UVS Junction Announces New Dealer Network

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A new and still unnamed network of U.S. RV dealers is currently being formed, according to press release from a Winter Springs, Fla.-based web firm — UVS Junction — that plans to help manage the fledgling buying group.

“An original dealer member of another network has contacted UVS Junction as well as several other existing UVS Junction RV dealer clients, and expressed a very strong interest in creating an RV Network that would be 100% not for profit,” UVS Director Angie Cellucci announced in a release directed at least in part to her company’s clients, representing 160 dealer locations. “They explained… that for the first time a network needs to benefit the participating dealers.

“All dollars should be rolled back into the dealers pockets,” the release continues. “All books should be public. The entire business plan should be uncovered. With that being said, Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction, embraced this idea and felt due to our strong client base it would be a good time to move forward and help get this network off the ground.”

Cellucci claims that this new network will help members “stay on top and compete with the larger chain RV dealerships and entities.”

“The Internet has changed how we do business,” said Cellucci, noting that seven unnamed founding members are currently serving on the advisory board. “We can fight the battle alone or we can win the war and become strong in numbers. This is about the power of numbers as a group.”

Cellucci stressed that UVS Junction, which builds specialized software for the RV industry, would assist in the startup and management of the Network, but that the network itself will be owned by participating dealers.

She goes on to invite her company’s clients, representing more than 160 RV dealer locations and more than 25,000 inventory listings, to “get in on the ground floor” of this “newest RV network,” which will offer exclusive territories and “has learned from the mistakes and strengths of other networks.”

“The main objective of this group,” the release adds, “will be to promote the dealers in the Network, not the network or selected network providers.”

“Competition is healthy and the intentions of this network are not to infringe on any existing networks out there, so please refrain from the gossip,” the UVS release further states. “But due to our client base and continued inquiries on ‘bulk buying,’ we here at UVS Junction feel the timing is right and this concept is long overdue. UVS Junction has brought so many new concepts to the industry. This is an old idea with a refreshing twist in favor of the dealer.

“Some other networks are ‘running a business for profit and benefiting by the number of their participating dealers,’” Cellucci continued. “They’ve lost focus and are driven to service themselves. We here at UVS Junction will ‘manage this network for the benefit of our dealers, not us.’ By doing this we believe we can keep network dues down to the bare minimum. Most importantly, (we can) roll incentive dollars back into the dealerships. The incentive money will keep this Network alive. Our objective is to build it enough to not have any dues at all.

Cellucci, in the release, claims that this “very exclusive” group “will represent only good and fair-minded dealers” and “will not control your insurance, financing, etc. but will get you bulk pricing due to our volume.

“Again,” she adds, “we need to stress that any incentives earned on the dealers behalf will go directly back into the dealers pockets.”

For more information, contact Cellucci at (407) 365-1299.

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