Saskatchewan-Based Dealer is Opening RV Mall

August 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on Saskatchewan-Based Dealer is Opening RV Mall 

TRX RV and Truck Camper in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will be moving to a new spot in the city of Martensville, opening the 15-acre Oaks Centre RV Mall.

“We’re planning to start with four businesses in a mall concept,” said Tom Oakes, owner of TRX RV, noting the RV mall is expected to open at the turn of the new year.

According to a report by CJME Radio, there will be a 23,000-square-foot indoor campground that will allow people to see the trailers and motohomes on display in the way that they would be used. There will also be a set of camp sites outside that will be for the use of customers who are picking up a unit and want to try it out overnight for no charge.

“It’s kind of a free gratis, as a payback to our customers,” Oakes said.

The construction is underway at the new Northlands Business park between Highway 12 and Centennial Drive North, considered to be one of the busiest highways in the province.

Oakes said they have secured 34 acres in total and the businesses will be outdoor oriented, including RVs, boat dealers, snowmobiles, quads and other recreational products.

They will also be “parceling” off pieces of land from three quarters of an acre and up. “It’s going to bring trade dollars, there’s no doubt about it. People that come in to buy or service will be doing other shopping there at the same time as with us,” Oakes said.

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Saskatchewan RV Dealer Lobbies to ‘Buy Now’

April 7, 2010 by · Comments Off on Saskatchewan RV Dealer Lobbies to ‘Buy Now’ 

TRXRV-17ae3d5Now might be the best time to buy a new trailer or fifth-wheel, says Tom Oakes, owner of TRX RV in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“Dealers can afford to be probably a little more negotiable right now on a unit and still replace that unit for that rush in June,” Oakes told CJME Radio, Regina. “If people come in a little later on, I don’t have that flexibility, nor do my peers.”

Oakes describes the busy season as a pyramid, saying sales pick up in May, hit a peak in June, and gradually slow down in July. He’s hoping for better things this summer because the recession has taken a bit of a toll on business.

“Not gangbusters like it was a couple years ago, but also still strong enough that we can compare ourselves favouably to other regions of North America,” Oakes says.

TRX usually makes a lot of deals with customers in Alberta. But Oakes says it’s slowed down in the past year with lower incomes in that province.

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