RV Heating System Garners UL Certification

October 24, 2011 by · Comments Off on RV Heating System Garners UL Certification 

A new electric heating system for RV gas furnaces from RV Comfort Systems has received certification by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) for both the United States and Canada.

RV News Service reported that the CheapHeat system now meets the requirements for approval by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) according to company president Larry McGaugh. The product can be installed as an add-on or new coach accessory on most recreational vehicles.

It consists of a stand-alone, add-on duct heater and controller that connects directly into an existing central heating system to allow its user to easily switch between gas or electric power to heat an RV. “When an RVer chooses to run on electric heat rather than gas, his coach will be heated by the electricity provided by an RV parks’ shore power,” explained McGaugh. “It’s not uncommon for a full-timer to go a year or more without having to refill his propane tanks.”

The CheapHeat system does not use any of the LP gas furnace electronic controls, gas controls or safeties. “It actually enhances the gas furnace overall operation, comfort level and longevity,” said McGaugh, who developed the product.

RV Comfort Systems is based in Bothell, Wash., and is the OEM patent holder for the CheapHeat electric heating system. The company has tested the product for more than 10 years and made it available for public purchase in 2007.

McGaugh will showcase the CheapHeat system at the RVIA’s National Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., in late November. More information about it is available at

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