Topline Partners with Solex for F&I Answers

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Topline Software Solutions and Solex, provider of online lending solutions, have announced a new partnership to help RV dealers more accurately and efficiently manage every aspect of their businesses.

Both programs have been integrated into an operation easily accessible from any web-enabled desktop computer, giving even small dealerships the ability to be as efficient and advanced as larger companies, according to a news release.

“We’ve tied our software into Solex,” said Topline President Steve Karafas, “so if our dealers are working a deal, they can process everything without having to re-key any data. In other words, if a customer comes in and is interested in buying, the dealer types everything in the system, then hits a button and it automatically goes out for approvals.”

Topline, serving the RV industry since 1997, regularly communicates with active dealers to keep a finger on the pulse of business needs, and has determined that the most intuitive software solutions provide the best tools for success.

“I see RV dealers becoming more efficient,” Karafas says, “and they want critical information immediately accessible. How much inventory do they have? How old is the oldest unit? Things they need to know to help make the sale, which our system provides at the touch of a button. Then Solex gives them the ability to send their deals to the bank and see the rates that are approved and pick and choose what they want to do, instead of having to get on the phone and fax stuff out.”

Designed specifically for the consumer-lending marketplace, Solex connects lenders and dealers through the web, providing F & I managers with the industry’s first fully featured online lending solution. An easy-to-use, web-based program, Solex walks users through the application process, allowing them to submit loans quickly, with an advanced document engine that creates compliant loan document packages easily printed from any standard printer. In addition to minimizing risk and streamlining processes, Solex guarantees accuracy, security and compliance.

“It’s all handled through Topline and Solex,” Karafas says. “You don’t have to check the paperwork, and you don’t have to worry about missing something. Dealers don’t want to sit there and do things manually anymore. They can’t afford to make the mistakes. With this solution, a dealer can get in the door and look like he’s been there for 20 years — and be really efficient at it.”

With small businesses critical to economic recovery, Solex and Topline provide a solution that allows any dealer the ability to manage with a leaner workforce. “With the Topline solution,” said Steve Butler, president and CEO of Solex, “dealers can stay on top of their inventory and accounts, and now with the Solex partnership, they can also manage contracts from their desktop computer, thus providing customers with the experience they’ve come to expect. Our system not only makes the loan process more cost effective, but more efficient.”

For Topline, working with Solex was a decision made to help the dealers. “It was a product open to integration,” Karafas said, “that helps dealers stay compliant while increasing accuracy, saving time, and reducing costs. It was a win-win for us.”

About Topline Software Solutions

Topline Software Solutions has been a software provider for the RV industry since 1997. Topline’s “RV Marine Management Suite” is a complete management system specifically designed for the RV-Marine dealer or manufacturer, helping RV dealers to better manage every aspect of their businesses from sales to service to rental management and general accounting. The system also offers parts cataloging, customer-retention management, vehicle-service management, and integration with the dealer’s website that automatically adjusts inventory to reflect new product additions and real-time sales. Additional information is available from Topline at (888) 791-0550 or

About Solex

Solex (Saratoga Springs, Utah) is an online lending solution designed for dealers that provides Finance and Insurance (F&I) managers with fast loan approvals and compliant loan documents. Solex connects dealers, credit bureaus and lenders in a seamless integration to provide multiple financing options. All loan documents are guaranteed to be in compliance with lender and state guidelines and are compatible with all laser printers. Additional information about Solex is available online at

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