Canada’s RV Care Network Hosts RV Parts Sale

June 25, 2013 by · Comments Off on Canada’s RV Care Network Hosts RV Parts Sale 

The RV Care Network launched its second national sale of RV parts and supplies this past Friday (June 21) through 45 participating dealerships across Canada. According to a press release, the event continues until July 1 in celebration of Canada Day. The first weekend of the event coincided with St Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec and Discover Day in Newfoundland and Labrador which mark the start of summer in those provinces.

Similar to the event held in May, the sale features a short list of popular products offered at competitive retail prices. Each location adds in-store specials that reflect their local market trends and traditions. National and local advertising of the event help to bring new buyers to the RV Care locations and build awareness of the RV Care brand across the country.

“We don’t have any solid statistics yet, but early feedback and website activity both indicate we’re off to a great start,” said Earl Manning, vice president of RV Care.

The national promotion included a “Door Crasher Special” last Saturday morning which featured four roll packs of RV toilet tissue at below cost. Jeff Stewart, the parts manager at Christie’s RV in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario reported that the “door crasher” helped make it their busiest Saturday all year. Other parts managers have reported stronger than normal traffic as RVers across Canada prepare for their summer vacations.

These national promotions of RV parts and supplies are seen as an important feature and strong benefit of the Canadian dealer network. Working together with partner suppliers, RV Care programs provide strong value for the member dealers and all of their customers – whether they stay close to home or travel with their RV.

The RV Care Network is Canada’s largest network of top independent RV dealerships with locations in all provinces from coast to coast. Through an alliance formed earlier this year with the Priority RV Network in the U.S., RV Care customers can rely on the support of over 160 quality RV dealerships should they need help or simply parts and supplies while traveling in the RV they bought from an RV Care dealership.

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Canada’s RV Care Hosts ‘National Sales Event’

May 13, 2013 by · Comments Off on Canada’s RV Care Hosts ‘National Sales Event’ 

RV Care network of dealers is holding its national sale of RV parts and suppliers this week with over 40 dealers across Canada are participating. According to a press release, the event opened last Friday and will run through May 20 during Canada’s Victoria Day extended weekend.

RV Care said that a selection of popular products are featured at excellent retail prices in all participating locations. In addition each location has their own in-store specials and spring service specials to help customers prepare for the start of the Canadian RV season.

“We’re a national dealer network so it makes sense to offer our customers a national sale,” said Don Sneyd of Ruston RV Center in Burlington, Ontario. “Using our collective volume, and working with our partners at Coast and Dometic, we’re pleased to provide our customers with the best prices they’ll see all year on products they need to start the season.”

Parts managers and dealers throughout the network will be utilizing marketing materials provided by RV Care in store while also promoting the event on their websites and sending emails/mail-outs to their customers. “Being part of something bigger truly is better when it means we can provide our customers with the best prices on products they want and need,” said Peter McAuliffe, parts manager at Vellner Leisure Products in Red Deer, Alberta.

In addition to the local advertising by the dealers, all national online advertising done by RV Care has been converted to promote the sale. Website activity has spiked as a result indicating strong interest and the potential for strong sales over the next 10 days.

The RV Care network is the largest network of independent RV dealers with locations across Canada that are committed to helping the traveling customers of all RV Care and Priority RV Network dealerships.

For more information visit or contact Earl Manning at 604-882-2551.

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Video Highlights Canada’s RV Care Network

August 26, 2010 by · Comments Off on Video Highlights Canada’s RV Care Network 

imageRV Care, Canada’s largest RV dealer network, recently launched a new marketing campaign centered around a video presenting the benefits of buying from an RV Care dealer.

“Introducing the concept of a national service network for traveling RV Care customers is one of our key objectives” Earl Manning, vice president of the RV Care network, stated in a news release. “Finding new and interesting ways to present our message is important for our continued development.”

The new video is featured on the RV Care website,, as well as being on the social media website YouTube.

RV Care dealers will use the video in their dealerships, at shows and on their websites to educate their customers and build the value of buying from an RV Care dealer. Combined with other tools provided to the dealers by RV Care, such as brochures, posters, decals, banners and lanyards, the video will reinforce the message and provide additional information that cannot always be captured in print.

“Our consumer research has confirmed that RVers see great value in the RV Care service network,” Manning continued. “They also told us that before they make a purchase they like to gather their information from the salespeople as well as other sources – with online being the fastest growing resource. The video is excellent for this, and, as an added benefit, it’s an excellent training tool for salespeople and other staff working in RV Care dealerships who have a great deal of information to learn and share with their customers.”

RV Care is a network of 49 independent RV dealers across Canada who work together to look after their traveling customers. The group also works with select partner suppliers who provide branded products, services and special RV Care programs that benefit both the RV Care dealers and their customers.

To locate an RV Care dealer, click here.

For more information contact Manning at (604) 882-2551 or e-mail him at

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