RVDA of Canada Notes 2010 Economic Review

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The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada has published its economic review for 2010.

This review, for members only, analyzes the factors at play in Canada’s economy in 2010 as they pertain to the retail RV landscape, as well as what to expect for this year, according to an RVDA of Canada memo to members.

The annual economic review is intended to deliver a comprehensive look at the economic indicators affecting the RV industry in Canada in the past year. In addition to the annual review, we will also be releasing future quarterly economic forecasts. These reports are intended to provide you with current economic information, which can assist you in gaining insights into the changing economic dimensions of the RV industry and the economy at large.

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RVDA of Canada Updates 2011-12 Show List

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RVDA of Canada The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada has issued  its revised show schedule for the rest of 2011 and 2012. All shows are open to  the public.

Following is the revised list:


  • Kitchener RV Show, April 1-3, Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (The Aud), Kitchener, Ontario; Contact: Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; Email:;


  • Toronto Fall RV Show, Oct. 29-31; Toronto Congress Center, Toronto, Ontario; Contact Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; email:;



  • Toronto RV Show, Jan. 19-22, Toronto Congress Center, Toronto, Ontario; Contact: Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; email:;
  • 43rd  Annual Calgary RV Exposition & Sale, Jan. 26-29; BMO Center, Calgary, Alberta; Contact Dan Merkowsky, (888) 858-8787; email;
  • Halifax RV Show, Jan. 26-29, Exhibition Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Contact Scott Sprague, (888) 454-7469;


  • Hamilton RV & Camping Show, Feb. 305, Careport Center, Hamilton, Ontario; Contact Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; email;
  • 32nd Annual Edmonton RV Exposition and Sale, Feb. 9-12, Edmonton Expo Center, Edmonton, Alberta; Contact: Dan Merkowsky, (888) 858-8787; email;


  • Toronto International Centre RV Show, March 1-4, Toronto International Center, Toronto, Ontario; Contact: Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; email;
  • Red Deer RV Show, March 1-5, Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta; Contact: Marty Veller, (800) 242-2593; E-mail:
  • Moncton RV Show, March 2-4, Moncton Coliseum Complex, Moncton, New Brunswick; Contact: Scott Sprague, (888) 454-7469;
  • Windsor RV Show, March 2-4, Windsor Expo Center, Windsor, Ontario; Contact: (888) 331-8885; email:;
  • Central Alberta RV Show & Sale, March 8-11, Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta; Contact: Todd Plotnikoff (403) 356-9399;
  • Manitoba RV Show and Sale, March 8-11, Winnipeg Convention Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Contact: Jim Flood, (204) 452-1227.
  • Montreal RV Show, March 8-12, Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec; Contact: Serge Villemure (514) 338-1471;
  • Quebec City RV Show, March 29-April 1, Centre de foires, Quebec, Quebec; Contact: Serge Villemure  (514) 338-1471;
  • Kitchener RV Show, March 30 – April 1, Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (The Aud), Kitchener, Ontario; Contact: Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; Email:;


  • Toronto Fall RV Show, Oct. 26-28, Toronto Congress Center, Toronto, Ontario; Contact: Larry Boyd, (888) 331-8885; Email:; Website:
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Achlands-Grainger Broadening Canadian Niche

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image001The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada announced a new partnership with Acklands-Grainger (AGI) to provide members with a new national member benefit program.image003

Acklands-Grainger is Canada’s largest distributor of industrial, safety and fastener products.

With 170 branch locations and five distribution centers across Canada, customer needs can be easily met, RVDA of Canada stated in a news release. Acklands-Grainger provides a broad array of products in very competitive prices in the following maintenance, repair  and operations (MRO) categories.

RVDA of Canada has negotiated on on behalf of its members two levels of pricing: customer specific pricing and catalog discount. The customer specific pricing focuses on core high volume items. Acklands-Grainger has developed this preliminary list in consultation with RVDA of Canada’s Program Development committee.

Items will continue to be added to this level of pricing as collective purchase volumes increase. Any items purchased in large volumes or frequency will also be added to benefit the overall program. The catalog discounts are items that are not captured under customer specific pricing and are eligible for a 10% discount. Inventory at each branch location is tailored specifically to the local market.

To view a complete list of products available, browse the catalog online at or visit a local branch.

Once an account is set up, items that qualify for the two discount levels mentioned above will be viewable. By setting up an account, inventory management solutions and customized billing processes can be implemented right away. Inventory management solutions include: vendor managed inventory, bar coding, on-site service and automated dispensing.

To sign up for an account and start taking advantage of the convenience of one-stop shopping and competitive pricing, complete the credit application form and forward to the completed application to Acklands-Grainger head office by fax at (905) 731-8151.

For complete details on this program, contact National Account Manager Harman Nijjar, by e-mail at or by phone at (604) 571-6340.

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RVDA of Canada Lobbying for Red Tape Cuts

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Eleonore Hamm, RVDA of Canada president

Eleonore Hamm, RVDA of Canada president

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada reports progress in lightening the restrictions on doing business in Canada.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with the Rob Moore, minister of state for small business and tourism, has announced consultations, as part of the Red Tape Reduction Commission, on ways to reduce the burden of complying with federal regulatory requirements, Eleonore Hamm president, stated in a memo to members.

“An online consultation is taking place, in order to allow for a wide range of Canadians in the business community to provide input to the commission, and help the government identify irritants and lasting ways to fix them,” Hamm stated in the memo. “The commission will make its recommendations to the government in the fall of 2011.”

The Red Tape Reduction Commission has been created with the following mandate:

  • Identify irritants to business that stem from federal regulatory requirements and review how those requirements are administered in order to reduce the compliance burden on businesses, especially small businesses. The focus is on irritants that have a clear detrimental effect on growth, competitiveness and innovation.
  • Recommend options that address the irritants and that will control and reduce the compliance burden on a long-term basis while ensuring that the environment and the health and safety of Canadians are not compromised in the process.

She continued, “On behalf of the RV industry, the RVDA of Canada has prepared a written brief, which has been submitted to the commission. As an RVDA of Canada member, we are urging you to make your voice heard, and tell your story by also submitting a response. By personalizing your response, this will enable political leaders to better understand this key red tape burden facing the industry and why an amendment is needed.”

Hamm encouraged members to visit the “Government Relations/Advocacy Initiatives” link on the member side of to view the RVDA of Canada’s official submission. Members may contact the national office if they need a reminder of  their User ID and password.

To make a submission, members may visit The online consultations will close on April 22.

For more information contact Hamm at (604) 718-6325 or

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RVDA of Canada Touts Show Booth Contest

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Rangeland RV's 2010 prize-winning booth

Rangeland RV's 2010 prize-winning booth

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada (RVDA of Canada) is encourgaing its members to spruce up their exhibits for this winter’s RV retail shows.

Each year, in late winter, provincial and regional RVDAs organize RV retail shows for their members. Many hold a contest for the Best Bulk Booth at each show, the national association notes in its current member newsletter, The RVDA of Canada Bulletin.image010

The RVDA of Canada awards the National Best Bulk Booth Award to the member dealer who has been determined to have the most distinctive, best-planned and best-dressed bulk booth among the provincial/regional winners.

The 2010 winner was Rangeland RV & Trailer Sales, Balzac, Alberta.

The board of the RVDA of Canada chooses the national winner at its April board meeting, with the winner:

  • Noted in the national newsletter.
  • Awarded a plaque in honor of the achievement.
  • Winning one free primary delegate registration to the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas.

Bulk space is defined as a booth over 1,000 square feet.

RVDA of Canada members should check with their provincial/regional RVDA for local information on shows and judging.

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RVDA of Canada Launches Advocacy Survey

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image012The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada is now more focused on advocacy than ever before.

“In the RVDA of Canada’s continued advocacy efforts, our goal is to advance and resolve issues of concern to our members, and keep them informed of government policies and priorities,” the association states in its current newsletter.

“In order to ensure our lobbying efforts best represent member concerns, we are launching a new National Member Advocacy Survey. The purpose of this survey is to gain important feedback with respect to your priorities on the advocacy front in Ottawa,” the association continued.

Survey results will play an important role in helping to shape RVDA of Canada’s key messages for the Government Relations Day in April.

The following is a brief list of issues that the RVDA of Canada feels are important.  It is asking members to rank these issues from 1 to 7, with 1 being the most important issue to 7 being the least important issue:

  • Equitable treatment on the sale of used RVs.
  • Continuing initiatives to help reduce the tax and regulatory burden on small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • The need for RV-friendly signage.
  • Increased investment in Canada’s tourism policies to support the RV industry.
  • Cross-border issues, including provisions to allow RVs to use the commercial inspection lanes to accommodate the larger size of the vehicle; and initiatives to ensure that RVs purchased across the border receive a safety check.
  • Upgrading Canada’s federal parks’ ability to handle modern RVs in campgrounds.
  • Regulatory issues within the RV industry, specifically with regards to obtaining countrywide certification for RVs.

Results are due in by Feb. 14.

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RVDA of Canada Web Classes Start Jan. 11

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image008RVDA of Canada has partnered with Okanagan College to offer recreation vehicle technician upgrade courses online.

All courses will be conducted online exclusively, RVDA of Canada noted in a recent e-mail. To be eligible for a certificate of completion, students must complete five mandatory courses and four (out of nine) optional courses. Classes are typically held two evenings per week. Class size is limited to a maximum of 15 dealerships with one instructor. The virtual classroom will be very interactive and the instructor will be available to students via phone or e-mail outside of class hours.

Pricing per course includes registration for up to three students per dealership location. All students are required to have passed grade 11 math and English or to write a proficiency exam.

Recreation Vehicle electrical systems starts on Jan. 11.

Recreation Vehicle appliance systems starts on Feb. 22.

Return complete registrations to Nancy Ankerstein by fax at (250) 862-5469 or by e-mail to

For technical questions, please contact Al Cohoe at Okanagan College by phone (250) 762-5445 ext. 4488 or by e-mail to

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Canada RVDA Chairman Touts Bilingualism

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Editor’s Note: RVDA of Canada Chairman Alden Kowarsky wrote the accompanying piece on the value of bilingualism in the RV industry. His comments appear in the current issue of the RVDA of Canada newsletter.

Picture 1

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Prominent Canadian RV Dealer Seeks Support

December 14, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Alden Kowarsky

Alden Kowarsky

Alden Kowarsky, chairman of the board of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers of Canada (RVDA of Canada) and president of Alco VR in Laval, Quebec, is appealing for aid to a cause that he is involved in and which he holds dear.

Funds are being collected to support the synagogue Young Israël of Chomedey which has had to undertake significant repairs following vandalism which caused sizeable damage to the building and land, according to a mailing that has gone out to RVDA of Canada members.

A statement on the synagogue’s website from Rabbi Gewirtz contains this additional information:

On October 6th someone took our garden hose, placed it in our oil pipe, and let it run all night. 3,200 litres of water forced all 2,300 litres of oil out of our tanks and onto our back lawn. We now have an extensive area of contaminated soil that must be cleaned up quickly before it spreads even more.

At this point, we have been informed that our insurance policy only covers a maximum claim of $25,000 for polluted soil and that all other costs related to our removal of this earth must be at our own expense.Conservative estimates so far, assuming the oil hasn’t penetrated under our foundation which would truly be even more disastrous, have been made to the tune of $65,000 above our insurance coverage. It could even go higher once the soil is tested, most likely in the coming week.

The RVDA of Canada e-mail said any donations can be made directly to Young Israel of Chomedey, 1025 Elizabeth Blvd., Chomedey, Laval, Quebec H7W 3J7. Please note on the check, “For the Vandalism Campaign Fund.”

For further details, click here

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RVDA of Canada Honors Dealer Daniel Morin

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image005Daniel Morin, together with his wife Thérèse, had a dream when he took over the reins of Roulottes Desjardins in St-Jerome, Quebec, 41 years ago. His 25 years of experience in the automobile industry, where he had climbed the ladder as a mechanic, foreman, department manager and finally sales manager, was a springboard to acquiring a solid foundation for starting up the business that became Roulottes Desjardins.

That dream propelled him to recognition on Nov. 29 as 2010 Canadian RV Dealer of the Year awarded by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada (RVDA of Canada). The award was presented during the 2010 Canada Night Dinner held in Louisville, Ky., on the eve of the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show.

Morin was very moved as his name was called and he graciously accepted his award while surrounded by family and friends, according to a news release.

“Thank you very much for this honor. This is truly an incredible industry and I am very fortunate be a part of it,” said Morin, as Norm Rosen, from RV Lifestyle Magazine, presented him with the Walter Paseska Memorial Canadian RV Dealer of the Year Award.

Morin started with a small dealership located in a mobile home, with only three units on the lot. Today, his dealership inventories more than 250 units and has five service bays. Throughout his stellar career, he has always shown implacable thoroughness and unparalleled concern for a job well done and exceptional customer service.  Morin has kept pace with the industry’s evolution and adapted his dealership to stay in tune with economic trends of the day. This has always let him adjust his product lines and dealership focus in order to position his company among the best. His go-getting personality, his expertise and his openness make him a respected figure in the RV industry.

His generous nature and entrepreneurial spirit led him to get involved in founding the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec/RVDA of Quebec. He has served numerous terms as a director on the provincial board and is a past president of the RVDA of Canada.  Morin also served on the Go RVing Canada board for many years. These involvements allowed him to transmit and apply his knowledge to ensure the growth of this industry’s different sectors.

Morin has been so successful at transmitting his passion that his children have also chosen a career in the RV industry and currently work at his 2 dealerships.

Morin and his team also support their community in numerous ways. Every year, he subsidizes and contributes to several campgrounds in the Laurentian region so that outdoor enthusiasts can continue to benefit and enjoy the great RV and Camping lifestyle. Roulottes Desjardins also contributes financially to organizations such as: Fondation de l’hôtel Dieu St-Jérôme et la Fondation Charles Bruneau.

Along with our winner, the nominees for this year’s award were:

  • Craig Anstead of Paradise RV, Red Deer County, Alberta.
  • Kevin Betzold of GNR Camping World, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Henry Epp of Country RV, Kelowna, British Columbia.
  • Ron Hall of Eldorado RV, Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • David McKee of The Hitch House, Shanty Bay, Ontario.


Each year, the RVDA of Canada, in conjunction with RV Lifestyle Magazine and Dealer News, invites nominations from across Canada for the Canadian RV Dealer of the Year Award. The award is dedicated to the memory of the late Walt Paseska, founder of Walt’s Trailer Sales in Headingley, Manitoba, in recognition of his many years of commitment and dedication to the RV industry. Since established in 1989 by Camping Canada Magazine, this award has been presented to individuals who share Walt’s enthusiasm and commitment, in recognition of their long-term contribution to the RV lifestyle, and commitment to the community as a whole.

The award is presented to a candidate who has:

  • Demonstrated long-term dedication to the RV industry and promotion of the RV lifestyle by the acting dealer principal of a recognized full service RV dealership
  • Shown commitment and participation in the RVDA at the provincial or national level;
  • Been recognized by customers and peers as a person with the highest integrity and credibility in both work and personal life, and
  • Made a contribution to their community.
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