Large Canadian Maritime RV Show Now Open

March 4, 2011 by · Comments Off on Large Canadian Maritime RV Show Now Open 

One of the largest RV shows in Canada’s Maritime provinces opens today at the Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Workers were busy polishing up models of all shapes and sizes on Thursday (March 3) getting ready for the opening, the Telegraph-Journal reported.

Matthew Brown of Pine Acres RV Ltd., which has dealerships in Moncton and Kensington, Prince Edward Island, says it is easier to sell customers on the benefits of recreational vehicles this time of year despite the snow.

“People are tired of winter,” he says.

Brown says people become hooked onto the lifestyle that RVs allow.

“Once you get into it, you don’t get out of it. It’s a mini-vacation every weekend.”

RVs can come as simple or as sophisticated as you like, says Daniel Cormier of the Moncton RV Center. Full-size fridges and stoves, barbecues, apartment-model washers and dryers and even indoor and outdoor kitchens are available in some of the RV Center’s 38 models that are on-site in the Coliseum.

Cormier laughs and admits it’s hard to call it “camping” when you can microwave your food outdoors.

RVs can be a big investment — Pine Acres offers a variety of models that range in price from $13,900 to $269,000 for a top of the line luxury diesel bus — but Brown notes that sales and even preferred interest rates are being offered at this particular RV show.

Cormier explains that while RVs might seem like a big investment all at once, payment plans of up to 20 years are available.

“It’s a family outing,” he says, explaining the appeal.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of getting an RV, Bruce Dobson, co-owner of Sackville Auto & RV, says the only downside is that it can be an expensive hobby.

But there are plenty of pros.

“It’s something that the whole family can do,” he says. “One couple came to us, and they traded a motorcycle. And the wife said, ‘He got the motorcycle for his entertainment, but it didn’t help the rest of us. So he traded his motorcycle in on a trailer.”

Dobson says the couple’s children loved having a cottage on wheels that allowed for all kinds of weekend getaways.

“It’s something that’s been growing over the years. More and more people are doing it. And hopefully summer will come,” he says.

Dobson says the Moncton RV Show comes at the perfect time for people to scope out RVs and decide what they would like so it can be ordered to arrive in time for the long weekend in May, which is traditionally when the camping season begins.

He explains that RVs can come as cheap as a $7,000 tent trailer and they can go right up to a $100,000 motorhome and beyond. He says newcomers to RVs tend to start out small and trade up every few years. Older couples tend to go right to motorhomes so they can travel to Florida in winter.

The average price people tend to spend is $20,000-$25,000, he says.

In 2010, RV sales in Canada were up 21% across the country. Dealerships are reporting sales have surged close to pre-recession levels. And at last year’s Moncton RV Show, over $3.74 million in inventory was sold right off the show floor.

Anyone who buys an RV at the Moncton RV Show has a chance to win $10,000 cash. Visitors also have the chance to win a $500 gift card from Action Car and Truck Accessories.

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