Cygnus Publishing Closes RV Trade Digest, Others

July 20, 2009 by · Comments Off on Cygnus Publishing Closes RV Trade Digest, Others 

Cygnus Business Media today (July 20) said it has laid off 50 employees across editorial, sales, sales support and graphic design-representing about 12% of its overall work force, according to Folio Magazine.

In addition, the trade publisher is suspending publication of several of its titles. A Cygnus spokesperson declined to say how many or which titles are affected. Sources, however, said RV Trade Digest, Modern Jeweler, Lustre and Wood Digest are among them.

“The areas that are affected are related to media that remains viable, but are currently depressed due to market conditions,” the company said in a statement.

 According to multiple sources, Cygnus has received at least one offer to purchase Wood Digest and Surface Fabrication magazines. A company spokesperson declined to comment.

In addition to the staffing reduction, Cygnus said it is reorganizing its pavement, fire and emergency medical services sectors — moving those operations under a centralized sales and marketing group. That group will be able to “provide larger, more integrated opportunities for marketers that include print, expositions, interactive, video, digital and social media programs,” the company said.

“Some of our groups are seeing signs that their markets are stabilizing — with requests even coming in for Q4 proposals,” said Cygnus Publishing president Mike Martin. “That’s a positive sign, similar to what the overall economy might be suggesting. But no one is projecting a rapid turnaround next year.  Because of that, the decisions and steps taken today have positioned our operations, to the best of our knowledge and visibility, to remain sound this year and next year, should we not see some improvement in the economy.”

In March, Cygnus eliminated 30 employees, the result of a consolidation of the company’s production and design teams. At the time, Cygnus suspended publication of Photo Trade News  and Studio Photography, as well as

Earlier this year, Cygnus eliminated its 401(k) contribution program and froze employee salaries.

Cygnus owners ABRY Partners has been exploring a sale of the b-to-b publisher since last summer and is said to be negotiating a debt-for-equity exchange with GE Commercial Finance, its senior lender.  That deal was expected to be closed in May but negotiations are still “ongoing,” according to the spokesperson.


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Gerber Returns to Internet With New Gig

April 2, 2009 by · Comments Off on Gerber Returns to Internet With New Gig 

After a brief hiatus, RV blogger Greg Gerber is back on the Internet.

An outspoken and provocative commentator in the vein of some other current Internet bloggers in other business sectors, Gerber launched his latest venture into electronic publishing this week at <> .
Gerber was formerly employed at Cygnus’s RV Trade Digest and Milo’s all-Internet RV Industry News, the latter of which he exited in March when it discontinued its online edition amid legal issues.
In a post this week titled “Get ready to rumble!” Gerber announced his return, saying that he spent the interim talking with potential investors, including an unexpected opportunity to meet a group of RV enthusiasts living in Arizona. “After reading my last blog at RV Industry News,” he wrote, “one of them called to offer their help to get us back in business.”
“The website you see today is a work in progress,” he continued. “We’ll be making tweaks to it throughout the month as we try out or add different features. My goals in developing rvEnews are to carry on the momentum and reputation we had established with RV Industry News”, he stated.

“Some would suggest we are extremely foolish starting a new business in this environment, especially in this industry,” he added. “But, as bad as it is now, it will get better. Like a surfer paddling in the ocean, I’m mindful of the sharks, but looking out for that next wave that will give me the ride of my life.”

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