SuperSteer Bell Crank Arms for P32 Chassis

March 17, 2011 by · Comments Off on SuperSteer Bell Crank Arms for P32 Chassis 

Owners of Chevrolet/Workhorse P32 chassis can improve their motorhome’s steering precision with a new bell crank arm from SuperSteer. In coach applications, the bell crank arm attaches to the bottom of the bell crank and to the steering center link on the chassis. Unfortunately, all of the pressure from the steering gear box is transmitted through the bell crank/idler arm joint on the driver’s side, which causes premature wear and contributes to excessive steering play and loose steering “feel.” The SuperSteer bell crank arm is precision-built to handle higher steering forces than its OEM counterpart. The driver-side arm uses tapered roller bearings top and bottom, and can be adjusted for correct endplay; the passenger-side arm uses a ball-and-socket arrangement, and is built to SuperSteer’s specifications using tighter tolerances than stock. Both units are greaseable for long life and are made in the USA. For more information, contact: SuperSteer, (888) 898-3281 ext. 313, or go to

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