filming product assignment with Kellie Harms of Winnebago Industries Inc.

Jeff Johnston of "Rollin' On TV" filming product assignment with Kelli Harms of Winnebago Industries Inc.

If a broadcast empire can be established based on recreation vehicles, Jose ”Joe” Moniz may well be the guy to pull that off with his ”Rollin’ On TV.”

”My attitude is that you can go to any manufacturer’s site and look at pictures and get the information you want,” said Moniz, 66, executive producer of the cross-platform ”Rollin’ On TV” ”Our goal is to focus on the RVing lifestyle.”

Launched in April 2010, ”Rollin’ On TV” — available in 30 million homes — is telecast in nine states by the Cox Sports Network and about 30 other outlets on the Untamed Sports TV cable network. Five other states will be added in February when Cox Sports New England adds the program into its lineup.

”Rollin’ On TV,” which Moniz produces at his Mattapoisett, Mass., home office and nearby TV studio, also can be seen local broadcast stations in Oregon and Arizona. In the spring, it also will be broadcast by FOX28 in South Bend, Ind., which reaches into nearby Elkhart, Ind., the center of RV production in the U.S.

”We like to hit targeted markets where RVs are very popular,” Moniz said. ”And with these stations, they air you multiple times during the week. Right now, between the stations, we are telecast 11 times a week. If we get to 50 million or 60 million viewers, we will be fine.” ”

Besides TV, Moniz operates a website — — to augment the telecast, and the program has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

”From the beginning, it was cross-platform,” Moniz said. ”On TV we find we just can’t put everything in that we want. We tie TV and website together as an added bonus for our advertisers. If we do an entertaining show with enough information, our viewers will go to the website and watch the show again or look at what we’ve got posted.”

Rollin’ On TV” uses a broad brush to paint a picture of the many facets of the RV lifestyle.

”We haven’t restricted ourselves to specific content,” said Jeff Johnston, an Oregon-based freelancer who is associate producer and co-host. ”We look at destinations and new products, and we do road tests and highlight news about the RV industry that the viewer might find interesting.”

Rollin' On TV's Jeff Johnston (right) on assignment in the field.

Rollin' On TV's Jeff Johnston (right) on assignment in the field.

The website is an important aspect to the production, Johnston said. ”Just like a magazine can’t just be a magazine any more, ‘Rollin On’ takes a fully integrated approach,” Johnston said. ”It needs to be available on the Internet and mobile devices.”

Moniz also produces episodes at RV shows, including the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show in Hershey, Pa., and will be at the Family Motor Coach Association Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Perry, Ga., in March where ”Rollin’ On TV” will sponsor a cooking contest. The show also will be on hand at Affinity Group Inc.’s The Rally in July in Redmond, Ore.

Two programs in late January highlighted the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., late last fall while the website also carried news about the closing of manufacturer FTCA Inc., along with a recipe for Salmon chili, a feature on what dogs shouldn’t eat and a review of Old New Orleans Rum, a French Quarter distillery.

”Some shows we can film in one day,” Moniz said. ”Others shows, we may have to film for two or three days. Generally speaking, there are three segments in each show. We try to have a little bit of something for everybody.”

The program, operating with three employees and a small group of freelance videogaphers throughout the country, is produced in 28 one-minute segments that include two minutes of commercials. Primary advertisers are the medical flight service SkyMed and RV manufacturer Jayco Inc.

The shows are telecast weekly for 13 weeks and then rerun in sequence before beginning a second 13 weeks of programs, which also are rerun, so that it’s on cable or over-the-air TV stations all year.

Moniz formerly customized boats, planes and motorcycles, and in 1999 began producing ”Boating Today,” a program on the marine industry and lifestyle with a format similar to ”Rollin’ On TV.” He closed down the program in 2007 as the boating industry slumped on the eve of the Great Recession.

With the TV program and website well underway, Moniz in March will expand ”Rollin’ On TV’s presence with an hour-long RV-related radio program that will be broadcast live from a station in Fairhaven, Mass., and embedded for replay on the company’s website.

An online store to sell products highlighted during show segments also is in the planning stages.

The good news from Moniz perspective is that ”Rollin On RV” already is making money. ”We broke even already at the end of the year,” he said. ”But our overhead is low.”

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Rollin’ On TV Entering Three New Markets

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Starting Saturday, Feb. 5, KLSR-TV, Fox 34, in Eugene, Ore., will begin broadcasting “Rollin’ On TV” on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Viewers in and around that area of Oregon can check on exact times by visiting “Rollin’ On TV’s” website,,  and clicking on the “TV Schedule” link.

“RVing is extremely popular in Oregon and we are delighted to be covering that broadcast market on Fox TV,” producer/director Jose Moniz stated.

Two more stations in key RV areas will begin carrying our program by the end of March. One station is in Washington state and the other in Indiana. We are continually working on signing on other stations in key RVing areas around the country,” Moniz said.

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Rollin’ On TV Launches Season; VOD Added

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Rollin' ON TV logoRollin’ On TV began its 2011 season this week with coverage of the 48th National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. The show will be airing on TV stations and is available now on the web at

“Because of the number of new RVs and products debuted at this event and we wanted to bring our viewers as much coverage as possible, the program will shown as a two-part series. Part two will air on the following show,” Jose Moniz, producer/director, stated in a news release.

Video On Demand (VOD)

“In mid-January we will launch our “VOD Room” where viewers can watch a selection of RV related videos including past episodes of Rollin’ On TV, RV and product segments, RV – camping tips and ideas with Jeff Johnston along with insightful interviews with key people in the world of RVing and camping,” Moniz stated.

The “VOD” Room is part of an ever-expanding effort to bring the best in RV news, information and entertainment through multimedia platforms, he added.

“We are also proud to announce that SkyMed emergency medical services will continue being a title sponsor of Rollin’ On TV for 2011. Without companies like SkyMed and our other sponsors, bringing RV programming to the mass market would be virtually impossible,” he concluded.

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Rollin’ On TV Adds New Sponsor, News Site

August 24, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Rollin' ON TV logoRollin’ On TV has announced the addition of PullRite to the Rollin’ On TV family of sponsors.

PullRite, based in Mishawaka, Ind., is the manufacturer of fifth-wheel hitches, including the Super 5th and their SuperGlide.

This past month Rollin’ On TV also released a new ad it produced for Jayco Inc. titled, “Tough, Tender and Beautiful.” The ad appears on the program’s website, Click on “This Week’s Show” to view the ad.

Beginning Monday (Aug. 23), Rollin’ On TV launched a “news section” on its website.

All Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) members are invited to send their press releases to This includes product announcements and company information.

Rollin’ On TV is also hosting a contest with SkyMed services and will give away a SkyMed one-year family membership to a lucky winner. A drawing for  the winning name will occur on Sept. 20 at SkyMed’s main office in Scottsdale, Ariz. The winner will be announced on Rollin’ On TV’s website Sept. 25.

For more information contact Jose Moniz at

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