Elkhart Retailer Reviving Sterling Motorhomes

August 19, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

Most RV companies aren’t born with a sterling reputation, but Hank Schrock wants to change that by rolling out a new incarnation of the long-gone Sterling motorhome brand.

The Elkhart Truth reported that Schrock, the owner of the Total Value RV dealership just north of Elkhart, is going back to earlier days as he starts to make the only Class A motorhome on the market that will fit in nearly any American driveway and through a 10-foot garage door, and it will be significantly more fuel efficient than most other class A motorhomes. “You can drive it into a regular parking spot at Menard’s or anywhere,” though the length will take up a little more space, Schrock said.

“I used to work for this company back in 1990. I was the national sales manager, and this was built out in California. The era of people that were in that era of time are gone. The people that enjoyed that motorhome were more elderly people. They didn’t want big motorhomes, they wanted something they could go to football games in, go up to an island for a week or a couple of days. This is not a live-in coach. The Sterling is designed to travel in, go stay in a motel and do what you want to do,” Schrock said.

“Everybody’s forgotten about this unit. I didn’t. I wanted to bring it back to life in a new age,” Schrock said.

He bought several of the old units, stripped them back down to the chassis, and “we built a new box on it, redesigned the front and the back cap.”

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