Polk Launches ‘Mark’s RV Garage’ on Web

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RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company, is scheduled to launch the first episode of “Mark’s RV Garage”  today (Feb. 7).

Go to to view the first episode of “Mark’s RV Garage.”

Mark Polk, video producer and founder of the long standing RV Education 101 instructional video series and RV training materials, explained the new show like this in a news release, “We have been producing RV how-to videos and video downloads for a long time now. We understand the RV consumer wants information on specific RV topics and that they want it now. With today’s technology, the most effective method for delivering what the RV consumer wants is through an RV how-to Internet TV program.

“On average I get asked 15 or more questions per week on RV how-to topics. For years I have responded to these questions by e-mail. We plan to use “Mark’s RV Garage” as the new venue for answering these RV consumer questions, and to provide quality how-to content the RV consumer is interested in learning more about.”

“Mark’s RV Garage” will feature RV product reviews, RV product installations, EZ RV upgrade projects, a vintage trailer restoration project, RV destination spot, RV trivia and more as the show progresses.

Visit to see a video promoting this new program.

Dawn Polk added, “Current episodes of the show will be announced through our RV consumer site (tagged as ‘The Ultimate RV Education Center’) while we work on additional distribution channels to increase viewing options for the audience. ‘Mark’s RV Garage’ is designed to provide the RV consumer with the RV training and education they want, when they want it.

“The episodes will be archived for easy retrieval and viewing at the consumer’s leisure. RV education 101 is proud to offer RV consumers this new Internet-based how-to show as an educational addition to our other comprehensive online RV training programs. RV Education 101 has helped educate more than a quarter of a million RV enthusiasts over the past decade.”

To get more information on DVDs or online RV training programs contact Dawn Polk at (910) 484-7615 or e-mail

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EV Education 101 Films Fifth-Wheel Video

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header-logoRV Education 101, a video and RV information company recently released a new RV instructional DVD titled, “Tow your 5th Wheel Trailer Like a Pro.”

In this video hosts Mark Polk (RV Education 101) and Lorrin Walsh (professional driver and author of “Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro”) provide the tools to help the RV consumer tow their fifth-wheel like a professional driver, according to a news release. That means professionalism developed by the ongoing awareness of safe and proper towing techniques, and the execution of unique driving techniques needed to become a safer and a more confident driver.

Polk, owner and video producer, stated, “Towing a fifth-wheel trailer, especially for the first time, can be very intimidating. The truth is with the proper training almost any experienced driver can adapt to towing and backing a fifth-wheel trailer. There are lots of folks who have been towing trailers for lots of years without having a real understanding of the dynamics and proper driving and towing techniques.”

“Tow your 5th Wheel Trailer Like a Pro” is the first and only complete video guide to professional driving and towing techniques available for both beginning and seasoned RVer, Polk said.

Polk goes on to say, “Of the 17 RV instructional DVDs we offer, this is one of the best to help educate the RV consumer on such an important topic. A professional training course like this can cost upward  of several hundred dollars, if not more. We offer this comprehensive training DVD for only $24.95. This is an absolute must-see DVD for anybody considering purchasing and towing a fifth-wheel trailer.”

This 98-minute DVD is packed with charts and hands-on instruction covering topics like: selecting a tow vehicle, fifth-wheel hitches, hitching and unhitching, pre-trip inspections, setting the mirrors, steering, reference points, towing techniques, backing, braking and much more.

Dawn Polk, co-owner, added, “We don’t want fifth-wheel owners to be overwhelmed with their new RV lifestyle. Our goal with all of our products is to teach the RV consumer all that we can to help make their RV experiences everything it should be, safe, fun and stress free. RV owners can review our RV training videos as many times as they want or need.”

For more information visit

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RV Education 101 Develops RV Training Site

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rvcsmallRV Education 101, founded in 1999, has launched a new RV consumer training site at

“We have worked on this RV consumer site for several months now, and are extremely excited to finally launch it,” Mark Polk, founder and co-owner of RV Education 101, said in a news release.

Tagged as “The Ultimate RV Education Center,” “This site is a culmination of all of our RV training efforts over the past decade, and is a one-stop RV training site for the entire RV consumer’s training needs,” Polk said. “One day I realized that if I consolidated all of our RV training material into one RV training site, it would in fact be the premier RV education center.”

The RV training material Polk is referring to is his 18 RV instructional DVDs, 13 published RV e-books, three published RV books, four RV online training programs, hundreds of published RV articles, RV product installation videos and RV product reviews.

Dawn Polk, co-owner and marketing director, said, “Our thought behind this new site was to organize the vast field of RVs and RVing into six major categories and offer the RV consumer invaluable information in each of these areas. The six categories are: RV consumer training, RV consumer buying, RV consumer safety, RV consumer products, RV consumer articles and advice and last but certainly not least, enjoying your RV. To help promote our new site and to introduce our RV videos on demand online training program we are offering a free RV safety e-course to anybody that would like to take it. You can visit for more details on the free RV safety e-course.”

Polk’s other RV educational sites are and The primary focus of these RV training sites has been to educate RV owners on how to properly and safely use and maintain their RV, using visual and written training materials. RV Education 101 has helped educate more than a quarter of a million RV enthusiasts over the past decade.

For more information on these RV educational sites visit, and

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RV Education 101′s Adding Online Training

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RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company, recently launched a new online RV training program designed to assist in educating RV dealer customers after the sale.

The program is titled “The RV Orientation Online Training Program.” Mark Polk, video producer and host of the long standing RV Education 101 instructional video series, said in a news release in describing the new program, “Our current line of RV training DVD’s remains strong and continues to grow in popularity, but we wanted to keep up with today’s fast-paced technology where innovative RV training methods are concerned.”

Harness the Power of Online Video….

Polk went on to say, “Educating the RV consumer on how to properly and safely use their new RV has never been easier than right now. The power of online video has quickly become the primary source for disseminating information to the consumer. When you combine online video technology with the need for repetitive viewing for long term memory retention, and the consumers desire to access the information instantly it’s easy to see why this is the most effective training method available today.”

The RV Orientation online training program consists of over 60 minutes of video training, along with bonus training material consisting of RV tips, RV articles, RV crossword puzzles and more. The video training is generic, covering both motorized and towable RV information, and is similar to the walk-through Class A motorhome dealer gives a customer prior to taking delivery of the unit. It consists of easy-to-understand charts and hands-on instruction covering the LP gas system, water system, wastewater system, electrical system, campground hook-ups, RV appliances and RV accessories. The video also includes a bonus chapter on RV safety features.

Low Monthly Pricing…

Dawn Polk, co-owner and marketing director, added, “RV education 101 is proud to offer RV dealers this comprehensive online RV training program to assist in educating customers on using their new RV. The really good news is the low monthly fee we can extend to RV dealers to deliver this content electronically to their customer base. Pricing is available in two tiers based on the number of units delivered per month (30 or less and over 30).”

Great Customer Service…

Providing your customers with this complimentary gift from your dealership accomplishes three very important goals:

  • It lets all of your customers know you genuinely care about them. Every time they watch the complimentary RV Orientation training video they will think of your RV dealership and the fact that you were concerned about educating them on their new RV purchase after the sale. Talk about great customer service.
  • Your customers will already be familiar with how the RV operates and will be able to ask more targeted questions during the actual walk-through orientation from your dealership. This will also decrease the amount of time your paid employees spend giving the walk through.
  • Included in this online RV training, your customers will receive an 8-minute video presentation on Mark’s recommended “RV Essential Items.” This product review presentation informs your customers on what items they will need to purchase from your P&A department in addition to their “RV starter kit” to make their RVing experiences more enjoyable.

To watch the RV Orientation Introduction video and to learn more about the program visit

To get more information on how this online RV training program can benefit the customer oriented RV dealer contact Dawn at (910) 484-7615 or e-mail

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Boomers Find Comfort Aplenty in Their Motorhome

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Ron Haynes’ 35-foot recreational vehicle has all the conveniences of home, including a roomy bathroom, recliners, satellite television and the same brand and style of mattress he sleeps on in his Pella, Iowa, home.

“So I sleep well,” says Haynes, an avid camper – ummm, RVer. Haynes, 52, and his wife, Carol, 54, take their Winnebago Chieftain on four trips a year. And most of the summer, the home on wheels is parked at Cutty’s Campgrounds near Grimes, Iowa, where the Hayneses spend weekends. “We love the comfort and freedom of the RV,” Haynes says.

Baby Boomers such as the Hayneses make up the largest number of RV owners, according to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). The typical RV owner is 49 years old, married, with annual household income of $68,000. On average, owners spend 26 days a year traveling in their RVs, covering about 4,500 miles.

Camping, even locally, is a chance to get away from the daily grind, if only for a weekend, says Nocona Mollendor, assistant business manager at Cutty’s. The RVs she sees at the campgrounds have become more elaborate over the years, now including washers and dryers, fireplaces, expensive countertops, built-in computer stations and more, she says. “Those are their second homes,” she says.

Many of the Cutty’s visitors park their RVs there all season, some year-round. Some take side trips with their motor homes, others never move them, she says. Haynes, who is semi-retired from the Culligan water systems dealership he owns in Pella, takes yearly treks to Door County in Wisconsin and to Florida, Arkansas and other locales.

The trips are easier because of the RV, he says. “You are taking your home with you,” he says. “When we visit relatives, we don’t intrude on them. With the RV, we have our own beds and shower.”

The family cat nestles onto the dashboard for long trips, and there is never a worry about hotel reservations or crowded restaurants, he says. His grandmother was able to join the couple recently on a trip to Florida because in the RV she could plug in her oxygen machine. And the couple bring along their Wii Fit program so they can get do their daily aerobic exercise while on the road, Haynes says. “We make sure the curtains are down,” he says. “It keeps us on track.”

Like many RV owners, the Hayneses started their camping career in tents about 15 years ago. From there, they moved to a pop-up trailer. “As our finances got better, we went to a motorhome,” Ron Haynes says. Three years ago, they “traded up” to the Winnebago Chieftain, which has two slide-outs, a spacious living room, bedroom and bathroom, a roomy refrigerator and two air conditioners. Haynes already is crafting his wish list for the next RV.

“The next one will be a little bigger, run on diesel fuel and have a washer and dryer,” he says. He also would like a one-touch system for retracting the awnings, a built-in wind meter for the roof and a desk area for a laptop. “I might as well get it the way I want it,” he says.

Touring the United States in comfort appeals to Baby Boomers, says Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, which publishes books and videos on owning and operating RVs. The sour economy is taking a bite out of large motorhome sales, he says. As the economy recovers from recession, a new generation of RVs will emerge, he predicts. “They won’t do away with amenities, but they will scale down in size,” he says.

“They will be more fuel-efficient and be smaller and lighter, like the European version.”

Linda Schinckel and her husband, David, of Grinnell take their large Holiday Admiral motorhome on jaunts to the Iowa Speedway in Newton on race weekends or to campgrounds with trails, where they can ride their horses. “It’s like having our home with us wherever we go,” says Schinckel, 56. “We love to sit outside our RV with our coffee and watch the sun come up.”

The couple pull a horse trailer or a smaller one toting their Harley motorcycles.

“We just throw in our clothes and go,” Schinckel says. Their retirement plan will include a bigger RV and more travel, she says.

“It’s on our bucket list.”

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