Tiffin Launches ’10 Models at Lazydays’ ‘Block Party’

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Tiffin launch partyStrings of lights adorned with hanging lanterns connected an array of new 2010 Tiffin motorhomes – and when combined with the November starlit sky – formed a luminous canopy over 260 RV lovers gathered for a three-day block party held by Lazydays RV Center Inc. in Seffner, Fla., to launch the newest Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. models that recently arrived at the dealership, according to a news release.

Guests kicked off the event mingling and sharing the love of the RV lifestyle with one another over dinner – continuing the evening with festivities such as copious spirits, an exploration of new motorhomes and marshmallow roasting for the making of s’mores.

There was a splendid decor of Americana, but perhaps no icon was more anticipated and revered than Bob Tiffin, the founder of Tiffin Motor Homes, who personally met with each and every guest. Knowing that those who love RVing can never get enough technical information, a panel of seasoned RV experts was assembled to conduct several Q&A seminars. This group of Lazydays most experienced sales consultants and master certified technicians, alongside several Tiffin experts, left no question unanswered.

Lazydays was founded in 1976 with two travel trailers and $500. Today, the company’s continued focus on unparalleled customer service has not only made it the largest single-site RV dealership in North America but also a place that many RVers refer to as their home away from home.

Event photos are attached. For more information on Lazydays, visit

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Tiffin Motor Homes Strengthened During Downturn

October 21, 2009 by · Comments Off on Tiffin Motor Homes Strengthened During Downturn 

tiffin-motorhomes-logoTiffin Motor Homes Inc. has weathered the rocky market conditions well, positioning Tiffin as an even stronger competitor among the remaining top Class A manufacturers.

“Tiffin Motor Homes will not be the same company coming out of the economic downturn as it was a year ago,” said General Manager Tim Tiffin in a press release. “We have taken advantage of the market picture and continued to pay very close attention to our customers. You will see more dynamic product development, even closer working relationships with our dealers and an unrivaled commitment to customer service.”

With adjustments for some former options that are now standard features, Tiffin’s MSRPs remain at 2009 model levels.

Tiffin received one of only four coveted Quality Circle Awards presented by the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) to Class A manufacturers in 2008 for design, reliability, quality, value and competitive price.

Tiffin has earned the Quality Circle Award 10 of the 13 years it has been presented by the RVDA in connection with its Dealer Satisfaction Index.  The 2008 survey included 2,547 brand ratings from 468 dealers.

In addition to the consumer-related categories of the survey, Tiffin also was recognized with the Quality Circle Award for exemplary warranty, parts, sales and communications support to dealerships.

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Tiffin Offers New Energy Management System

September 16, 2009 by · Comments Off on Tiffin Offers New Energy Management System 

The energy management system, standard on Tiffin Motor Homes’ Allegro Bus and Zephyr for 2010, is billed as a “revolutionary new concept” for RVs  by Precision Circuits Inc., which developed the feature.

Previously, coaches operated either on shore power or generator. The new energy management system harnesses additional available power from the coach’s batteries for a short time and automatically sheds non-critical loads if power demand increases beyond capacity, according to a news release from the Red Bay, Ala.-based RV manufacturer.

The all-electric coach option becomes even more attractive for Allegro Bus and Zephyr models with the advent of the energy management system. An electric stove top, multiple AC units and electronics can severely tax the available power on conventional rigs. An added benefit: Since the all-electric coach does not need or have a propane tank, an additional storage space is available.

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Lazydays is Tiffin’s No. 1 Dealer 4th Straight Year

August 24, 2009 by · Comments Off on Lazydays is Tiffin’s No. 1 Dealer 4th Straight Year 

tiffin-motorhomes-logoLazydays RV Center Inc., Seffner, Fla., was recently recognized by Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. as its No. 1 dealer for 2009, marking the fourth consecutive year for this achievement, according to a news release.

Additionally, all of Tiffin’s Top 10 salesperson awards were awarded to Lazydays sales consultants. 

“Lazydays has been a valued partner of ours for more than 20 years,” said Tim Tiffin, general manager for Tiffin, Red Bay, Ala. “Their entire team does a great job representing all of our products and taking wonderful care of our mutual customers. We congratulate them once again on another terrific Tiffin year.”

Dominic Calabro, general sales manager for Lazydays, commented, “For the past 20 years Tiffin has played an integral role in our ability to provide quality motorhomes to our customers. This coupled with our shared commitment to providing customers with a better RVing experience has been the principal factor for our continued successes.” 

Lazydays was founded in 1976 with two travel trailers and $500. Today, the company is the largest single-site RV dealership in North America.

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Red Bay, Ala., Copes with RV Industry Downturn

July 6, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Hope and Bruce Terrell represent two sides of Red Bay, Ala.

Bruce is one of hundreds of workers laid off in this small Alabama-Mississippi border town. He lost his job at Tiffin Motor Homes Inc., makers of high-end luxury coaches, in October and has been unable to find work. He keeps busy as a youth pastor at his church. His unemployment benefits, extended once, run out in July, according to the Florence, Ala., Times Daily.

On the other hand, Hope has been able to keep her job at pet food maker, Sunshine Mills, another key employer in Red Bay.

“If we can make it with what I make, we’re hoping he can stay on,” Hope said.

Red Bay lost nearly a third of its jobs in the past year, by some estimates, because of the recession that dragged down the RV and mobile home markets, which make up the bulk of employment in this town of 3,256 residents.

Since mid-2007, the RV industry nationwide has shed more than half of its work force, and since 2001, shipments of mobile homes decreased by more than half, according to industry data.

Red Bay’s main employer is Tiffin. Other major employers are Sunshine Homes, a mobile home manufacturer, Sunshine Mills and Gates Rubber Co.

“The whole RV industry is in the worst depression it’s been in,” Tim Tiffin, general manager and son of founder, Bob Tiffin, said at his office in the Tiffin complex.

Tiffin’s work force decreased 50% from its peak, he estimated. Production has decreased 70% from its peak.

At its peak two years ago, the factory produced 13 coaches per day. Now, that number is four, up from the three per day this winter and spring.

Still, Tiffin sees the mild upswing as a “bounce from the bottom – three weeks, it could be different.”

“At four per day, it’s not conducive to what we need to do,” Tiffin said.

Ray Forester, general manager at Sunshine Homes, said though there was a greater demand for mobile homes, frozen credit has slowed the industry.

In the past year, shift work declined to four homes a day four days a week from a peak of six homes per day during a five-day work week.

The 2008 federal Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, was supposed to loosen credit, but “financing has not loosened up at all,” Forester said.

The plant laid off 35% of its work force – about 60 positions within the past year – something he said he was uncomfortable with discussing.

“If the Feds do something to fix the housing, it would fix the whole economy because housing drives the economy,” Forester said. “They’re not pursuing the right things.”

Sunshine Mills bypassed the current recession and tainted dog food scandals of 2007 and has not laid off any workers. “We’ve been able to maintain volume even with the slowing domestic economy,” said company President Alan Bostic through a spokesman. About 350 people are employed and, since 2008, the company has been able to hire a few more people, the spokesman said.

Sunshine Homes and Sunshine Mills are owned by the same stockholders, but are run independently. Representatives for Gates Rubber Co. did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Many Red Bay residents say they know someone who was laid off – a brother who went back to school and now works across the valley for a satellite TV company, a father who took retirement after working for a year and who now collects Social Security.

Many unemployed find their way to Weatherfod Library, where librarian Linda Ezzell estimates up to a dozen individuals per day use the computers to work on resumes, search for jobs or follow up on leads. When the layoffs first started, there was a rush of patrons, replaced by a steady stream now, she said.

“People are seeing just a little glimmer of hope that maybe the economy is swinging back,” said Red Bay Mayor Bobby Forsythe. “Even though it may be minute.”

During the winter and spring, monthly sales tax collection fell as much as 18% over the previous year. Recent sales tax collections are nearly on par with 2008.

Even with the uptick in sales tax and RV production, Forsythe said, “There are still many people hurting here in Red Bay that have lost their jobs. I don’t want to paint a rosy picture that people are employed here and making plenty of money,”

Tiffin’s downsizing has had a trickle-down effect with dealers going under and suppliers struggling.

“It’s taken a year to get to this level,” he said. “I don’t see it getting a whole lot better for another year.”

Tiffin estimated 15 to 20 local suppliers also are affected through the trickle-down effect. He declined to name the suppliers.

Progress, however, has been made. “Much of the distressed merchandise has been sold off,” Tiffin said. Distressed refers to coaches left over when a dealership goes out of business.

Until dealers get wholesale financing, Tiffin said financing will remain the same: difficult for consumers at best.

Like the auto industry, tightened credit markets mean greater restrictions for the borrowing public. Down payments of up to 20% can be difficult when buying a car, but when the vehicle can cost as much as a home, that adds to the difficulty.

Fuel prices that tick upwards during the summer also affect the business.

“People who could buy a coach two years ago cannot buy one now,” Tiffin said. “If fuel prices run back up, that’s just going to throw us back down on the mat again.”

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