New Online Magazine Caters to Women RVers

February 2, 2011 by · Comments Off on New Online Magazine Caters to Women RVers 

Sheilah Johnson, TrailerChix creative editor

Shelah Johnson, TrailerChix creator and managing partner has launched an online magazine focused on the design and creative side of RVing.

“Our goal,”  Shelah Johnson, TrailerChix’s creator and managing partner, said in a news release, “is to make it easy and comfortable for women to purchase and manage her own travel trailer experience on her own terms and without sacrificing style and elegance.”

Today’s women are looking for ways to live a much more balanced life. With an estimated 8.3 million RV owners in the U.S. and increasing another quarter of a million by the end of 2010, helps to move what was once the perception as a man’s toy into a versatile option for women with limitless design opportunities, she said.

The release continued, “North American and parts of Europe are seeing a resurgence of travel trailers. In many parts of the world one will find five star hotels adding new and vintage Airstreams to their roof tops to serve as premium guest suites. Home owners are utilizing travel trailers as home offices, back yard studies or even guest rooms. Young entrepreneurial are rebuilding sometimes entire sections of neighborhoods by creating food malls out of vintage travel trailers and serving up some of the best food in town.”

“The big market gap we saw was in what was communicated and how it was communicated to women,” said Johnson. “Sure we address some of the technical things associated with trailers, like how to backup a trailer and treat your black water in a more green and sustainable way. But our true passion and value is in showing and sharing ways to live a more elegant and charmed way of life while in your trailer. We really want to help women find their ‘true self’.” provides the tools to embrace and make the mobile lifestyle her own by offering resources and tips on cooking in small spaces, entertaining, decorating the trailer, or building a great vertical and portable outdoor garden. The site also looks at great travel destinations, tours and rallies plus great music selections to set the mode – whatever the mode. To help keep everything on track, provides a list of DIY tips for the repair and maintained to help make camping and traveling a great experience – all without the need for an interpreter.

“When you strip it down, you see that what we really are talking about is becoming more creative within a smaller footprint,” Johnson says, “so our message is also really relevant to those who live on floating home or even sail boats. It’s really a message about being incredibly free to be creative for those making the conscious chose about independence.”

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