Thetford’s Sani-Con is Easy-to-Use, Sanitary

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Thetford's Sani-Con system

Thetford's Sani-Con system

Thetford Corp.’s Sani-Con System offers a cleaner, more sanitary and convenient solution to emptying a rig’s holding tank.

Without relying on gravity, Sani-Con utilizes a heavy-duty transfer and macerating pump and works much like a household garbage disposal. It grinds and liquefies black water waste, then pumps it through an extra heavy duty one-inch diameter discharge hose.

The powerful macerating pump can pump waste up terrain without a constant slope or clumsy hose supports.

“For the last two weekends I used the Sani-Con, it pumped slightly uphill 170 feet away and didn’t have any problems,” said Rick Ruble, a satisfied customer.

Sani-Con features a long-lasting discharge hose that stretches up to 21 feet, then retracts more than 80% to a convenient seven feet to save storage space. At the end of the hose is an easy-to-use threaded nozzle designed to fit securely into a variety of dump station inlets, keeping users clean and eliminating the need for additional adapters.

The nozzle has a screw-on cap to keep the entire operation easy and clean. The cap prevents drips and spills during storage, making the unit more sanitary and less odorous than traditional sewer hoses. Thetford’s Sani-Con System is available in both permanently installed and portable models.

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‘RV Buddies’ Explores Macerator Technology

December 17, 2009 by · Comments Off on ‘RV Buddies’ Explores Macerator Technology 

RV Buddies logoSani-Con developer Lanny Stegal spent some time with “RV Buddies” Host and Producer Mark Summers and shared his in-depth knowledge of the development of macerator technology and the easy-to-use Sani-Con system. The video is available on RV Buddies Online ( for viewing now.

Every RVer has seen the infamous scene where Robin Williams attempts to empty his holding tanks in the movie “RV.” While no RVer has had an audience or accident to that level, accidents can happen – from mild to very unpleasant. Stegal is the expert and Summers poses questions you just might be too embarrassed to ask.

“Understanding the workings of these devices makes maintenance a lot easier,” says Summers. “And if there’s one piece of RV maintenance RVers want to handle quickly and easily, it’s emptying your black water holding tank.”

Stegal developed macerator technology for Thetford Corp. along with the Sani-Con product. During the interview, Stegal covers the macerator in detail and provides an in-depth look at the benefits of the Sani-Con system. Available in fixed and portable models, the Sani-Con system gives RVers with drop-through toilet models the benefits of macerator technology, plus the ability to pump black water contents great distances. Dumping tanks at home is made much simpler with the Sani-Con system – especially when the homeowner has a “P” trap for draining their pool.

This episode is live online for viewing now 24/7, as are all other RV Buddies videos.

“RV Buddies” is an RV adventure-lifestyle show featuring reviews of RVs, accessories and gear. The show chronicles Mark, Elise, Robert and their RV Buddies, Toby and Alex, as they visit America’s most beautiful campgrounds and resorts. The program is distributed as an Internet television production on its own website, on Apple iTunes and through other distribution channels.

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