Lava Electronics Introducing RV HDTV Antenna

October 28, 2013 by · Comments Off on Lava Electronics Introducing RV HDTV Antenna 

RVDH-2000 antenna from Lava Electronics

Ontario, Calif.-based Lava Electronics Inc. has introduced the RVDH-2000 Omnipro RV antenna, offering “omni directional reception” that retains a strong signal at speeds up to 80 mph, according to the company.

The antenna supports AM/FM/VHF/UHF frequencies and features a durable waterproof housing made of UV resistant, injection molded ASA material. The company said its SMD technology provides high gain and low noise amplification.

Other specifications of the Omnipro series include:

• Frequency Range – VHF 47-230MHz

• UHF — 470-862MHz

• Receiving Range – AM/FM/VHF/UHF

• Gain – 30dB

• Noise figure – 3dB

• Impedance – 75 ohm

• Power input – DC 12-volt

For more information, call (909) 786.2333, e-mail or visit

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Winegard Offers Antenna Exclusively for DISH

May 15, 2013 by · Comments Off on Winegard Offers Antenna Exclusively for DISH 

Winegard Co. has introduced the Pathway X2 Portable Satellite TV antenna developed exclusively for DISH programming. According to a press release, the Pathway X2 will be available in August.

The Pathway X2 represents the next generation of automatic portable satellite antennas that delivers the true HDTV experience during outdoor activities such as RVing, tailgating and camping. Key benefits to the Pathway X2 antenna include:

• Automatic satellite acquisition from Eastern or Western Arc satellite orbitals.

• Ability to hook up two single-tuner receivers to allow viewing on two TVs.

• Access to all local channels in HD for both Eastern and Western Arcs in the lower 48 states (some channels and international programming may not be available).

• Better performance with larger 18-inch reflector.

“Winegard has always had a long standing relationship with DISH and we wanted to create a durable, high-performing and weather resistant satellite TV antenna, exclusive for DISH customers, that is simple to use,” said Aaron Engberg, director of mobile sales channel for Winegard. “Our mission was to simplify set up and maximize performance and we certainly accomplished those goals.”

Designed with a larger reflector to optimize signal strength, the Pathway X2 is able to access Eastern Arc locals in HD, a feature other portables aren’t always capable of offering. With automatic toggling, the user never has to hassle with aiming or re-pointing the antenna.

The Pathway X2 is compatible with DISH Solo HD receivers 411, ViP 211, ViP 211k, and ViP 211z single-tuner receivers that also provide power to the antenna. Users simply enter in the state they are located and the antenna will automatically tune in and toggle between the appropriate satellites.

Pathway X2 comes with an easy-grip carrying handle and a security eyelet that is molded into the base. Also included is 25-foot coax cable for extra flexibility in finding the ideal location for best reception. Since the Pathway X2 gets power through the DISH receiver a power cable is not necessary.

For more information about the Winegard Pathway X2 automatic portable satellite TV antenna or to request notification when the Pathway X2 is available, visit

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King Controls, DISH Develop Portable RV Antenna

August 29, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Tailgater portable satellite antenna

Bloomington, Minn.-based King Controls announced the launch of its Tailgater portable satellite antenna, making DISH Network high-definition programming an affordable option for all RV owners.

Designed in conjunction with DISH, the Tailgater system is a fully automatic, portable satellite antenna that provides quick and easy access to a wide selection of premium HD channels, according to a press releasae. Innovative software integration for direct communication between the Tailgater antenna and the DISH Network receiver provides the best possible customer experience available.

“It just couldn’t be any easier”, said Craig Bartyzal, vice president of sales and marketing for King Controls. “The portable antenna menu screen is extremely intuitive and will certainly be a refreshing change for RV owners,”

A customized menu screen automatically appears on the TV when the Tailgater and receiver are connected, and the receiver is automatically configured for mobile use. From the on-screen menu, RVers can simply select their state, and then scan. Within minutes they are locked on with access to all your favorite DISH Network HD channels.

Pop-up screens automatically appear after scanning for satellites to indicate when satellite signals are partially or completely blocked, prompting the user to move the antenna when necessary. “Diagnostic information that previously required a laptop computer, customized diagnostic tools and a thorough understanding of satellite antenna technology is now automatically displayed on your TV in plain English,” said Bartyzal.

Another feature is the single coaxial cable connection between the antenna and the receiver. A 50-foot coaxial cable is included and provides power to the antenna from the DISH receiver. The patented antenna design is 16 inches wide by 17.5 inches high, weighs just 10 pounds and includes an easy carry handle for transporting.

The Tailgater antenna is compatible with DISH Network’s VIP211k receiver and can be used with an existing home subscription or the new pay-as-you-go service from DISH Network.

The Tailgater model VQ2500 antenna has a suggested retail price of $350 and the DISH Network VIP211k receiver has a suggested retail price of $150. Both will be available in the U.S. through King Controls’ major wholesale distribution partners.


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Winegard Amps Up Reception with SensarPro

July 21, 2011 by · Comments Off on Winegard Amps Up Reception with SensarPro 

Winegard SensarPro

Burlington, Iowa-based Winegard Co., a leader in the design and manufacture of TV reception products for the RV market, has released the Winegard SensarPro, a new device that solves the frustrations of locating TV channels in an RV. Designed to work with all amplified Sensar antennas, the Winegard SensarPro is an all-in-one product that acts as a signal meter, adjustable amplifier and wall-plate power supply. SensarPro is a sophisticated evolution of Winegard’s powerful signal meter technology.

“Finding local programming used to be a fairly simple task back in the days of analog signal when reception could be fine tuned by slowly adjusting the antenna and watching the television screen as the picture improves,” explained Aaron Engberg, Winegard director of mobile products. “Ever since the 2009 digital transition, RVers have struggled to find local channels; with a digital signal, you either have it or you don’t. The Winegard SensarPro gives visual and audio feedback to make locating TV signals fast and efficient.”

Ready out of the box and easy to install, the Winegard SensarPro can also be customized for specific search modes, eliminating guesswork and frustration. SensarPro offers three benefits for better TV reception, including:

• It displays signal strength of channels and allows you to find peak signal strength prior to channel scan on your TV.

• Built-in amplification gives RVers up to 10 dB of gain for increased performance or the ability to lower the gain when positioned near a tower.

• Adjustable audio feedback comes in handy to make aiming the Sensar antenna quick and easy.

Available in black or white to match any décor the SensarPro has a $69.99 MSRP.

For more information, visit or contact Winegard Customer Service at 1-800-288-8094.


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