Truma Plans LevelCheck Launch for Louisville

November 22, 2013 by · Comments Off on Truma Plans LevelCheck Launch for Louisville 

Germany-based Truma Corp. is entering the North American RV market with its LevelCheck device, an indicator that shows the filling level of LP tanks. According to a press release, the LevelCheck will be introduced as part of the Dec. 3-5 Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) National RV Trade Show.

“The device uses ultrasound to establish whether there is liquid gas at the point on the tank at which it is held,” said Elden Wood, vice president of sales and marketing for the Munich-area company. When held horizontally against the gas tank, the LED status light turns green if there is LP gas at the measuring point or red if there is no LP gas. “This makes it is easy to determine how full the tank is, and with ultrasound technology, measurements are very precise and reliable,” says Wood. While the device is determining the fill level, the LED status light flashes orange; and a beep tone indicates clearly the start and end of the measuring process.

The Truma LevelCheck is suitable for all propane and butane steel or aluminum tanks with approximate diameters between 8 and 14 inches. “It is a great help when camping or enjoying outdoor activities, for example when barbecuing with LP gas,” Wood said. A practical LED flashlight is built into the device as an added benefit in low-light situations.

Dealers are welcomed and encouraged to visit Truma for more information on LevelCheck, or how to become a LevelCheck reseller, at the 51st Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky from December 3 to 5, 2013. Dealers who place an order at the show, will receive their own free LevelCheck (one per dealership please). The company will be located at booths 40-42 located in the South Wing – Hall 1, and will preview a selection of innovative products including: heating, air conditioning, maneuvering systems and the LP tank level indicator LevelCheck.

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Truma to Launch RV Fuel Cell at Caravan Salon

August 24, 2012 by · Comments Off on Truma to Launch RV Fuel Cell at Caravan Salon 

Truma fuel cell system

European RV supplier Truma is launching its VeGA fuel cell system at the Caravan Salon 2012 show in Düsseldorf, Germany, set to run Saturday (Aug. 25) to Sept. 2.

Fuel Cell Today reported that the VeGA fuel cell system guarantees a permanent, self-sufficient power supply completely independent of electricity. It runs on liquid gas (propane and/or butane), both readily available and inexpensive.

“We have tested the system intensively for several years and have carried out extensive field tests with around 200 devices both internally and also in cooperation with end customers and vehicle manufacturers,” explains Andreas Schiegl, head of the fuel cell system product center at Truma. “Also, TÜV Süd has tested and certified the product and the entire manufacturing process.”

The VeGA keeps the battery charged to cover the auxiliary power demand on the vehicle – sufficient to have several appliances such as a TV, fridge, lights or heater operating simultaneously. A standard 11 kilogram gas cylinder is sufficient for the fuel cell to produce 28 kw of energy, enough for several days to weeks depending on energy consumption rate.

The fuel cell system works automatically and can run round the clock. Once the supply battery undercuts a certain charging level, the VeGA is automatically activated and charges the battery. The higher charging current and the optimized battery charging technology ensure that the charging process is short and efficient.

Once the batteries are charged, the VeGA returns to the stand-by mode. Alternatively, the fuel cell system can also be operated manually. A color touch screen displays all the relevant data, such as operating mode, battery voltage, charging current or service intervals.

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