Ally Financial Sets U.S. Auto/RV Bank Strategy

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Editor’s Note: In a memo to its RV dealer clients distributed earlier today (May 14), Ally Financial outlined an array of strategic actions intended to “strengthen the company’s longer term financial profile, accelerate repayment of the U.S. Treasury’s investment and further grow our leading U.S.-based automotive/RV services and direct banking franchises.” Here’s the thrust of that memo:

“First, the mortgage subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc., Residential Capital LLC (ResCap), filed for Chapter 11. Be assured, Ally Financial, Ally Bank and all other Ally entities are not part of the ResCap Chapter 11 and there is no change or interruption to our business operations as a result.

“ResCap’s plan includes proposed settlements among Ally, ResCap and certain of ResCap’s creditors that provides for resolution of all existing and potential claims between Ally and ResCap, as well as a release of all existing or potential causes of action against Ally by third parties. The settlements are subject to court approval. Ally’s equity interest in ResCap will be written-down to zero. ResCap and its origination and servicing platform are expected to operate in the ordinary course during this process, preserving more than 3,500 jobs.

“Secondly, Ally Financial will launch a process to explore strategic alternatives for its international operations. Our international businesses represent strong franchises in each of their respective countries, and we aim to maximize shareholder value in a timely manner, while also protecting the interests of the dealers and automakers that the company serves.

“These actions will enable Ally to further invest in our leading U.S. automotive/RV services and direct banking franchises and be best positioned to return additional capital to the U.S. taxpayer. To date, Ally has paid approximately $5.5 billion to the U.S. Treasury, representing about one third of the investment. Upon successful completion of the announced strategic initiatives, Ally expects to return at least another third of the total investment by year-end.

“We believe that our U.S. Auto/RV platform and Ally Bank together provide a winning combination in serving the needs of dealers and their customers.”



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Camping World Gains Multi-Year Floorplan Loan

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Camping World RV Sales, one of the nation’s leading RV retailers, announced today (Feb. 7) that it has closed a multi-year syndicated credit facility quickly approaching half a billion dollars, consisting of an amended floorplan credit facility and a letter of credit facility.

According to a press release, Bank of America, N.A., which serves as the administrative agent, led the transaction while JP Morgan, which has partnered with the company since 2003, acted as co-agent. The facility also includes seven U.S. lenders: US Bank, SunTrust, Key Bank, M & T Bank, Bank of the West, Ally Bank and Flagstar.

“Our company’s double digit return in same store sales along with an unprecedented level of profitability has earned us a multi-year facility,” Marcus A. Lemonis, Camping World chairman and CEO stated. “Our top line outlook for 2012 remains flat to slightly up. However, our tight inventory controls and right sized SGA has us well positioned for another solid financial performance.”

Floorplan financing is a line of credit that allows dealers to borrow against their inventory, and then repay that debt as they sell their inventory or borrow against the line of credit again to add new inventory, the release states.




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Priority One Offering Contest to Mark 25th Year

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St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Priority One Financial Services Inc., a leading F&I outsourcing provider to the RV industry, will commemorate its 25th anniversary in business by honoring its dealer partners.

According to a press release, Priority One will be holding a contest throughout the year. The dealer that sends the 25th funded deal every month will receive a prize. Prizes range from an Apple iPad II to a Keurig Commercial Coffee Brewer to a 32-inch LCD TV.

“As we strive to excel in our industry, we greatly appreciate the trust and confidence our dealers extend to us, and we wanted to show them how much we value their partnership and encourage them to celebrate with us all year long,” said Heather Mariscal, president of Priority One.

In 1987, entrepreneur Lisa Gladstone founded Priority One by creating a concept that provides finance and insurance (F&I) services for marine dealers to retail finance their customers. In 2007, Priority One was acquired by Forest River Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, and added other recreational dealers to their network. Through the years, Priority One has grown from one to 50 employees and provides F&I managed services for hundreds of recreational dealers nationwide.


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Ally Financial Seeing Growth After a Year in RVs

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Ally Financial's Mark Manzo (L) and Tim Russi

A year after adding wholesale floorplan financial services to its retail lending portfolio in the RV industry, Ally Financial Inc.’s dedicated sales force — for the second year in a row — exerted a strong presence at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

A bank holding company formerly known as GMAC Inc., Ally stepped into the RV market – an arena that some lenders had fled as the global economy sputtered – in June of 2010, convinced that the RV industry was underserved and that its clientele of lifestyle-oriented enthusiasts would yield consistent business growth as a niche business for years to come.

Now, the senior management of Ally — the world’s largest auto lender – reports that the Detroit-based firm has made appreciable inroads in the RV arena as it strives to position itself as a full-service company that works to “partner” with dealers and advise them in both good times and bad.

“We are a full spectrum lender — wholesale, retail, cap loans, mortgages,” says Mark Manzo, vice president of Alliance Sales. “A lot of lenders out there will do a good job at wholesale. Some will do a good job at retail. But we feel we have a full commitment to service the dealers in the RV industry on all their product segments, plus insurance as well as remarketing services.”

“We think bringing a whole suite of services is where our value proposition really shines,” Tim Russi, executive vice president for North American Operations, told “While we launched in June 2010 on the retail side, last year we added our wholesale lending so we could start doing floorplan loans and other financing needs that dealers might have. As we approach the marketplace, we think that high value is added to the dealer. We want to sell as many products as we have available.”

In line with that full-spectrum approach, Ally is placing a special emphasis this winter on three basic services, the first of which is similar to programs Ally has offered before on the automotive side of the business.

“The first message we are pushing strongly right now is ADR – Ally Dealer Rewards — one of the things we launched this year,” says Manzo. “Nobody in the business has it. We launched it Nov. 1. The more business you do with us, the more we share in the rewards. For instance, once a dealer does a million dollars in retail business, we start to give a dividend back and will pay a dividend every month based on the new business. We also give a bigger reward if dealers wholesale with us.”

Ally’s also promoting an “Express” program, enabling dealers to send in an application from qualified buyers — mainly upper-prime buyers – without having to call in ahead of time for amounts of up to $125,000, and it can be used for product back to 2007. “Basically,” says Manzo, “what they do is check a list, meet the qualifications and send it in. We also give a rate discount off our standard rates for that.”

Another top-of-mind program for Ally is its “SmartAuction” online auction service, a dealer-exclusive wholesale online auction site.

“Nobody else in the industry has a focus on remarketing opportunities or alternative ways to handle used product like our online auction, where dealers can buy and sell used RVs,” explains Manzo. “They can also take a customer’s RV on consignment, put it on the SmartAuction and they don’t have to have it sitting on their lot.

“It’s pretty new to the industry,” he added. “Our biggest challenge is getting inventory on it. We are going to concentrate on helping dealers understand what it’s all about, and we are going to have a special promotion between now and March — no buy fee, no sell fee — so dealers can basically use SmartAuction for free.”

SmartAuction, Russi maintains, has the potential of increasing turns for many dealers. “If you (a dealer) make a mistake, you don’t have to live with it until someone walks onto your lot,” noted Russi. “You can get product to another dealer who may have a better opportunity to sell that individual piece.”

Contributing to the unique nature of SmartAuction, they add, is its dealer-only format and the ability for a retailer to flag – and be alerted about — specific types of units.

“The other thing that makes it unique is arbitration,” says Russi. “Often times with auction sites, especially online, if there’s a problem, dealers have to work it out with the buyer or the seller, depending on their position. We get in the middle and we handle that. Once they buy, they don’t have to negotiate. If there’s a problem, we get in and handle it and try to make it as hassle-free as possible.”


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