Trailer Safety Expert Eyes South Carolina Regs

October 6, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

It’s a typical sight on South Carolina roads: small trailers pulling boats, equipment or building supplies. But a safety activist says the trailers are poorly regulated and too often cause serious accidents.

Ron Melancon lives in Virginia, but maintains a website dedicated to national trailer safety. He says South Carolina is among a handful of states with lax trailer regulations, WIS-TV, Columbia, S.C., reported.

“It’s like the wild west,” said Melancon. “Anything goes.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles says if your trailer is under 2,500 pounds and won’t travel out of state, it doesn’t have to be registered. That makes stolen trailers or ones that cause accidents harder to match up with an owner.

“A good law that makes sense will benefit everyone,” Melancon said. ”It will benefit the people that lose their trailers and the police because they’ll spend less time on trying to find stolen trailers.”

Melancon helped pass such a law in Virginia that went into effect this year. On top of registering trailers, it also brought tougher safety regulations.

“It benefits every citizen in the commonwealth of Virginia, but the sad part is it does nothing for your state,” said Melancon.

Melancon has contacted South Carolina legislators, but hasn’t seen results so far.

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