Woodbury Setting Out on RV Adventure in Iceland

August 29, 2011 by · Comments Off on Woodbury Setting Out on RV Adventure in Iceland editor Chuck Woodbury begins a one-week RV trip in Iceland today. The Seattle-based journalist will travel the country’s 831-mile ring road in a small motorhome furnished by Happy Campers of Reykjavik. He will blog daily beginning Tuesday (Aug. 30) in a website he set up especially for the trip,, as well as on his Facebook page.

“Most RVers I’ve talked with have no idea you can even travel Iceland with an RV,” said Woodbury, who has explored all of the U.S., including Alaska, by motorhome, along with New Zealand and parts of Europe “The fact is, there are campgrounds everywhere, from primitive to what we in the United States would consider full-service RV parks. And you can pull over beside the road just about anywhere with no problems.”

About two-thirds of the country’s 320,000 residents live in the capital city of Reykjavik or its suburbs. “After leaving there you will see a lot of wide-open spaces, mostly tundra, with only a handful of isolated settlements, few with populations over 500,” he said. “But whatever rural cultural amenities Iceland lacks it more than makes up for in natural attractions: Iceland is known for spectacular scenery, volcanoes, recent and ancient lava flows, hot springs including the famous Blue Lagoon just outside Reykjavik, glaciers and Europe’s largest waterfall.”

Although Iceland is the “world’s most wired” Internet nation, getting online will be a challenge for Woodbury outside of Reykjavik. “Thankfully many gas stations have free WiFi,” he said. “I figure I’ll stop often when I find one to file my reports.” Woodbury is packing along video gear to post short reports to and YouTube.

Woodbury’s first feature article from the country will be in his next newsletter on Sept. 3.

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