Retailer Offers Buyers 2-Day ‘Camping School’

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“Look at this, this is pretty cool,” said Ross Holmquist, warming to his impromptu walk-through of the new 32-foot North Trail travel trailer.

According to a report by the Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C., he edges over to the built-in television and nudges the wooden siding. Like the bookshelf in the movies that gives way to a secret passageway, the encased TV rotates 180 degrees.

There’s a good reason for that, said Holmquist, general partner at Palmetto RV in Mount Pleasant, S.C. A bedroom is behind the center console. So when it’s nighttime, the set can be swiveled around for viewing in bed.

Holmquist is an RV sales associate and dealership part-owner. But during the Thursday walk-through, he was showing his skills in another role: as teacher. His setting? Palmetto RV KOA Camping School.

The dealership offers buyers of its new travel trailers and refinished motorhomes the chance to spend two days learning the ins and outs of their new campers and trying them out. The service is free. It teams with the KOA just off Morgan’s Point Road in Mount Pleasant: The campground provides back-to-school RV buyers a parking space, complete with electrical hookups and a picnic table.

According to a dealership flyer, “We will take you through all of the aspects of owning and operating your own motorhome.”

Palmetto RV in the write-up said it covers such topics as the “Dump Station Blues Can Be Gray,” and “Water Heater Stuff.” The buyer-pupil learns about driving and parking the RV, when and how to plug into campground hookups, roof care and maintenance, generator operation, slide usage, electrical issues, jack operations, “how the refrigerator selects power,” and “how the A/C really works.”

In a last lesson before class is dismissed, so to speak, the school helps buyers assemble their own troubleshooting kits. “We will show you how to replace fuses and fix small things that happen while camping … i.e., why ruin the weekend over a 20 Amp fuse,” according to the flyer.

Palmetto RV, in addition to the camping school, offers such services as a 24-hour hotline to report any problems with the trailers and motor homes. On certain weekdays, shoppers can join the dealership employees for an informal lunch, hot off the grill.

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