ADP Lightspeed, Stag-Parkway Get Connected

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ADP Lightspeed Salt Lake City, Utah-based ADP Lightspeed, a premier provider of dealer management software (DMS) systems, recently announced its enhanced interface with Stag-Parkway’s purchase order (PO) system.
According to a press release, this new integration allows dealers to send orders directly and track status from within the LightspeedEVO DMS.

The direct interface connects inventory and ordering systems within LightspeedEVO to Stag-Parkway’s processing, allowing dealers to send POs without re-keying information. With this direct connection, dealers can now track the status of orders from the initial order, through processing to delivery, within the DMS.
This tool helps dealers improve their ordering process along with staying up to date on order delivery times, said Chris Hauck, product manager for Atlanta-based ADP Lightspeed.

“We understand the need to streamline the parts ordering process,” Hauck explained. “Teaming up with one of the most trusted names in the RV industry is a big step in refining the process. We are very excited about our interface with Stag-Parkway’s order processing.”

“ADP’s focus on improving their customers’ experience using Lightspeed EVO is absolutely consistent with our customer service approach. We think finding program and process efficiencies that improve accuracy and speed provide significant performance upsides for dealerships and others in the supply chain,” said John Spaulding, senior vice president of marketing for Stag-Parkway.

The Stag-Parkway parts ordering interface upgrade is available to all dealers on LightspeedEVO with version release 5.3. There are no additional service fees for downloading or using the new interface.

ADP Lightspeed is a part of ADP Dealer Services, which provides integrated computing solutions to more than 25,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, powersports, and recreation vehicle dealers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. ADP, with nearly $9 billion in revenues and 550,000 clients, is one of the largest providers of a broad range of premier mission–critical, transaction processing and information-based business solutions in selected markets on a global basis.

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Stag’s Denver Operation Open for Business

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Opening new Denver facility

Opens new Denver facility

Stag-Parkway’s new Denver warehouse is officially open for business, the Atlanta-based RV distributor reports.

After Carter Distributing withdrew from the Salt Lake City and Denver, Col., markets in January, Stag expanded its product and service offerings into those markets, reports Martin Street, president and CEO.

“In less than two weeks after taking control of Carter’s assets in Denver, we began shipping and receiving products,” said Street. “When you consider that we had to install phones, data links and computers, take a physical inventory, receive goods from Carter’s former Salt Lake facility and train new personnel on our systems and culture – we’ve done a lot in a short amount of time.”

“During this process,’ he continued, “it’s been very rewarding to watch the project unfold and witness the cooperative and open spirit from the Carter employees we hired and the new Rocky Mountain customers we are working with. It has validated for me that this was absolutely the right business move to make.”

The new Stag-Parkway warehouse, with 27,000 square feet of storage space for roughly 6,000 items in addition to a leased 27,000-square-foot facility next door, is close to the major area freight carriers, according to Tom Seath, senior vice president of operations.

“The current facility already has about 60% of the key items that we like to stock in inventory,” he stated. “By the end of March, the construction and re-racking of the facility will accommodate more than 12,000 items, which will represent well over 95% of all the items we ship out of a customer’s primary distribution center. That should make Denver a terrific parts hub for us and provide exceptional service to dealers in that region.”

Staff hiring and training began the last week in January and included operations and sales personnel that came to Stag from Carter. “Bringing key personnel on board that are familiar with the customer’s needs in the Rockies was an important consideration as we began the process of opening up the Denver warehouse,” adds Craig Mellor, senior vice president of sales. “We are fortunate to have a balance of operational and sales experience in place to help us serve the needs of the market here.”

Full blown operational capabilities for the Denver warehouse were scheduled to go online at the end of March. Local businesses are receiving live customer service support out of the new Denver facility as well as Stag’s Arlington, Texas, call center which can be reached at (800) 933-7824.

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Stan Sunshine is Retiring from Stag-Parkway

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Stan Sunshine

Stan Sunshine

Stan Sunshine is retiring from his day-to-day involvement in Stag-Parkway Inc., the business he and his family helped build to be the largest distributor of RV parts and accessories in North America.

Sunshine will continue to be involved in the business as a board member of Stag-Parkway and will continue with his industry ties as well as the annual Stag-Parkway trade show, next year being held in Nashville, Tenn., according to a news release.image001

Sunshine sold Stag-Parkway in 2006 to Greenbrier Equity Group and since then has played an integral role in transitioning the business to new ownership and senior management. “Stan’s contributions over the past three years have been enumerable. His industry insights, familiarity with customers and suppliers have helped all of us gain a better understanding of the market which has enabled us to be successful in even the harshest of business environments,” comments Martin Street, president and CEO of Stag-Parkway.

A native of Atlanta, Ga., and graduate of Georgia State University, Sunshine began his career with Stag-Parkway in 1975. Since then he has held the position of vice president from 1982 to 1989, CFO from 1989 to 1995, president and CEO from 1995 to 2008 and chairman from 2008 to the present.

He  represented the industry on the board of the RV Aftermarket Association and served as its president from 1998 to 1999.  He has also served on the board of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) from 2004 to the present.

The release continued, “The legacy Stan and (co-founders) Ted and Ann Kaplan leave behind at Stag-Parkway is without question part of the fabric of the RV industry. The family has had a hand in crafting policy and practices across a broad spectrum of industry interests over the past 40 years. Stan’s active involvement in the business did not keep him from giving freely with his time and other resources to support initiatives he felt important to growing the market and the professionalism of those businesses supporting the RV lifestyle.”

Sunshine is continuing his career blending his passion for distribution and fine wine. In 2009 he became a partner in Prime Wines and Spirits, a wine distributor in Atlanta. His new venture will allow him to travel, play golf and spend time with his family while pursuing his love of wine, friends and recreation.

Organizationally, Stag-Parkway has been preparing for this transition for some time. The executive management team was restructured in 2008 with a blend of both people new to the industry as well as those with extensive experience.

“Our organizational direction is clear and has never changed over the years – to grow our business through focusing on our customers and providing exceptional service to our business partners, RV dealers and suppliers alike,” adds Street. ” I believe we have the right kind of experience in the key areas of our business to drive short and long term results. We’ve made huge strides over the past two years streamlining processes and building an infrastructure that is capable of responding quickly to market demands and changes. We are very well positioned to continue the hard work of Stan and his family and are grateful for their contribution to our organization and the industry.”

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Stag Parkway is PRVCEF Silver Sponsor for ’10

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USR1000628_143650_StagLogowOutlineThe Pennsylvania RV and Camping Education Foundation (PRVCEF) announced that Stag Parkway has become a Silver Sponsor aiding the foundation’s mission to support education programs for individuals who would like to make a career in the RV and private campground industry.

PRVCEF, in partnership with Northampton Community College, has designed the RV Technician Distance Learning Program which provides students the knowledge and skills they need to become a certified technician, according to a news release. The RV Technician Apprenticeship Program, another training opportunity, gives students both the education through Northampton Community College as well as hands-on experience as an apprentice at a local RV dealership. PRVCEF also makes scholarships available for students enrolled in the Northampton Community College Distance Learning Program as well as the National School of RV Park and Campground Management.

“We understand the value of continuing education and appreciate the inherent benefit trained RV professionals bring to the consumer, the dealership and the RV market at large,” said John Spaulding, senior vice president of merchandising for Stag Parkway. “We believe that learning is a lifelong process, a process that must be reinforced, made relevant and applicable to the growth of the individual and the overall business enterprise.

“Our commitment to education doesn’t stop with PRVCEF. We launched a free education series called PRO — Professional Retail Organization — this year at our show in San Antonio to address aftermarket and service parts retailing. Combined, I think that the PRVCA Education Foundation’s training initiatives and PRO illustrate a strong commitment to improvement and broaden the wealth of resources available to RV dealers everywhere. With education we learn. With learning we grow. With growth comes success. We are happy to be part of that process working with the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association this year.”

“The Foundation’s continued success is directly linked to the unceasing support from industry leaders such as Stag Parkway,” said Rebecca Lenington, executive vice president of the PA RV & Camping Association. “Their efforts are not only an asset to the foundation, but the RV industry as a whole.”

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Stag-Parkway’s Business Solutions ‘A Huge Hit’

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HeaderThere was a definite shift in spirits and attitude at this year’s Business Solutions Show in San Antonio, Texas, according to a news release from event sponsor Star-Parkway. The mood could easily be described in one word – positive.

Stag-Parkway President Martin Street

Stag-Parkway President Martin Street

“From the opening address at RV University to the closing bell of the exhibit hall, I had dealers and suppliers tell me that they saw more smiles and heard more optimistic stories about a resurgence in sales than they had seen or heard in years. I sensed a realistic and positive outlook from our attendees that signaled, in my mind, a readiness to meet the demands of the market,” said Martin Street, president and CEO of Stag-Parkway.

Business Solutions 2010 was host to more than 900 guests from over 424 dealerships nationwide. The event blended professional business development and product training with an 80,000-square-foot exhibit hall that hosted 156 suppliers featuring products at incredible savings.

According to John Spaulding, senior vice president of marketing for Stag-Parkway, “Whoever said traditional tradeshows are dead, are completely out of touch with our dealers and our market. We witnessed firsthand the power of bringing people together face-to-face. Everyone was energized, positive and looking forward to the future. I think people fed off of each other’s enthusiasm – another strong endorsement for meetings like ours.”

“Everything was up this year,” said Spaulding. “The attendance was up at RV University. We had more trade show attendees than last year. And our social and networking functions were lively and packed. If this was not our best show, it was certainly one of the best events we’ve ever hosted. I think releasing a lot of new products and services at the show helped address the strategic retail management issues that we’ve been hearing about from our customers and helped fuel the positive outlook and attendance.”

The central message Stag-Parkway delivered at the show was “be prepared.”  The company wanted to create a show experience that did three things, Street said:

  • Talk about the importance of preparing your business and employees for the demands of your customers.
  • Showcase our new PRO education series and Complete Merchandising Solutions.
  • Provide extraordinary buying opportunities that matched our customer’s needs to stock appropriately going into season.

“Based on the feedback I got from our attending dealers, I think we were extremely successful on all counts,” Street concluded.

During RV University, Stag-Parkway launched the PRO education series – a free professional development training program that addresses marketing, merchandising, sales, customer experience and human resources topics for RV parts and accessory retailers.

“The enrollment and interest was overwhelming. PRO struck a chord with our dealers that resonated with their desire to provide training for their employees that improves store performance,” said Spaulding. “We also rolled out a more comprehensive Complete Merchandising program to help dealers with store set and design, visual merchandising and asset management which was equally well received.”

The success of the event was the product of doing one thing really well last year – listening.

“We spent considerable effort adapting our business based on what our customers were telling us. We followed up at the show by conducting a round table discussion at RV University to receive feedback on what we can be doing better or differently to service our customers. We plan to act on that information, build on this recent show experience and continue to develop programs and services that drive success for all our business partners,” added Street. “In the end, no matter what business you are in, serving your customers well will drive your company’s success. Our experience and the responses we received in San Antonio clearly prove that we do that.”


Stag-Parkway presented its Supplier Partnership Award to six firms during the event.

“We look for business partners that foster mutual growth and success in the market by delivering programs, strategies and products in such a way that our customers can sell more, sell it more profitably and ultimately be the source of choice for their consumer for all RV parts and accessories,” said  Street. “We are extremely fortunate to have wonderful supplier partners and recognizing those firms that exceed our expectations is always a challenge.”

The Supplier Partnership Award, affectionately known as the peach, is a glass blown peach that is artfully made by the internationally recognized Frabel studio in Atlanta. The fruit of the native peach tree of Georgia symbolizes how Stag-Parkway feels about these firms. The 2009 awards were presented to Blue Ox, RV Designer Collection, SIKA, Ultra-Fab, Watts Flowmatic and Winegard.

Candidates for the Supplier Partnership Award are nominated by the Stag-Parkway Product Management Team.

“The beauty of our award is that companies of virtually any size can be competitive and win,” said Spaulding. “In any given year we’ll recognize long standing business partners, new suppliers, huge multinational corporations and family owned businesses. It’s really a matter of attitude, commitment, creativity and character that helps us identify the winners.”

Stag-Parkway show opening

Stag-Parkway show opening

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