RVIA Issues Bulletin on Transport Canada Rules

January 10, 2012 by · Comments Off on RVIA Issues Bulletin on Transport Canada Rules 

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has issued a news bulletin to provide accurate information on the procedures governing the importation of RVs into Canada, specifically the administrative convenience mechanism known as the pre-clearance system administered by Transport Canada.

“Over the past several months, there has been considerable discussion on this topic with much of it driven by confusion regarding apparent ‘changes’ to Transport Canada’s pre-clearance program,” said RVIA Vice President of Standards and Education Bruce Hopkins. “To be clear, there have not been any changes or new regulations whatsoever. To clarify any confusion, RVIA has worked with Transport Canada and RV manufacturers in producing this bulletin to provide accurate information on Transport Canada activities regarding certification and export-import issues.”

The news bulletin provides a detailed explanation of the program and its requirements. In addition, the bulletin also includes a copy of Memorandum D19-12-1 from the Canada Border Services Agency that provides complete program regulations, Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI), B3 Customs Coding Invoice, and NVIS (New Vehicle Informatiom Statement).

RVIA manufacturer and supplier members were sent copies of the Standards News Bulletin. To obtain a copy, please contact RVIA’s Gatie Gore at or (703) 620-6003, ext. 348.


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Compliance Key for U.S. RV Exports to Canada

June 3, 2010 by · Comments Off on Compliance Key for U.S. RV Exports to Canada 

Earlier this year, Transport Canada focused its attention on the importation of U.S. manufactured RV products and their Canadian Importers of Record.

“The biggest hurdle being faced by many U.S. RV manufacturers is organized documentation supporting their products comply with the CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards),” says Paul Murphy, president of Inspired Solutions International (ISI), in a news release.

In order for any vehicle to be sold to the Canadian market, the manufacturer has to be able to show that the vehicle or trailer meets the standards that apply. This is also a key part of what the Importer of Record needs to have or ready access to. Quite simply, a compliance package confirms the manufacturer has a compliance program, consolidates all the testing and certification into one organized file and is validation that each model meets all the applicable standards.

“It’s not that they don’t have it,” says Murphy, “It’s that it is not always kept current and at the ready.”

“ISI has been assisting a number of RV manufacturers organize their compliance packages,” Murphy explained. “We specialize in guiding U.S. specialty vehicle and trailer manufacturers through the process. Part of my career experience has been preparing such documentation.”

Murphy’s experience comes from many years in the auto industry, including the last 10 as director of regulatory compliance at MCI, N.A.’s largest manufacturer of intercity motorcoaches. “I have a strong understanding of what Canadian and U.S. regulators are looking for.”

Many in the RV industry are feeling frustrated with what Transport Canada is asking for, but the fact is, the regulations have been in place in both the U.S. and Canada since the 1960s, Murphy noted. “All they are looking for is confirmation that the industry recognizes there are guidelines and are building high quality and safe product for Canadian Consumers.”

“The compliance package really is a useful investment and tool for manufacturers. It’s a true affirmation of how professional the operation is and the quality and care built into every unit,” said Murphy. “We’re here to help manufacturers and dealers as well.”

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