RV Trader Kicks Off 2014 Branding Campaign

May 13, 2014 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Kicks Off 2014 Branding Campaign 

gI_115442_RVTrader_green_Logo_hirezRV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has launched a summer marketing campaign that will focus on expanding awareness of it brand through sponsorships, rallies and industry partnerships.

RV Trader reported in a press release that as a result of its successful 2013 consumer marketing campaign, “Leaving Footprints across the Country,” the 2014 campaign will bring additional rally sponsorships and promotions. RV Trader will be a participating sponsor at Winnebago’s Grand National Rally in July and will also sponsor a breakfast at the Holiday Rambler 50th Anniversary International Rally in September.

The company has also partnered with Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts and Coleman Tent Campers by Livin’ Lite this year to co-sponsor the “Win a Coleman Camper” promotion, where consumers can enter to win a two-night stay at Jellystone campgrounds or the grand prize – a free Coleman camper.

RV Trader recently aligned with Kampgrounds Of America (KOA) to sponsor Care Camps weekend on May 9-10, an event that focuses on raising money to send children with cancer to specialized camps one week during the summer. It will also be a two-star sponsor at the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) 90th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in August.

“By focusing on our consumer awareness initiatives and reaching RV shoppers and buyers across the country, we continue to increase our traffic and overall brand awareness,” said Christine Knapp, marketing manager of RV Trader. “We are expecting more than 3 million monthly visitors by June of this year, which will be our highest website traffic ever.”


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RV Trader Releases ‘Live Chat’ Feature to Dealers

April 2, 2014 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Releases ‘Live Chat’ Feature to Dealers 

rvtraderlogoRV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has partnered with Contact At Once! to offer live chat on dealership listings. The new feature gives RV shoppers an entirely new way to connect with dealers, increasing the likelihood of interaction between them.

According to a press release, consumers visiting will be able to “click to chat” instantly with the dealer of their choice. Dealers can receive and respond to all chat leads through an easy-to-use app on their mobile device or desktop computer. Additionally, the product has the ability to track dealer availability and will not appear as a contact option if the dealer is unavailable to chat.

RV Trader reported dealerships that used chat during a recent pilot program experienced a 34% increase in leads. Contact At Once! will manage millions of chats between consumers and businesses this year alone, as the use of chat, instant messaging and mobile messaging continues to grow.

“RV Trader is continuously looking for ways to assist customers in achieving the highest number of leads possible while building rapport with potential buyers,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “We are confident that live chat will help provide the marketing edge that dealers seek and establish a competitive advantage.”

RV Trader dealers interested in the chat feature can call (877) 354-4068.

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RV Trader, Winnebago Debuting Dealer Program

December 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader, Winnebago Debuting Dealer Program 

RV Trader and Winnebago Industries Inc. jointly announced the launch of a real-time inventory tool to assist customers searching for RVs on sites:,,, and

According to a press release, when a consumer browses RVs on Winnebago websites, the new search tool will display a dealer’s inventory, product photos and MSRP, as determined by the local dealer. This new feature displays the inventory directly from RV, enabling the consumer to quickly and easily locate the exact Winnebago, Itasca, Winnebago Touring Coach or SunnyBrook model they are searching for. This results in faster turn-around times and more leads for Winnebago dealers, the company said.

“This is a terrific program for our dealers and ultimately our customers,” said Winnebago Marketing and Sales Promotion Manager Kelli Harms. “Customers can find their closest dealer quickly and simultaneously view their inventory of that particular model without leaving the website. This partnership with RV Trader is a true ‘win-win,’ and we are excited to promote it to our motorized and towable dealers.”

“This is a feature that will bring the buyer and seller together seamlessly,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “Consumers will now be able to view local dealer inventory with the click of a button.”

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RV Trader Offers Mobile Advertising to Dealers

August 22, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Offers Mobile Advertising to Dealers 


RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, is now offering mobile advertising solutions to RV dealers.

According to a press release, the online classified ad site has begun offering homepage and search results sponsorships on mobile and tablet devices, interstitial ads on tablet and dealer gallery photo sponsorships on mobile. Sponsorships are available by DMA (Designated Market Area) and by state, based on overall mobile traffic in those markets or states.

“More and more people are searching the web via mobile devices,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “It is critical that we offer mobile and tablet solutions that can enhance current desktop advertising campaigns and drive more leads for dealers.”

Nearly 30% of RV Trader’s current traffic comes from shoppers on mobile devices, including tablet ( and mobile ( RV Trader reported more than 20 million mobile pageviews in 2012 and has seen a 203% increase in both mobile and tablet visits in the first six months of 2013, compared to the same time last year.

The RV Trader mobile sponsorships will initially be sold to a limited group of advertisers. Dealers can be entered in a drawing to win various free mobile prizes including a 40-inch Smart TV, Pebble Watch and iPad mini.

To schedule a free demo, all (877) 354-4068 or contact your local sales representative.


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RV Trader Debuts ‘GPS-Sensitive’ Android App

August 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Debuts ‘GPS-Sensitive’ Android App 

RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released a GPS-sensitive Android application that showcases more than 90,000 new and used RVs for sale.

According to a press release, the new RV Trader application allows RV shoppers to quickly find nearby dealer and private seller inventory using the Android’s GPS functionality. The search tool allows users to search for RVs by type, new or used condition, price range and model year in a specific zip code or near the user’s current location.

“Mobile usage is growing rapidly on RV Trader. We are discovering that people shop for RVs at different times of day, from different devices, throughout different parts of the buying cycle. It is critical to maximize opportunities for RV buyers to find what they are looking for – no matter the device,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader.

Each RV listing provides vehicle options and descriptions, along with multiple photos of the RV for sale. YouTube and manufacturer videos appear on select listings. The RV Trader application also lets users view multiple RV and dealer locations on enhanced Google maps and quickly access driving directions.

When shoppers have found the perfect RV, they can call or e-mail the RV seller, map out directions to the RV dealership or send the RV listing to a friend.

To download the app from the Google store, click here.


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RV Trader Debuts New ‘Trade-In Value’ Feature

July 17, 2013 by · 1 Comment 


RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released a new feature that will allow RV shoppers visiting the site to preview the value of their current recreational vehicle.

According to a press release, when an RV visitor selects the “What’s My Trade Worth?” button, a form will be displayed for the consumer to complete. If the year, make and model information on the form coincides with National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) standards, a confirmation page will be generated with the average retail price of the unit. e-mail lead will also be sent directly to the dealer containing the contact information of the potential buyer.

Dealers can activate this free product in their Inventory Management Tool (IMT). The feature will then automatically appear on the ad detail page of all dealer listings. This new feature is announced just weeks after RV Trader released two other lead generation tools, “Get Best Price” and “Request Price.” RV Trader reported that e-mail leads for dealers increased approximately 16% overall since the new features became available. Similar results are expected from the new trade-in value tool as well.

“Leads for dealers have been on the rise, and with all the recent enhancements we’ve made to our lead generation tools, we are confident the launch of this trade-in product will expedite the growth our dealers see in the coming months,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader.

RV Trader dealers interested in this new lead generation tool are encouraged to call 877-354-4068.

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RV Trader to Debut Facebook-Driven Campaign

July 2, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader to Debut Facebook-Driven Campaign 

RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced the launch of a Facebook promotion that will give RV Trader followers the opportunity to win a $25 Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) camping gift card and KOA Value Kard Reward one-year membership. According to a press release, each winner’s personal RV photo will become the cover picture on the RV Trader Facebook page for one week.

The “Where in the World is Your RV?” promotion will run from July 1-Aug. 4. RV followers can submit a photo of their RV “in action” on vacations or other outings anywhere in the world. The following week, all RV Trader Facebook fans will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite photo submitted the previous week, using the “Where in the World is Your RV?” Facebook voting app.

The week’s winning photo will be determined by the highest number of votes and will be announced every Monday, when it will be featured as the cover picture for RV Trader’s Facebook page.

“We are excited to launch this social promotion as a unique way to promote and encourage engagement among outdoor camping and RV enthusiasts, introduce the products and services offered by KOA, and provide the opportunity for RV’ers to share their photos and experiences online with others in the Facebook community,” said Christine Platz, marketing manager for RV Trader.

For more information, please visit the RV Trader Facebook page, or RV

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RV Trader Grows Brand, Consumer Awareness

June 4, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Grows Brand, Consumer Awareness 

RV Trader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has launched a marketing campaign that will focus on branding and consumer awareness, according to a press release.

The company reported it would maintain a “consistent presence” at upcoming RV consumer shows, events and campgrounds,while focusing on building affiliations with content providers and other RV industry leaders. The campaign also includes a shift toward online advertising as well as search engine optimization and social media marketing.

The success of the campaign is already apparent, with RV Trader currently reporting a 53% increase in overall website traffic and a 217% increase in mobile traffic from last year. The RV Trader website’s private-party growth is also experiencing record highs, with an approximately 10% increase from 2012 in private seller ads placed weekly. These results clearly demonstrate the growing strength of the RV industry, the company stated.

“RV Trader decided to focus specifically on a consumer branding and awareness campaign for 2013,” said Christine Platz, marketing manager for RV Trader. “With consumer spending on the rise, it is imperative we stay in front of those researching, buying and selling RVs. This not only helps bring buyers and sellers together, but boosts leads for our dealers and overall awareness of our brand.”

The brand’s social media presence is also stronger than ever, with a strong presence on Twitter and Pinterest with RV Trader reaching nearly 13,000 followers on Facebook. These numbers are expected to grow exponentially throughout the summer months as the active RV season continues.

For more information, visit

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RV Trader Adds ‘Get Best Price’ Dealer Option

April 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Adds ‘Get Best Price’ Dealer Option 

Classified ad site RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released “Get Best Price” – a new option available for dealer inventory listings.

According to a press release, the feature assists dealers with map pricing and “increases the likelihood RV shoppers and buyers will interact with dealers on the site.”

Dealers can activate this free product in their Inventory Management Tool (IMT) and list a main asking price and a second reduced price on their units. Once completed, only the main asking price will appear online to consumers, along with a “Get Best Price” button.

When a consumer visiting RV selects “Get Best Price” for a unit, a form will be displayed for the user to complete. An e-mail will then be generated automatically and sent to the potential buyer with the reduced price.

“Dealers have expressed a great deal of interest in this feature, and we worked diligently with our product development team to ensure it remained a top priority,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “Over 430,000 leads were generated in 2012 on RV, and we hope this new feature makes dealers even more successful in 2013. We couldn’t be more excited to launch ‘Get Best Price’ just as the RV shopping and buying season kicks off.”

For additional information call (877) 354-4068.





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RV Trader Reporting Surge in Mobile Audience

March 20, 2013 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Reporting Surge in Mobile Audience 

RV, a division of Dominion Enterprises, is reporting over 20 million mobile page views in 2012, representing a 191% increase in tablet page views and 259% increase in mobile page views over the same time the previous year.

The RV classified ads company said that the results “forecast opportunities for audience expansion and will greatly impact the way RV buyers and sellers meet and interact.” RV generated over 430,000 e-mail and phone leads in 2012, and averaged nearly 40 million ad views last year.

“One of our top priorities is providing the best experience for RV shoppers and buyers using mobile devices,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “We also want to drive maximum results for our advertisers and dealers. We are investing heavily in the mobile space to ensure long-term success of our content and relationships with our customers.”

RV Trader offers tablet ( and mobile ( site options which, when combined, make up approximately 30% of the total website traffic. The company said that represents a significant spike from the 10% of traffic that was mobile less than one year ago.

The release stated, “The statistics are rapidly beginning to favor mobile device usage over desktop, and the acceleration is only expected to continue. It is projected that more consumers will access the internet from a mobile device than from a computer by the year 2014. Due to this unmistakable influx of mobile users and evident growth potential, RV Trader is also aggressively looking at mobile application opportunities in the smart phone marketplace.”

These various forms of mobile media provide RV Trader consumers with instant accessibility to all available RV listings, dealerships and pricing.

For more information, please visit


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RV Trader Rolls Out Loyalty Rewards Program

September 27, 2012 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Rolls Out Loyalty Rewards Program 

RV Trader announced a new loyalty rewards program that will benefit dealers who are customers of the company’s online classified ad website. According to a press release, the “Preferred Partner Program,” allows site customers who have had no breaks in service to redeem advertising rewards on RV Trader. This occurs on a dealer’s one-, three-, five-, 10-, or 15-year anniversary with RV

“Many companies offer reward programs to devoted customers,” said Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader. “This new initiative with RV Trader will do just that – let dealers receive free advertising on our site and other perks, as a thank-you for remaining loyal customers over the years.”

Some of the rewards offered in the new program include free homepage and banner advertising, certificates of recognition, awards, and special badges for display on the site.

“We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, and we believe the longevity of dealer participation in our program is a direct reflection of that commitment to our customers,” Custer said. “Nearly 75 dealers have been online with us for five years or longer and never left and we have over 50 dealers that have been online with us consistently for 10 years or more. We feel that sort of investment and dedication should be rewarded with a thank-you to our dealers.”

RV Trader dealers can call their local customer service representatives to verify duration of time on the site and redeem rewards at (877) 354-4068.

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RV Trader Introduces Tablet-Optimized Website

April 3, 2012 by · Comments Off on RV Trader Introduces Tablet-Optimized Website 

RV Trader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has launched a tablet-optimized website, according to a press release.

With no application needed, users can experience full-screen photo viewing, searching and refining, as well as pinch-to-zoom options – all within the browser. Although optimized for the iPad, this site can be viewed on other tablets as well. RV shoppers can easily find local RVs for sale through the site, as well as RV dealerships, prices and unit details.

RV Trader also reported that the company is in the midst of record mobile growth. From December 2011 to January 2012, mobile pageviews increased 75% on RV, and mobile visits increased 77%, pushing mobile to over 1 million pageviews. Approximately 10% of traffic to the RV Trader website is mobile, and of that 10%, 62% of traffic is coming from a tablet device, specifically the iPad.

According to Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader, “We know this number will only continue to grow as more and more people access the Internet from mobile and tablet devices than ever before. It is critical we continue to learn how customers are accessing classified information on the Internet and offer them solutions to improve their experiences on our sites. The future of browsing is on the tablet, especially for RVers on the go.”

RV also offers shoppers a mobile site option,, and an iPhone app which can be downloaded from the lifestyle section of the iTunes Store. To start browsing on a tablet or iPad, visit

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RV Industry Partners Roll Out Consumer Promo

January 30, 2012 by · Comments Off on RV Industry Partners Roll Out Consumer Promo 

Jayco White Hawk trailer

Four RV industry players have banded together to sponsor and launch a national promotion that allows RV consumers the opportunity to win a 2012 Jayco White Hawk ultralight travel trailer. According to a press release, the sponsors include Jayco Inc., RV Trader, RV America Insurance and the Passport 66 RV Club.

“We are excited to participate in this unique marketing consortium as a creative way to not only introduce consumers to the White Hawk, our newest line of ultralight trailers, but also the complementary products and services offered by our other partners,” said Sid Johnson, director of marketing for Jayco, a Middlebury, Ind.-based manufacturer.

“While each partner plays a variety of roles within the RV marketplace, each one serves the needs of RVers on a nationwide basis” noted Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader, a leading RV classifieds site. “Because each business is unique, yet influential in the industry, this will allow us to dramatically impact the reach of this promotion among RV consumers.”

In addition to the 2012 Jayco White Hawk Grand Prize, there will be weekly prizes awarded for one-year memberships to the Passport 66 RV Club, a national travel club for RVers provided by the Route 66 RV Network.

“The Passport 66 RV Club is a paid membership discount club that offers its members the opportunity to enjoy discounts on campground rates, parts/accessories, golfing, satellite services, RV washes, rental cars and more,” said Dave Francis, program manager for Passport 66.”

“The ‘Win a White Hawk’ promotion is the first time we have entered into a co-sponsorship effort of this type,” added Steve Freedman, president of RV America Insurance. “We’ve really enjoyed working with this group to not only create a promotion that will appeal to RVers, but also that delivers mutual value to all of the partner sponsors involved.”

To register for the drawing, RV consumers and enthusiasts can visit between Jan. 30 and June 15.


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May 25, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

RVTrader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced that its online publication,, is now

RV Trader has been the industry’s leader in recreational vehicle classifieds for over two decades, according to a news release. In 1998 RV Trader began its online publication, Despite having the term RV Trader trademarked, was owned by a Canadian company.

“The move to from is an exciting one for us. In the past consumers went to looking for the same company that publishes RV Trader magazine. Now they will find it,” said Tim Custer, RV Trader general manager.

In order to provide the best consumer experience and results for its advertisers, the URL will redirect to for an interim period. In 1st quarter 2010 led the industry in average monthly site traffic with 193% more than its closest competitor.

“Our advertisers already receive great results, and several have received honors such as the Top 50 Dealership Award. With the move to their businesses will be in front of even more qualified traffic that is already loyal to the RV Trader brand,” stated Jerald Motil, RV Trader national marketing manager.

Recently, RV Trader launched several online advertising and dealership management and analysis products. This includes RV clips, an online video advertising opportunity for RV dealers; Lead Manager, a lead response and management tool; and Business Intelligence Reports, providing analysis of dealers’ inventory in areas of pricing, make/model demand, and local market penetration. All of these products will be available at the new URL,

According to Omniture, in 2009 received over 7 million unique visitors, over 40 million individual RV ads were viewed, and it generated over 126 million pageviews. These results led the industry and even better results are expected with

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RV Trader Launches New Mobile Website

May 4, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

RV Trader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released a mobile site that puts more than 60,000 new and used RVs at shoppers’ fingertips. The new RV Trader mobile site is located at

The new RV Trader mobile site allows shoppers using their mobile phones to quickly find nearby RVs for sale and RV dealerships, according to a news release. The search tool allows users to search for RVs by type, manufacturer, year, price and keyword. Users can also search for RV dealers and have the option to include a manufacturer in their search which will only return dealers who carry RVs made by that manufacturer. All searches are based on the user’s ZIP code.

“We are so excited to provide consumers with an additional way to search the largest database of RVs for sale. RV Trader’s iPhone application already received over 5,500 downloads, a product we just launched a few months ago, but with our new mobile site everyone will have over 60,000 RVs at their fingertips,” stated Tim Custer, general manager of RV Trader.

Once an RV search is completed on the RV Trader mobile site, users can then view a detailed description, photos of the RVs for sale, and email the seller or call immediately from their phone. When searching for dealerships, users can choose to sort results by distance or by dealership name. The RV Trader mobile site also offers dealership contact options and links to view dealerships’ websites. A map function allows users to locate RVs for sale and RV dealerships on Google maps with access to driving directions.

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