Trailmaster Unveils 2013 Aspen Sentry Camper

February 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on Trailmaster Unveils 2013 Aspen Sentry Camper 

Aspen Sentry camper from Trailmaster

Trailmaster Inc. announced the addition of a camper equipped with a queen size bed to its Aspen line. According to a press release, the Aspen Sentry also features 22 cubic feet of independent cargo space under the mattress.

Weighing just over 300 pounds with only 24 pounds of tongue weight, the camper can be towed by compact cars and large motorcycles. Set up can be accomplished in one minute, according to the company.

Cargo may be stored and accessed in two ways – while on the road, the top of the camper can be lifted, exposing the entire cargo bay, or after camp set-up, simply lift the concealed cargo door under the mattress.

The Aspen Sentry sports 12-inch wheels on a 41-inch wheelbase with brakes offered as an option and provides superb handling at highway speeds. When ‘closed’, the camper body only measures 47 inches by 60 inches.

For more information call (800) 398-9090 or visit


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