Carolina Campground Becomes Horror Film Set

November 5, 2010 by · Comments Off on Carolina Campground Becomes Horror Film Set 

logo-200_hwu1A western North Carolina campground will be the shooting location for a new feature-length horror movie, The McDowell News reported.

Jerry Wheeler, owner of Sky Island Retreat & Campground in Old Fort, said a group of filmmakers will use his campground as the place to make their next movie. The shooting for the feature-length film will start today (Nov. 5) and continue Saturday evening. The filming for this evening and Saturday evening will equal one night.

“We’re trying to do the impossible and shoot a feature film in one night,” said Wheeler. “We’re trying to get this thing done in a 24-hour period.”

The movie will be a production of Sik and Twisted Films. George Lunsford of Asheville is the co-owner of the production company and does the producing, casting and acting. His partner is Dave Boyer of Winston-Salem, who is the main owner of Sik and Twisted Films.

“This will be our first feature film,” said Lunsford.

Some of the work by Sik and Twisted Films can be seen on YouTube. They have made some short films titled “Jack and Jill” and “Little Miss Muffet.”

A title for the new feature length movie has not yet been determined. It could be called “Sky Island Blood Trail” or “Sky Island Death Trail,” said Wheeler.

“We’re going to pick one of those,” he added.

What is certain is that the movie will be about zombies. Lunsford said they have already got some people to be zombies for the picture but more people will be needed to play zombies and victims.

“Anybody and everybody else who wants to come can come to the music hall,” said Wheeler.

In the story, one of the characters tries to contact the spirit of rock musician Jimi Hendrix using a Ouija board and this leads to zombies roaming around and all kinds of scary scenes.

Sonic Records will also take part in the fun by doing a karaoke contest at the Sky Island’s music hall. This will give people something to do when they are not in the movie. The miniature golf and the horseshoe pits will also be available.

“It will be a lot of fun,” said Wheeler. “We’re having a ball with it.”

Lunsford said they plan to release this movie on DVD and then try to get it released in theaters.

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