UVS Adding Translation Tool to Dealer Sites

May 24, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Adding Translation Tool to Dealer Sites 

UVS Junction, a supplier of RV dealer management software, has added a dynamic translation tool to dealer-member sites that will translate all content into one of the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Greek, Italian and Japanese.

The translation buttons are located at the top of each of the client sites and each language is represented by that country’s flag, according to a press release.

The tool will translate 95% of the content on dealer sites. UVS noted that due to the way some parts of the site function, 5% cannot be translated, including pop-up forms and the UVS homepage image rotator section.

Once a language is selected, the site will be translated and will remain in that language. As users switch from page to page, it will automatically translate into the selected language.

The language translation tool works on all mobile devices and the standard languages provided are the most prevalent. However, the company said it will work with clients seeking another language.

Every client site has a complete content translator. The UVS platform will translate all content including:
• Inventory
• Sidebar
• All general content
• Forms (with the exception of any forms that “pop up”)
• Drop down menus
• Disclaimer (footer of your site)
• Pricing
• Phone numbers
• Location(s)

UVS-dealer members can now target the European and Canadian markets for rentals and sales. A visitor would simply select the flag that represents their language and everything will change. Content changes in real time with each new page request.

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