Triple-Digit Heat Wave in Texas Taxes RV AC’s

August 12, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Cooling winds did give Texans a mini-break from the scorching temperatures. But, according to a report from KFDX News 3, people in RVs are working extra hard to stay cool. One reason, the air conditioners aren’t built for this kind of heat.

As they put it, they are surviving, but they wish their AC’s were blowing cooler air. All they can do now is just look ahead to fall’s cooler weather.

RVs are sturdy and reliable while traveling, but their air conditioning systems aren’t designed for triple digit heat day in and day out. And it’s something Michelle Smith and her husband are temporarily dealing with.

“My husband got a job here and we had to move out here rapidly and we didn’t have a place to live or stay so we bought an RV and just came out,” said Smith.

Smith said coming from California they were prepared for the heat, but their AC unit wasn’t.

“We’re doing pretty good except for our air conditioning unit. We only have one air conditioning unit and it only cools down about 20 degrees from what’s outside,” she said.

The average temperature in their home is about 80 degrees. And when she needs to feel some frost, Smith gets in her car and turns the AC on full blast.

But it’s not only the soaring temperatures getting to these campers, it’s also their soaring electricity bill.

“The AC’s are working overtime,” said Dean Carner, an RV camper.

Not only is it toasty inside, but Carner’s refrigerator isn’t able to keep up and is only able to chill down to 56 degrees. So he’s had to figure out other ways to keep cool at home.

“I closed up the windows and bought some auto shades, but because the windows are tinted, it intensifies the heat,” said Carner.

Both Smith and Carner say water and fans are the only way they are making it through this summer.


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