RV Education 101 Adds 2 E-Books to Aid RVers

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Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.43.42 AMMark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, recently announced the release of two new e-books as part of the RV Education 101 e-book series.

“We currently offer 14 e-books in our library to help educate RV owners on how to purchase, use and maintain RVs,” Polk said in a press release. “Based on my experience as an RV educator there is not a lot of information available for folks prior to purchasing an RV. To help alleviate this problem I decided to add two new e-books covering this information.”

The new additions to the RV Education 101 e-book series include “An Introduction to RVs” and “Owning & Operating an RV.”

“The new e-books are designed to help prospective RV owners before and after the RV purchase,” said Dawn Polk, co-owner and sales and marketing director noted,  These titles will help answer important questions potential RV buyers have prior to making a major investment like this. Now when folks go to buy their RV they know more about selecting the right RV the first time, and more about how to use the RV after they buy it. This information will help people save time and money and avoid making a very costly mistake.

The e-books are available in PDF format and the popular E-flipbook style format. With the two new titles, RV Education offers 16 e-books, covering everything from how-to buy an RV to RV care and maintenance. For more information on RV Education 101 training material visit .

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UVS Junction Partnering with RV Education 101

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UVS Junction announced that it has partnered with RV Education 101, offering the company’s training program and educational videos within its console video playlist.

“Over the years our play list has grown and we currently have hundreds archived dating back to manufacturer brands in 2000,”  said UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “Our dealers simply need to open their library and publish on demand video anywhere on their site.  Our archives give our clients the opportunity to publish video even on their pre-owned inventory providing we have it in our library.  Having this new playlist from Dawn and Mark Polk is a powerful addition to our library and we’re so excited to announce it.

RV Education 101 founder Mark Polk noted, “In an effort to continue improving RV safety awareness and RV consumer education, we teamed with UVS Junction to provide RV dealers with easy access to our consumer-driven video training program. Video is the consumer’s choice venue for learning about their RV and this partnership with UVS will assist RV dealers in providing free quality how-to video content to their customers. It’s the perfect training portal for RV dealers to offer additional training to their customers on how to use and maintain their RV to include product training associated with RV use and fun.”

Dawn Polk, co-owner, added, “Since 1999, RV Education 101’s full line of training video and DVD series, has helped tens of thousands of RV consumers learn how to properly operate and maintain their RVs. Mark delivers the video content in an easy to understand style that makes sense to the end user. Our professional free educational videos from a recognized RV authority will give consumers a reason to come back to a dealer website. A satisfied and educated RV owner will stay actively and safely involved in the RV lifestyle, not to mention loyal to the dealer that provided them with the knowledge.”

UVS clients who are also Stag-Parkway eCommerce clients, will have access to the library on their online stores.  ”This means that Stag Parkway eCommerce owners can now add any of these videos to any eCommerce page in an effort to continue educating consumers,” said Cellucci.

“On average, UVS Junction supports roughly 80,000 to 90,0000 hours of viewed video per calendar month for our client base,” she explained. “If you do the math, the numbers are mind blowing as the average video run time is between 1 and 7 minutes.  Consumer are hungry to learn and video brings a sense of comfort to them.  Now adding The RV Education 101 library to playlist only makes things so much better.”

To learn more about UVS Junction, visit


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‘RV Education 101′ Debuts Auto Care Blog Site

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RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, announced today (March 26) the launch of a new Auto Education 101 blog site for auto enthusiasts.

“Towing a trailer or towing a car behind a motorhome is a major part of the RV experience,” co-owner Mark Polk said. “Periodic maintenance on your RV and on tow vehicles is the cornerstone to a safe enjoyable RV trip.”

Auto Education 101 is a blog site where people can learn more about auto care and maintenance topics while also enjoying classic car and truck restorations, truck reviews, product installation videos and other useful and fun information.

Equal-i-zer Hitch is sponsoring a classic truck restoration project that Polk is currently working on. The plan is to use the restored 1971 Dodge truck to tow a vintage 1967 Yellowstone trailer that Polk restored earlier to some RV and auto shows.

Rich Elliott, sales and marketing director at Progress Manufacturing, said, “Equal-i-zer Hitch is excited to be teaming up with Mark Polk and RV Education 101 again. For years, RV Education 101 has put out great information that is so helpful to RVers. We use RV Education 101 videos to train new employees.”

Co-owner Dawn Polk noted, “We thought with the truck restoration project ramping up, this would be a good time to launch our new Auto Education 101 site. If you like classic cars and trucks, and want to learn auto care and maintenance the easy way, this is a great site to visit and learn from.”

For more information on the new Auto Education 101 site and the 1971 Dodge Power Wagon restoration project visit


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February 26, 2013 by · Leave a Comment, one of the largest online RV classified ad sites, has announced its new partnership with RV Education 101.

According to a press release, the integration will allow RV Education 101, a North Carolina-based RV training and information company, to offer shoppers access to RV Trader’s 95,000-plus RVs for sale on In turn, RV Trader will offer videos, educational materials and articles from Mark Polk at RV Education 101 featuring “RV tips and tricks.”

“This new partnership allows RV enthusiasts greater access to information to help them make the best decisions when buying, selling, or traveling in a RV,” said Phillip Billups, director of product development for RV “This is the perfect opportunity to share our classifieds with a site that has great readership, excellent writing and smart RV enthusiasts who enjoy being on the cutting edge of our lifestyle.”

Mark Polk, co-owner of RV Education 101, added, “We are excited to join forces with a nationally recognized leader in RV sales. Our goal has always been to educate the RV consumer, and this relationship broadens our scope to accomplish that goal.”

In addition, RV Trader has started offering RV Education 101’s Educational RV Orientation DVDs to its dealer network. These DVDs offer great training and information for RV dealership customers. All new dealers who sign up with RV will receive a free DVD in their new member welcome packages, courtesy of RV Education 101.




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RV Education 101 Offering RV Safety Program

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RV Education 101 has launched its 2012 RV Summer Safety Awareness Program, designed to remind RV owners about important safety practices as the travel season gets under way.

“RV safety is extremely important and understanding how to react during an emergency situation can be the difference between life and death,” said RV Education 101 owner Mark Polk. “As part of our JUST RV IT campaign we designed our 2012 RV 101 RV Summer Safety Awareness Program. Our goal with the Summer Safety Awareness Program is to provide RV owners with pertinent RV safety related articles, information and a free online RV Safety E-Course to help keep folks safe when they are out enjoying their RV travel adventures.”

Polk said that it only takes a few minutes to read and review the RV Summer Safety Awareness program , or to take the free online RV safety e-course offered by RV education 101 by clicking here.

Polk added, “Please take a minute to read the posts, take the free RV safety e-course, refresh your memory on RV safety topics and keep RV safety foremost on your mind this summer.”

For more information on RV Education 101 contact


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RV Education 101 Launches ‘How-to’ Video Site

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RV Education 101, a Harrells, N.C.-based RV training video and information company, announced the launch of a new RV consumer video site.

“In an effort to continue improving RV safety awareness and RV consumer education, we made the decision to incorporate a consumer driven RV video training site along with our other RV training offerings,” said owner Mark Polk. “Video is the consumer’s choice venue for learning about their RV and we felt that in many cases a short how-to video can quickly and easily answer a question or concern the RV owner might have. It just makes sense to consolidate some of our RV video training into one easy to navigate site for the consumer.

RV101.TV currently offers over 50 RV how-to training videos organized into specific RV categories. The RV consumer can click on the training category they are interested in and get a listing of all available video titles within that category.

Polk added, “This new video site is the perfect training portal for RV dealers to offer to their customers for additional training on how to use and maintain their RVs. We feel that this RV video training site combined with our new RV Consumer E-magazine, are beneficial resources toward the goal of improving the RV consumer’s knowledge and education.”

For more information contact


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RV Education 101 Releases Second E-Magazine

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RV Education 101 today announced that the second issue of its new monthly RV Consumer e-magazine has been released.

“The response to our new free RV Consumer e-Magazine has been tremendous. And the positive feedback we received from readers is reinforced by the increase in our e-news stats and subscriber base,” said Mark Polk, owner of the RV training video and information company. “After publishing only three issues of the new e-magazine we are excited with the early results. It just affirms what we knew a long time ago, RV consumers want to learn everything they can about using and caring for their recreation vehicle.”

Polk said that his goal with the e-magazine is to provide RV consumers with useful information on RV products, RV how-to topics, rig reviews and RV destinations.

The February issue of the e-magazine addresses RV topics and RV information ranging from traveling with pets to RV aftermarket products and the top seven RV owner maintenance mishaps.

To view the most recent issue of RV Consumer e-Magazine visit For more information on RV Education 101, or for advertising information, contact Dawn Polk at


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RV Education 101 Debuts Consumer e-Magazine

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RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, recently announced it has launched a new consumer e-magazine aimed at RV enthusiasts.

“I started the company because I felt there was a lack of safety awareness and consumer education for RV owners,” Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, said in a press release. “Over the past decade our goal has been to inform and educate RV owners, and perspective owners, on how to properly and safely use and maintain their RV.

“The way we do this is by producing professional RV training videos on all aspects of RV ownership. Since 1999, we have helped educate well over a quarter-million RV owners. Additionally we have published an RV e-newsletter that includes RV how-to information and video tips for the past decade. We feel we are at a point where it makes sense for the e-newsletter to evolve into a digital consumer driven e-magazine.”

Polk said research indicates the RV consumer actively seeks information and knowledge on RV products, RV how-to topics, RV types and other general RV information.

“Our goal is to continue to be the premier provider of this RV information, direct to the consumer through various outlets,” he explained.

RV Education 101 currently offers 20 RV instructional DVDs, 14 RV e-books and three published RV books in its RV training library.

The first issue was distributed to more than 20,000 current subscribers. Polk said the timing of the first issue of RV Consumer e-magazine couldn’t be better.

“Just returning from the 49th Annual National RV Trade Show, we have a great deal of information available for consumers on 2012 RV- and camping-related topics,” he explained. “We wanted to get it out in a timely manner, directly to consumers while the RV news and information was up-to-the-minute. The only question now is whether we distribute the e-magazine monthly or quarterly. Either way we intend to fill in the gaps with our regular e-newsletter edition.”

To view the e-magazine click here.


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RVers Schmarder/Polks Forming Joint Venture

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Mark and Dawn Polk

Mark and Dawn Polk

Combining forces to offer RVing consumers a learning resource for using and maintaining their RVs as well as discovering interesting RV destinations and delicious dishes, RV Education 101 ( and “RV Cooking Show” ( aim to help RVers become RV savvy in more ways than one through their new partnership.

Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder

“RV Education 101″ is a leading provider of educational videos, books and RV information and is also the producer of “Mark’s RV Garage,” an Internet television how-to series teaching RVers the ins and outs of RVing.

“The RV Cooking Show,” part RV travel guide, part cooking class on wheels, widely available across the Internet on a number of popular RVing websites as well as the “RV Cooking Show” site, shares information about not-to-be missed RV destinations and shows RVers how to create fantastic destination-related dishes in their own RV kitchens.

“It’s a great fit for both of our audiences. There’s more to RVing than the RV itself,” Mark and Dawn Polk, co-owners of RV Education 101, stated in a news release. “We want to offer technical information but we also want to provide relevant information on the entire scope of RVing. The joint venture with ‘RV Cooking Show’ is a great way to help educate consumers about many aspects of RVing and for people new to RVing to see firsthand what it’s all about.”

“Partnering with industry experts such as the Polks is a tremendous benefit to our audience. Their experience in RV know-how paired with our traveling and dining expertise serves viewers a well-rounded diet of RV smarts,” remarked Evanne Schmarder, producer and host of the “RV Cooking Show.” “We are absolutely delighted to be associated with RV Education 101 and ‘Mark’s RV Garage.’”

Dawn Polk added, “RV Education 101 is the industry’s voice on operational and safety issues and RV Cooking Show is the industry’s voice on must-see destinations and location-related food preparation in the RV kitchen. RVers are hungry for both categories – travel and meal planning/preparation along with RV knowledge and information.”

Go to and for more details.

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‘Mark’s RV Garage’ is Making Internet Impact

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“RV Education 101″ has released the third episode of “Mark’s RV Garage,” an Internet-based RV how-to series. The show is available for viewing at and on You Tube.

Mark Polk, video producer and founder of Harrells, N.C.-based “RV Education 101,” stated in a news release, “The response from viewers so far indicates they enjoy the how-to show format we are using, so episode No. 3 follows the same general guidelines. Each episode of the show is packed with helpful information on a variety of RV topics geared toward the RV consumer.”

“Mark’s RV Garage” features a vintage travel trailer restoration project, RV product reviews, RV product installations, EZ RV upgrade projects, RV tips and information and an RV destination spot.

On this episode of “Mark’s RV Garage”:

  • The demolition stage begins on the vintage travel trailer restoration project.
  • See how easy it is to install a new Maxx Air II vent cover on your RV.
  • Learn how to extend the life of your RV batteries.
  • See what tool you should never leave home without.
  • Get an inside look at what’s happening in the world of RVs for 2011 and much more.

Episode No. 4 will be available at on March 20.

For advertising rates or for more information on RV education RV training programs contact Dawn at (910) 484-7615 or e-mail

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