Rand McNally Adds to RV-Specific GPS Devices

October 5, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

Rand McNally's RVND-7720

Rand McNally has introduced the RVND 7720, a new 7-inch RV GPS device with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing for real-time weather information and display. According to a press release, the new device joins Rand McNally’s line of RVND GPS devices designed for RVers.

Offering RV-specific navigation, the unit can route motorhomes and towables around road restrictions, low bridges and other physical hazards. One of the key new features is Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the transmission and display of weather as well as other real-time information. With updated weather information, RVers will be able to anticipate delays and make plans by viewing current and predicted conditions displayed on the map and along the route.

The RVND 7720 also has an all-new hardware platform as well featuring a new rugged design with ridged casing for added protection, a brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light, and video input compatible with a range of back-up and rear-view cameras.

The base maps and overlaying content, such as campgrounds, parks, RV service and other RV points of interest, also have been updated for the RVND 7720.


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River Park Adds Upgrade to Infotainment Center

March 30, 2012 by · Comments Off on River Park Adds Upgrade to Infotainment Center 

New Xite LV graphics from River Park

Elkhart, Ind.-based River Park Inc. has introduced the next generation of its XSG2NA Infotainment Center offering the new Xite LV (Large Vehicle) navigation system.

Developed for 2013 model RVs, the Xite LV system allows drivers to select an RV option and “set the specific vehicle dimensional parameters,” according to a press release. Once set, the Xite software provides efficient routing and general guidance while taking into account road restrictions and hazards contained within map data and the requirements of driving a large vehicle.

“We’ve taken data normally reserved for the commercial truck industry and tailored it to meet the needs of today’s RVer” said Craig Smith, president of XiteSolutions North America Inc. “The launch of the Xite LV Navigation package is in line with our focus on delivering programs to our OEMs that meet the specific needs of their products.”

According to XiteSolutions, the XSG2NA is a 7-inch touch-screen in-dash system that “provides drivers with advanced navigation while simultaneously providing entertainment, information and connectivity.”

“The XSG2NA fills a market void at the OEM level,” states Steve Bollero, VP of Operations of RiverPark Inc. “Where after-market systems don’t address the specific needs of the R’er, XiteSolutions North America Inc. continues to deliver successful OEM-based product programs. We are pleased to once again offer an industry first to our valued OEMs and their customers.”

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Rand McNally Develops a Custom RV-Style GPS

December 14, 2011 by · Comments Off on Rand McNally Develops a Custom RV-Style GPS 

Rand McNally TripMaker

Representatives of a time-honored, 140-year-old brand name in the road atlas business, Rand McNally, were working the floor of RVIA’s 49th Annual National Trade Show, Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in Louisville, Ky.

And while the company’s world-famous atlas is still available in print and digital formats, Rand McNally executives were promoting a product that is nothing short of cutting edge: a custom GPS system for RV and camping enthusiasts called Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND.

First introduced to consumers in June, the TripMaker provides an impressive level of detail in terms of RV-specific routing and unique features designed for RV and camping travel with safety in mind.

Amy Krouse, a public relations director for Rand McNally who was showcasing the dash-mounted 5-inch TripMaker RVND 5510 ($299) and high-definition 7-inch TripMaker RVND 7710 ($399) in Louisville, says the new system utilizes proprietary data and routing for certain types of RVs.

“The routing is specifically for the size of the RV,” says Krouse, who was working the show with John Peters, vice president and general manager for Digital Strategy and Business Development. “You can choose from 11 different configurations — Class A, Class B, fifth-wheel, toy hauler, etc., – and the routing will take into account the general configuration of that size vehicle. If it’s a larger vehicle, you are always going to have a left-turn preference. If it’s a smaller vehicle, you’re always going to have a right-hand preference.”

Krouse, standing in the Equine Motorcoach exhibit at Louisville, said the new system was under development for a year and a half and takes into account plenty of RV owner input as well as various legal restrictions.

“So, low overpasses, weight restrictions, carrying propane, it will take that into account as well,” she told “A general GPS has none of that data in it. In addition to navigation, we also do amenities for the RVers. When we tell you there is a campground, we are going to tell you if it has a dump station, electrical hookups or different size places for you to park.

“If we tell you about a Walmart, we are going to tell you if it has a 24-hour pharmacy or overnight RV parking, and we are going to give you the phone number. So, when you are an RVer on the road and have a breakdown, we are going to tell you about the dealers and how to route there. If you are traveling with pets, we’ll tell you where the pet hospitals are.”

In general terms, Rand McNally’s GPS TripMaker includes amenities and easy search tools for more than 13,000 RV parks and campgrounds, 6,000 travel center locations, dump stations, parking, showers, and electric hookups plus 24,000 pet-friendly locations including animal hospitals and more than 150,000 places near interstates organized by exit and number.

Based on consumer research, this new GPS system also includes suggested RV trip plans – with photography and video – on anything from a weekend getaway to a week-long excursion with places to stop and things to do.

Rand McNally markets the product through distributors in Canada and the U.S., such as DEHCO and Stag Parkway.



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