Ill. City Offering Incentives to US Adventure RV

January 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on Ill. City Offering Incentives to US Adventure RV 

Economic Development Director Chris Aiston unveiled to the St. Charles, Ill., City Council Planning and Development Committee a proposed $250,000 incentives package to lure an Iowa-based RV dealer from nearby Joliet, generating $45 million in sales over the first five years. reported that during that same period, US Adventure RV expects to create 21 jobs with an estimated payroll of $3.5 million. Aiston said the new business also is projected to create eight more indirect or induced jobs with a payroll of $900,000, generating more revenue for city coffers in the process.

The dealer is looking at sharing a building with the Fox River Harley-Davidson, which has about 8,000 square feet of underused space available.

US Adventure RV President John Dresselhaus told aldermen that his company, headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, has a satellite facility in Joliet, which operates primarily as a service center to the company’s clients, who come from all over the United States. While US Adventure RVs sells and rents all manner of RVs, from pop-up trailers to motorhomes, its specialty is Airstreams, considered by many to be the Cadillac of the RV world. If it moves its Joliet service center to St. Charles, it would open it as a dealership point, an option it does not on the site it leases in Joliet, which is considerably smaller than the St. Charles site.

The company not only is looking for larger quarters, it’s looking for an area that is better-suited for selling high-end RVs and campers, Aiston told the aldermen, and Dresselhaus said the more affluent western and northwest suburbs likely would be the better location.

But a move is costly — Dresselhaus has told the city he expects his relocation costs to amount to $590,000, and has asked the city for a break on the 1% municipal sales tax — not the city’s home rule sales tax — to help him recoup a portion of the cost.

Under the proposed incentive package — aldermen voted 6-0 to direct the city staff to draw up a formal agreement — the city would reimburse US Adventure RV a portion of the sales tax it collects for up to six years until the $250,000 is reached.

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Iowa RV Dealer Seeks Tax Break for Move to Ill.

January 15, 2013 by · Comments Off on Iowa RV Dealer Seeks Tax Break for Move to Ill. 

An Iowa-based RV dealer is asking for a tax break should it relocate to St. Charles, Ill.

According to a report by the Kane County Chronicle, Economic Development Director Chris Aiston on Monday (Jan. 14) told the Planning and Development Committee it would be great to have a business such as US Adventure RV in the city. In addition to generating business and bolstering existing businesses, he said, the RV company would make use of an underused building.

“This is our shot at it now,” Aiston said.

US Adventure RV, currently based in Davenport, Iowa, is considering leasing about 8,000 square feet of the Fox River Harley-Davidson building in St. Charles. It operates a satellite location in Joliet, and moving to St. Charles would bring the company closer to its customers in the northwest suburbs, company President John Dresselhaus said.

Moving costs are estimated at $590,000. US Adventure RV has asked St. Charles to reimburse a portion of anticipated sales tax revenues not to exceed $250,000 or for a period of six years, whichever happens first.

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