Oregon’s RV Corral Stays Open Despite Fire

April 8, 2011 by · Comments Off on Oregon’s RV Corral Stays Open Despite Fire 

Click here to watch a video, courtesy of KEZI-TV, Eugene, Ore., about the following story.

A Eugene, Ore., business is still cleaning up the mess after a fire ripped through its shop on Highway 99 Wednesday night (April 6).

The flames and smoke destroyed a detail shop at The RV Corral.

One of the owners told KEZI that luckily the fire was put out quickly enough that one structure can be saved.

Owners are still talking with their insurance company, but they have estimates of about $400,000 worth of damage.

They say nothing of huge value was inside the shop except a lot of different items that add up quickly.

An employee was the first to notice the fire and call 911.

Co-owner Jerry McCall said the fast reporting and response from the fire department saved the fire from destroying a lot more.

“I was actually told that another five minutes and the whole building probably would have been gone. It’s an older building and it started burning really quick. The fire department was here within five minutes,” McCall said.

Firefighters still don’t know the exact cause, but they’ve ruled out arson and that it doesn’t appear to be electrical either.

They were able to save all the trailers and motorhomes nearby.

Business returned to normal Thursday.

The company says it’s improvising with some of their working space for right now.

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