Forest River’s Shasta Unveils Retooled Lineup

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Shasta Revere interior

Middlebury, Ind.-based Shasta RV, a division of Forest River Inc., announced the introduction of its completely redesigned lineup of products and newly assembled management and sales team.

“We’ve built an enthusiastic and highly qualified team, with long-standing dealer relationships,” said Shasta President Mark Lucas in a press release.

Todd Schmitz, formerly with Heartland RV’s Prowler division, is the product manager for Revere and Oasis while Kevin Combs, Dan Gill and Kris Lash handle sales for all of North America.

The Revere, a conventionally built, wood-and-aluminum trailer line and the current flagship for the company, has a new exterior look, higher-end interior decors, wide-track axles, under-mounted sinks, recessed stoves and rounded interior walls.

“We’ve not only stayed true to the features customers have come to expect, such as 7-foot interior heights and extra-deep slides, but also value added items not normally seen in this conservative price point,” said Schmitz.

In addition to travel trailers, Revere will also offer three fifth-wheel floorplans. “These fifth-wheels are a nice upgrade for customers who want extra amenities, increased storage and longer range towing, but don’t want to stray from this price point,” said Schmitz. Destination trailers are also new for this year, and include wide body construction, 8-foot interior heights, residential kitchens and fiberglass front caps all as standard equipment. Each of the three Revere segments is available with optional fiberglass exterior walls.

Shasta Revere travel trailer

The “aggressively repositioned” Oasis is 8-foot wide and available in five floorplans. “Instead of playing games with packages, discounts and long lists of options, we’ve included everything you need as standard equipment, and eliminated any fluff in the pricing,” said Schmitz. “This is not just an LE or a Limited Edition trailer you can only buy once a year or in limited numbers, but rather has been designed and built from the ground up to be a show-stopper, sure to generate traffic and retail sales year round.”

Lucas added, “Success is great-looking, well-built product at an aggressive price. Other companies only focus on 30 or 40 units being produced each day. We will focus on each individual one and pay attention to the details. Volume will be the reward for our efforts, but not the primary focus.”

All Shasta products will be on display at this year’s America’s Greatest RV Show in Hershey, Pa., and the Elkhart County RV Open House, along with the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas and the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. For more information call (574) 825-7178.


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Colorado Couple Restores Vintage Shasta Trailer

February 14, 2012 by · Comments Off on Colorado Couple Restores Vintage Shasta Trailer 

Renovated Shasta trailer

A true classic car buff, Richard Nash never imagined that he would be restoring 1960s era travel trailers. According to a press release, his wife, Vicky, brought home the first vintage trailer in 2005 and so the obsession began. Four trailers have made their way to the Nash driveway in Glenwood Springs, Colo. The fully rebuilt 1962 Shasta Airflyte is the gem of the collection.

If not purchased for $100 by the Nashes, the 13-foot 1962 Shasta’s fate was sure to be the local dump. A flat tire, broken jack, dilapidated interior, split seams, leaking roof, damaged siding were just a few of the problems facing the Nashes.

A custom home-builder by trade, Richard knows construction. So the demolition began and every inch was stripped down to the frame. The original parts were used as a template to painstakingly rebuild nearly every piece from the ground up. Much of the trim, hardware, and glass was salvaged and reused. A beautiful ash wood, coated with about 5 gallons of amber shellac was used for the interior walls, ceiling and cabinetry. Shiny new aluminum cut to the exact dimensions adorn the roof and side panels. The coveted original silver wings proudly fly on the back.

Vicky served as creative director, selecting the red, silver, white and black color scheme. A trip to the paint shop highlighted the famous Z pattern on the exterior. A diner theme carries through the interior space. Cool retro-looking fabric was selected for the cushions and coordinating curtains. Formica countertops and tables feature a boomerang pattern that complements the black-and-white checkerboard floor.

Nine months and $10,000 in materials later, the completed 1962 made its debut. The trailer has made many appearances at a variety of classic car shows and vintage travel trailer rallies in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

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