Ultra-Fab Tongue Jack Top In Independent Test

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Ultra Fab testingWhen an RV owner purchases an aftermarket accessory he or she has the right to expect that product to perform safely and reliably for many years. Ultra-Fab Products Inc. announced that its electric tongue jacks came out on top in independent lab tests by Progressive Engineering.

Continuous testing and benchmarking of electric tongue is an everyday experience at Ultra-Fab, and Ultra-Fab test results demonstrate a ‘best in class’ for cycles completed before fatigue, according to Craig Searer, president of  Ultra-Fab, based in Elkhart, Ind.

Searer said in a written announcement, “Ultra Fab has historically tested its products but with no consistencies to test methods and very little cycle testing due to lack of industry standards. Ultra-Fab has set its own standards.”

Ultra-Fab conducts tests internally on its own test bench as well as independent test labs. Ultra-Fab’s independent labs include Progressive Engineering Inc. in Goshen.

David Busch, vice president of operations of Ultra-Fab, explained, “Ultra-Fab wanted to build customer confidence and reduce warranty costs. The added benefit is to make products safer, especially electric tongue jacks.”

In 2007 Ultra-Fab implemented a database to start gathering historical data on defects. By 2010 a standardized system was implemented to define defects across all of Ultra-Fab product lines.

Busch said, “Cycle testing has confirmed the useful life of products such as electric tongue jacks. Through the process of cycle testing we have been able to identify component parts that fail due to fatigue. The products have been redesigned with new improved component parts that extend the useful life of the products. These independent test labs are used to confirm our internal test results, especially when benchmarking against competitor products.

As a result of the testing, Ultra-Fab has been able to reduce overall warranty from 1.7% of sales in 2010 to 0.70% in 2014, the company said.

For tongue jacks, test results represent the number of cycles, extending and retracting, the jack performs prior to failure.

The most recent test result for the Ultra 4000 Electric Tongue Jack (Mfg. Number: 38-944014) with the grease zerk fitting was 32,577 cycles. Comparing this result with five competitors, it clearly proves that Ultra-Fab’s tongue jack is significantly more reliable and will provide the end-user with many more years of trouble-free service.

The closest competitor, “Competitor one’s” 4.5k tongue jack with 3,757 cycles before failure, is only 12% as reliable as Ultra-Fab’s jack with 32,577 cycles, according to the results provided by Ultra-Fab.

Searer said, “We want consumers to know that when they purchase an Ultra-Fab product, they are buying a product that has been tested for quality, reliability, safety and durability.”

Ultra-Fab’s Electric Tongue Jacks are available through Arrow Distributing, Coast Distribution, Keystone Automotive, NTP and StagParkway.

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Ultra-Fab Debuts All-New Electric Tongue Jacks

October 18, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

New Ultra-Fab electric tongue jacks

Ultra-Fab Products Inc. continues its cutting-edge engineering for electric tongue jacks with the introduction of Zerk technology (patent pending) that dramatically increases the life of the jack by 5-times over competitive products.

“As the industry evolves and travel trailers become larger and heavier with slide-outs now the norm on most, RVers need a reliable, long-lasting tongue jack that will withstand the rigors of the camping lifestyle-and with Ultra-Fab’s new innovative tongue jacks with Zerk technology making it the strongest and most reliable tongue Jack consumers can buy,” said Craig Searer, Ultra-Fab’s president, in a press release. “We’ve conducted side-by-side cycle bench testing between our tongue jacks and all of our major competitors products, and our jacks continually perform long after the competitors products failed. Now, with the addition of the Zerk feature where the RVers can lubricate the threaded rod that raises and lowers the trailer, the test results show that Ultra-Fab’s tongue jacks last a minimum of  five times longer than any competitors’ products.

Searer explained that the Zerk technology is essentially a valve that opens under pressure to allow lubricant to pass through a channel and be forced into the voids of the threaded rod. Grease fittings are permanently installed by a threaded connection, leaving a nipple connection that a grease gun attaches to. The pressure supplied by the grease gun forces a small captive bearing ball in the fitting to move back against the force of its retaining spring. When the pressure ceases, the ball returns to its closed position. The ball excludes dirt and functions as a check valve to prevent grease escaping back out of the fitting.

The new Zerk technology is available on the following Ultra-Fab tongue jacks:

* Ultra 4000 Electric Tongue Jack (Mfg. Number: 38-944014).

* Ultra 4002 Electric Tongue Jack (Mfg. Number: 38-944016).

* Ultra 3502 Electric Tongue Jack (Mfg. Number: 38-944017).

* Ultra 3502-7 Electric Tongue Jack with 7-Way Plug (Mfg. Number: 38-944037).

Other features include:

* Jacks feature 3.500 to 4,000 lbs. of lifting power.

* 18 inches of travel; Travels 10 inches in 40 to 50 seconds.

* Water resistant motor and gear housing.

* Hardened steel gears.

* LED light projects light in four directions (38-944014 & 38-944016).

* Emergency crank socket included.

* 6-inch diameter quick-drop footpad has 5.5” of extension.( 38-944014 & 38-944016)

* Black wrinkle powder coat finish.

* 12-volt operation.

* Heavy duty electrical/connector terminals.

* Durable Acme threaded rod.

* 25-amp circuit breaker.

* External grounding.

* Power supply line is 7 feet of 10-gauge wire.

* Positive and negative wires for secure connection (38-944017 doesn’t have two wires).

Ultra-Fab’s Ultra Electric Tongue Jacks are available through Arrow Distributing, Coast Distribution, Keystone Automotive, NTP and StagParkway. For more information click here.

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Ultra-Fab Tongue Jack Offers 7-Way Power Plug

January 11, 2013 by · Comments Off on Ultra-Fab Tongue Jack Offers 7-Way Power Plug 

New Ultra-Fab tongue jack

Elkhart, Ind.-based Ultra-Fab Products Inc. has added the Ultra 3502-7 electric tongue jack with a seven-way power plug to its lineup of electric tongue jacks.

According to a press release, the Ultra 3502-7 features over 3,500 pounds of tongue lifting power using hardened steel gears making it one of the strongest tongue jacks on the market.

Designed for trailers with no on-board battery, the 7-way power plug draws power from the tow vehicle, eliminating the drudgery of hand cranking. The Ultra 3502-7 has 18-inches of lift also features Ultra-Fab’s exclusive Site-Lites that provides illumination for an after-dark set up.

Other features include:

• 3502-7 model fits 2-inch and 2.25-inch mounting holes.

• Emergency crank socket included.

• Durable Acme threaded rod.

• Water resistant motor and gear housing.

• 20A circuit breaker.

• Quiet operation.

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Ultra-Fab Products Donating to Hall ‘Challenge’

October 8, 2012 by · Comments Off on Ultra-Fab Products Donating to Hall ‘Challenge’ 

Ultra-Fab President Craig Searer

Elkhart, Ind.-based Ultra-Fab Products Inc. has donated $2,500 to the RV/MH Heritage Foundation Inc.’s “Burn the Bank Note” Challenge campaign, the latest drive by the RV/MH Hall of Fame to pay off its bank loan to 1st Source Bank by April 30, 2013.

“We believe as responsible citizens of the RV industry and Elkhart area we have an obligation to support charitable causes which contribute the prestige of the industry and the community,” Ultra-Fab President Craig Searer said in a press release.” I cannot think of a more worthy cause than the RV/MH Hall of Fame. As suppliers of products to the RV and other industries, we have enjoyed much success, and this is our way of giving back to the industry that has been so good to us.”

The “Burn the Bank Note” challenge is a result of the Robert “Boots” Ingram family’s offer of a $50,000 challenge grant for the purpose of paying off the Hall’s note to 1st Source Bank – provided friends of the Hall can raise $150,000 in voluntary contributions by April 30, 2013. At that time the bank note through normal payments will be down to $201,000.

This new challenge follows the recent “Ingram Family $100,000 Challenge,” where the Hall raised more that $171,000, and with the Ingram’s $100,000 grant was able to substantially lower its bank loan.

At the beginning of the $100,000 challenge, the bank balance was $828,000. That was reduced by the end of August to $283,113. This total of $544,887 was the sum of the $271,000 plus $273,887 that came from the regular payments plus additional cash flow from other pledges already in existence.

Searer challenged other companies and individuals that have enjoyed success in the RV and manufactured housing industries to follow Ultra-Fab’s example and contribute what they can afford to help the Hall meet this latest challenge.

Tax-deductible gifts may be made by mail, in person at the Hall, by phone at (800) 378-8694, or through the Hall’s web site:

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Ultra-Fab’s Chock & Lock Keeps RV Stabilized

July 10, 2012 by · Comments Off on Ultra-Fab’s Chock & Lock Keeps RV Stabilized 

Ultra-Fab Chock & Lock manual stablizers

Elkhart, Ind.-based Ultra-Fab Products Inc. has introduced its Chock & Lock series of manual stabilizers designed to eliminate the front-to-back rocking motion when the RV is stationary, according to a press release.

Available in one- or two-pack sets, the Chock & Lock anchors the opposing wheels of tandem axle trailers and fifth-wheels. When engaged, the trailer wheels actually work against each other to arrest any created motion regardless of ground surface or slope.

Built with all-steel construction and corrosion-resistant zinc plating, the Chock & Lock installs in seconds with its easy-to-use lever, collapsing to just 1.5 inches and expanding to 5 inches. For larger tire spacing, Ultra-Fab recommends its Ultra Chock & Lock XL. It has all the advanced features of the deluxe model but this jumbo model collapses to 4.25 inches and expands to 10 inches.

To minimize theft, the Chock & Lock can also be locked with a padlock (not included).


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Ultra-Fab’s 30-inch Scissor Jacks Offer Stability

June 21, 2012 by · Comments Off on Ultra-Fab’s 30-inch Scissor Jacks Offer Stability 

Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks

Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier Ultra-Fab Products Inc. has introduced the Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks, designed to add stability to travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and horse and cargo trailers.

According to a press release, the scissor jacks install easily by welding or bolting to the RV frame with 3-inch by 10-inch multi-hole mounting plates. The jacks are ruggedly constructed and feature a black powder coat finish that resists rust. A strong worm gear jacking mechanism eliminates slipping and the 5-inch by 9-inch footpads help combat sinking and tilting.

Once installed, the Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks are easy to operate. By using the hand crank that is included in the Twin-Pack, simply crank the jacks down until they are firm against the surface. And since they extend from 4 3/4 inches to 30-inches, the scissor jacks will offer stability even if the campsite is not level.

One of the unique features of Ultra-Fab’s scissor jacks is the use of a thread and nut at each end that work together when lowering or raising the unit. The company said the design allow RVers to move the jacks up or down 20% faster than other brands.

If RVers want to eliminate hand cracking, an Ultra Speed Socket scissor jack drill accessory is available. The 30-inch Scissor Jack also comes in a single pack but that does not include the hand crank.

The Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks are available through Arrow Distributing, Keystone Automotive, Stagparkway, NTP, Bell and Northern.

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Ultra-Fab’s Packaging Ups Dealers’ Profits

May 31, 2012 by · Comments Off on Ultra-Fab’s Packaging Ups Dealers’ Profits 

Ultra-Fab display

Editor’s Note: The following news release was issued by Ultra-Fab Products Inc., based in Elkhart, Ind.

Gone are the days when RV dealers’ parts and accessory stores were dingy areas in poorly lighted corners of the dealership and the products displayed in dusty open boxes or stacked in racks.

Today’s professional store managers have learned valuable lessons by observing top mass merchandizing experts such as Cabella’s, Bass Pro and Gander Mountain. Working with their distributors, these store managers have created attractive stores where the buying public can shop in comfort while easily finding the parts and accessories they need to enhance their RVing experience.

Ultra-Fab Products Inc. (UF) has become an invaluable and visionary partner for store managers as they pass through this evolution by creating four-color merchandising packaging that not only makes their parts and accessory stores more attractive, but also presents to the consumer a total selling package.

Brian Allred, Ultra-Fab’s vice president of sales and marketing, points to UF’s line of manual tongue jacks as an example. He said, “I’ve visited hundreds of dealerships and parts and accessory stores and continue to be amazed how many stores still display other suppliers’ manual tongue jacks in stacks where they can become scratched or damaged. It’s like stepping back in time 20 years.”

Experience has taught Allred that UF’s aftermarket packaging increases store profits and that’s the message he takes to dealership and aftermarket store managers from coast to coast.

Up Selling

UF’s packaging not only tells a complete story of the product inside the box, but also presents related products that might appeal to the customer who purchases the product. This up selling message is designed to increase sales during the purchase or bring them back to the store to buy additional products later.

“Our line of manual tongue jacks is just one of many of our products we offer in aftermarket packaging,” Allred said. “Store managers can stock Ultra-Fab’s products through one of the following distributors: Arrow Distributing, Keystone Automotive, Stagparkway, NTP, Bell and Northern.”

About Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab Products is a privately held, family-owned business that has been serving RVers and RV manufacturers for more than 60 years. With nearly 150 different products, Ultra-Fab is one of the industry’s most prolific suppliers of OEM and aftermarket products.

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