Top Offers 4 Ways to Keep Buyers Engaged

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                      RV buyers, sellers and dealers are finding new ways to connect and stay engaged online thanks to a unique consumer engagement initiative from, a leading classifieds listing service for new and used RVs for sale.

According to a press release, is now offering four ways to improve the buying process, including:

• Auto-email alerts – A rapidly growing pool of more than 60,000 RV buyers have signed up to receive notifications automatically generated by when pricing is reduced on a “Watched RV” listing or when a comparable RV they are looking for becomes available. Buyers also receive a monthly summary of similar RVs for sale. Several thousand e-mails are sent daily to prospective RV buyers, keeping them connected to the listing they are most interested in.

• Proactive lead follow-up – To keep negotiations moving along, whenever a buyer sends an inquiry to a private seller or RV dealer, generates a series of follow-up e-mails to ensure inquiries are responded to in a timely manner. Reports are then generated for dealers, showing average response time and consumer feedback.

• Facebook engagement – Compared with last year, weekly engagement by’s Facebook followers increased over 600%. With followers now numbering over 46,000, posts are viewed by more than 1 million consumers every week with an engagement rate (measured by “Likes,” “Follows” and “Shares”) of 100,000 to 200,000 unique visitors per week. Thousands of additional consumer visits to listings are generated through this channel, every month.

• Online newsletter – More than 18,000 RV consumers and enthusiasts subscribe to the RVT Insight Weekly Newsletter that contains original content on buying and selling RVs, the RV lifestyle and more.

“From the very beginning, has always been very focused on finding new and better ways for RV buyers and sellers to find each other and make a deal,” said Shawn Friesen, vice president. “Consumers today demand responsive and intuitive services, so we seek to give them what they want, which in turn, assists our private sellers and RV dealers in making more sales.”

Friesen noted that RV dealers and private sellers that list on have immediate access to the benefits of the site’s consumer engagement initiative.

For more information, visit

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February 21, 2014 by · Comments Off on, DealerXchange Web Solutions Partner announced today (Feb. 21) a partnership with DealerXchange, an integrated online marketing platform provider for RV dealers.

According to a press release, the DealerXchange marketing platform is an inventory management tool and website product, giving RV dealers “powerful tools” to manage their inventory, website content and client relationships. The platform is designed to generate a high volume of quality sales leads and create loyal customers.

“Our goal is, and always has been, to connect RV buyers and sellers online.  Though we are focused on driving quality leads to RV dealers through our online classifieds network, we recognize the critical importance of an RV dealer’s own website,” said Shawn Friesen, senior vice president of “DealerXchange is a cutting-edge web services solution that, when used in conjunction with, gives RV dealers an amazing website, powerful inventory management tools and more, all-the-while showcasing their inventory on the ‘broader’ web to our massive audience of RV consumers.”

Steve Devries, president of DealerXChange, stated, “DealerXchange’s goal is to draw more leads to an RV dealer’s website, track and convert them to sales. Our partnership with integrates the power of online classifieds with the DealerXchange web services platform, so that an RV dealer’s inventory can be automatically published to both their own website and’s vast network of RV shoppers.”

In addition, DealerXchange’s marketing platform also features:

• Website platform with a content management system (CMS) – allowing for content and images to be easily managed.

• Website designs that are mobile friendly – allowing site editors to add inventory from any mobile device and giving site visitors access to the website on any mobile device.

• Inventory management to import, add and export RV Listings automatically – reducing the time spent behind the desk.

• Tools to capture, track and manage incoming leads – making it easier for sales staff to follow up and close leads.

For more information visit:

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December 12, 2013 by · Comments Off on Names ‘Louisville Grand Prize’ Winner announced that Jerry Roach, sales manager at McDowell RV, North Branch, Mich., is the winner of its Louisville 2013 Grand Prize – a $10,000 “fully equipped” digital advertising package.

According to a press release, McDowell RV carries approximately 150 units in inventory and will receive a digital ad package containing: unlimited dealer classified ad listings; ad exposure upgrades; RV detail page ads; and display/banner ad impressions.

Over the course of the next year, Roach will be working closely with Chris Mapson,’s RV sales maximization specialist, to optimize McDowell RV’s listings and ensure maximum sales potential is reached.

“We’re looking forward to getting McDowell RV up and running on,” says Mapson. “We have a number of very effective digital advertising strategies we’ll share with Jerry that will help their listings generate the highest possible volume of Internet leads, phone-ins and lot walk-in visitors as well.”

Shawn Friesen, senior vice president of, added, “Congratulations to Jerry and McDowell RV. We are excited to offer this prize package, knowing that last year’s winner of a similar prize, enjoyed hundreds and hundreds of quality leads. We trust the same will be the case for McDowell RV as well.”

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December 6, 2013 by · Comments Off on Debuting Two New Marketing Products, a leading Internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, is introducing two new marketing products for RV dealers and manufacturers, including Targeted Remarketing and Large Rectangle RV Description (RVDP) display ads.

The new Targeted Remarketing product uses sophisticated tracking data to target a highly specific group of people using, then sends an advertisers’ banner ad to each individual in that group.

For example, a dealer could target people who have viewed RVs in California and Oregon on in the past 15 days or RV shoppers who have viewed a competitor’s listings on in the past month.

“This new targeted marketing product allows us to pull very qualified prospects for any RV dealership or company interested in getting their message to RV consumers, and allows them to promote their business in ways they have never done before,” said Shawn Friesen, senior vice president of “Dealer ads are served to these prospects across the Internet, at just the right time – when they are in the market to buy. This is a revolutionary new marketing product for the RV industry, that allows other companies access to our massive RV consumer base.”

The new RVDP display ads appear in RV description pages, which are the most viewed pages on, and often the first page a visitor lands on from a Google or Bing search. Not only do these pages advertise dealer inventory and generate shopper inquiries, they are a prime opportunity for dealers to highlight the benefits of their dealership.

Friesen said that dealers can now reach RV consumers on all of their listings with a personalized dealership message. The large rectangle size (336 by 280 pixels) gives dealers ample room to advertise current sales or specials, as well as the benefits of shopping at the dealership. The banner can be linked to a dealer website or custom landing page.

For more information, dealers visit or manufacturers visit

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December 2, 2013 by · Comments Off on Giving Away $10K Display Ad Package, a leading provider of RV classifieds and digital advertising solutions for RV dealers, will give away a $10,000 display advertising package during a random draw on Wednesday (Dec. 4) as part of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s 51st Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

According to a press release, the grand prize of $10,000 worth of digital advertising on will be awarded to a winning RV dealer and a manufacturer. The dealer package will include:

• Unlimited Listings Dealer Account: Fully advertise an entire RV inventory to millions of RV shoppers on the network. Sell to a local area and beyond with powerful classifieds that generate quality leads.

• Feature Ad Upgrades: Extra exposure options, such as “Spotlight” and “Homepage Featured” that bring more buyers to RV for sale listings, as well as unlimited photos and video for the best possible response.

• Display Ad Campaign: Targeted banner advertising to buyers in a specific region. Includes placement in the display ad campaign’s new VDP Ad, a large banner on all listings that showcases current specials and/or the benefits of the dealership.

The manufacturer package will include:

• Display Ad Campaign: Advertise RV brands and/or services to millions of RV consumers via targeted online display ads on

• Custom Branding on High Traffic “RV For Sale” pages: Custom brand pages on’s “RV for Sale” pages. Includes a 700- by 250-pixel banner on every page that can be used to showcase new products, specials and other promotions.

The giveaway is open to existing advertisers and all RV dealers and manufacturers. Enter online by clicking here. The random drawing will be held at Booth No. 804 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

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May 30, 2013 by · Comments Off on Launching Reformatted Insight Blog, the leading Internet classifieds website for buyers and sellers of new and used RVs for sale, travel trailers and fifth-wheels, motorhomes and campers, has reformatted its popular RV blog. The new blog has an updated layout, enhanced mobile capabilities and new features for an improved user experience, according to a news release.

According to the blog’s editor, Drew Clifton, “the new RVT Insight blog – – is now more mobile and tablet friendly, it now adjusts automatically to fit any screen size. The design team has also added more visual content to the blog and a more robust subscription feature, that gives users the option to be automatically notified when someone has posted a response to a comment thread.”

New visual content comes from one of the blog’s new authors, Levonne Gaddy. Gaddy, a full-time RVer, author and artist, has helped in part to usher in the new version of the RVT blog with the addition of her strong writing and photography skills.

The new blog theme also showcases the “most popular” posts, as well as improved recent RV listings – displaying several local listings at once instead of having them rotate one at a time.

The blog has been built and rebranded to integrate with’s Insight Newsletter, which currently goes out to over 12,000 subscribers per week.

For more information or advertising information, visit

About is North America’s leading RV Classifieds provider and part of a larger network of RV related websites with over 9.2 million annual consumer visits, featuring over 60,000 new and used RVs for sale by owner and dealer. Built on a platform of Bringing RV Buyers and Sellers Together, has assisted in the sale of thousands of RVs – every year since 2002, and currently showcases inventory for over 680 RV dealerships.

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May 29, 2013 by · Comments Off on Offers Digital Marketing Consultation, a leading internet classified ads site for new and used RVs, has added a new one-on-one digital marketing consultation service, According to a press release, the “RV Sales Maximizer” is designed to help RV dealers maximize the effectiveness of their online ad spend.

“The Sales Maximizer service helps dealers create better and more effective online classified ads, and is included free with all Dealer Listing accounts, said Chris Mapson, lead consultant. “Better ads mean more web leads, more phone calls and more walk-ins, and that means stronger turns for the dealer.” ad optimization experts give the one-on-one consultations in short, 30-minute sessions, according to Managing Director Shawn Friesen. “Our primary focus is to connect RV buyers and sellers,” he said. “Our new RV Sales Maximizer service takes it to a new level by helping dealers create the best possible ad content on RVT, translating to even more quality leads, and ultimately more sales.”

To access the new Sales Maximizer service, visit


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March 5, 2013 by · Comments Off on’s iPhone App Features NADA Guides, a leading Internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs, has upgraded its iPhone app to include NADAGuides RV data that will allow users to check RV values and retail pricing information from their iPhone or iPad.

According to a press release, the free iPhone app provides RV buyers, sellers and dealers with the “robust functionality of the website in an accessible mobile format.” The app allows RV buyers to search over 60,000 RV listings, view ad details, map the listing location, contact the seller via email or phone and share listings with others.

RV buyers can search RVs for sale in their city or region automatically using the iPhone’s built-in GPS functionality or by entering a zip code. Buyers can also search by RV type, year, and/or keyword.

With the integration of NADA RV Guides, buyers can now use the iPhone app to check real-time retail pricing and obtain a current market value for a specific RV, then shop for similar RVs for sale nearby.

“This upgrade enables an RV buyer on the move, to quickly query the massive NadaGuides RV Values database, determine average retail value for a specified RV, then shop for similar RVs in their area. This has never been done before in an app, and will greatly enhance a buyers ability to find the best deal on an RV,” said Shawn Friesen, senior vice president of

RV sellers and dealers can use the iPhone app to manage their listings and respond immediately to buyer inquiries. In addition, RV sellers and dealers can search and sort their inventory by keyword, make, model or stock number.

The free RVT iPhone app is available for download on iTunes.

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