RV Veteran Starts Online Sales Program

May 7, 2010 by · Comments Off on RV Veteran Starts Online Sales Program 

Ed Kinney

Ed Kinney

A new company headed up by industry veteran Ed Kinney — LLC, Elkhart, Ind. — has launched an online program to assist RV dealers in hiring and training a sales force.

”There’s been nothing out there other than generic programs to hire, keep and train good, honest and ethical sales people,” said Kinney, executive manager of the new firm and a former Monaco Coach Corp. vice president of marketing.

Although components of the program have been available previously for automotive dealerships, SalesForce VT (virtual training) has been designed specifically for RV dealers, Kinney said.

”We tweaked it to spin it into the RV world,” said Kinney, who left Monaco in 2008 and opened the Mug and Brush, an old-fashioned barbershop in Milford, Inc. ”This lets me keep my ties to the RV industry.”

Kinney partnered with Jim Fisher and Dale Dandurand, a former auto dealer, to create SalesForce VT, which involves an online pre-hiring sales aptitude test and pre-employment training on RV sales.

”Then all the dealer has to do is fine-tune the training to their particular way of doing things,” Dandurand said.

The program costs $995 to hire and train three people, although the cost is adjustable for fewer or more hires, Dandurand said.

When the person hired trains online before beginning to work, they understand what their job is and management knows what areas of additional training they need, according to the company. Additional training is ongoing.

”Auto dealers that are using the SalesForce VT tools are experiencing unprecedented success in hiring and training their salespeople,” Kinney said.

RVSalesForce claims to save dealerships can 80% of the time and 50% of the cost associated with hiring and training a sales staff.

”A dealer doesn’t have to send a new sales person to a sales-training conference that will cost them $5,000,” Kinney said.

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