UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales

August 22, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales 

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.34.17 AMUVS Junction LLC announced in a press release that one of its clients shared “an amazing testimonial” about its cutting-edge UVSLive — an on-demand live-streaming demo tool that invites prospects from all over the country to “walk through inventory” with the dealer as if they were on the lot.

Florida-based UVS Junction reported that UVSLive, a mobile app, is available in both iOS and Google Play stores. Typically, explained UVS Director Angie Celucci, the dealer gets a call from a potential customer and their prospect goes to a page on the dealer’s site, fills out a form and in seconds sees everything the dealer sees through live streaming video. Customers ask questions and dealers answer them in real time.

For example, Cellucci added, a dealer client in a weekly call said that he had a prospect that couldn’t get to the dealership’s lot. The dealer had the UVSLive mobile app loaded in his cell phone but was always “a bit scared” to use it, but knew if there ever was a time that this was it. So, he opened the app and, according to Celucci, the potential buyer was able to see everything live while asking questions. A “cool example” of a consumer question was “how deep is the pantry,” and, right there, the UVS dealer-client was able to put his arm into the panty and show the customer. “He walked through every inch with the potential buyer, who purchased the RV without ever meeting the dealer,” said Celluci.

“Our client shared that his sales team never wanted to have a part of UVSLive and never understood the value of it. But the dealer said that things are certainly different around his dealership now that they walked away with over $2,000 in commission. My client pulled his phone out of his pocket and sold an $80,000 trailer and never met his customer.”

UVS Junction is now offering this tool industry wide, according to the company. To learn more about UVSConnect click here.

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UVS Rolls Out New Flyer Builder For All Clients

February 7, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVS Rolls Out New Flyer Builder For All Clients 

UVS Junction LLC, a software company serving hundreds of RV dealers, announced a new software update allowing clients to make flyers and plans to offer online training today (Feb. 7).

According to a press release, “As always we continue to listen to the needs of our website clients and deliver what they ask for. Having an internal tool to build flyers ‘on the fly’ was important so we ran with it. When building the tool, we first penciled through all the ‘what ifs’ and designed this for every level user. We felt it was highly important to not limit the platform with ‘as-is’ templates. We jump started the tool with eight ready-to-go (easily edited) templates and will continue to deliver one new template every week. Templates are seasonal and are loaded with coupons, backgrounds and are easy to build in minutes. In addition we have a blank to start from scratch for those that want to be extra creative.”

“The flyer builder follows the same logic as the UVS Grid Builder drag-and-drop software. When using a readymade flyer, the user loads in the inventory stock number and the software does it all for them. It will automatically pull in the image, pricing and description because it “talks to their UVS console” where their inventory lives, and then it can easily get edited with what UVS calls a simple-to-use editing tool. Next just select from media assets and drop in a call-to-action overlay. It’s that easy.”

For UVS clients that are Stag-Parkway eCommerce clients, UVS included a parts widget. If creating a parts flyer, or a flyer that includes parts, they would simply need to drag in the widget and plug in the part number. Just like the inventory widget, the flyer will populate the flyer with all the information from their Stag-Parkway eCommerce store. Hit the edit key and change the content, pricing, etc. If not an eCommerce client they can still create flyers that include parts with a custom widget box.

All UVS clients now have a media folder called flyer assets. That includes coupons, star bursts, backgrounds, QR code tools, and graphics to allow clients to all have one-of-a-kind creative flyers.

When a flyer is completed the builder then creates a PDF that can be saved anywhere. The PDF is now ready to print in house, professionally or attached to an email or website. Flyers can be one page, two sided, multiple pages or half a page.

UVS continues to offer webinars to both our clients and the industry. This tool is included in their monthly service with unlimited use.

UVS will hold a training webinar today (Feb. 7). It’s a quick 30-minute walk through, showing the features of the new product. To REGISTER for today’s webinar being held at 3 p.m. EST click here.

To see a quick Flyer Builder demo video, click here.

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UVS Creates Targeted Search With Icon Series

August 22, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Creates Targeted Search With Icon Series 

The UVS Junction LLC development team has created targeted search options for its software, according to a press release.

“When we installed our Heat Map software, we learned so much,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “We were able to profile web visitors and learn their behavior. With that it was clear that globally we saw voids in behavior. We also were able to capture hot spots. We immediately took action to give our clients the best tools ever based on results.”

UVS Junction determined that consumers were clicking consistently on specialty options versus keying on specific manufacturers. In response, UVS Junction’s software now offers dealers “targeted icons.”

“The beauty of how we built this is that one piece of inventory can have multiple options,” Cellucci said. “Let’s just say one unit is a bunkhouse with rear living, a bath and a half, includes an outside kitchen and is a luxury trailer that is five years old. With a simple click our clients can now attach one piece of inventory to multiple categories.”

She added, “Our icons are exclusive to UVS and we’ve already created two complete sets.”

To view an example of UVS Junction’s targeted icons clikc here.


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UVS Junction Rolls Out ‘Pool to Rule’ Network

April 4, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Rolls Out ‘Pool to Rule’ Network 

UVS Junction LLC has released the first RV dealer marketing network in the industry called “Pool to Rule.” According to a press release, the network allows RV dealers to claim their 50-mile radius, securing their manufacturers and brands.

“Network dollars get pooled and then reinvested back into the most powerful digital marketing campaign in the industry,” said UVS Director Angie Celucci. “Display ads, keyword ads and re-marketing will bring consumers to this smart site. Once the consumer clicks onto the inventory of choice, the RV dealer that is closest to the web visitor, based on zip code logic, will receive the lead exclusively.”

Celucci noted that UVS saw the need for this type of marketing through continued requests from its client base.

“Dealers need a way to pool funding together and become front runners on the web,” she said. “We knew we needed to deliver a smart site and we put it on our development table and built it.”

The smart site looks at the zip code of the web visitor and searches the data base of dealers. It pins lead delivery to the rightful territory and then right down to the brand, Celucci reported, adding, “There are lots of layers we put into place to allow this program to be different than any other.”

Territories will only be sold to RV dealers with proof of location address for each location. “A dealer can’t just snap up any territory they want to lock another guy out,” said Celucci. “This is fair and square marketing that will deliver leads based on ownership. The site is owned by the dealers – their territory, their manufacturers, their brands, their leads. We simply gave them the tools to dominate the web.”

“Pool to Rule” was opened to UVS clients first. For those UVS clients that don’t claim their territory by the end of business April 4, the territory will be open for grabs.

“The immediate success of this program is amazing,” said Celucci. “Within minutes of launching to our existing client base we exceeded a $20,000 monthly purse as a result of less than a dozen dealers claiming their territory.

Through the month of April territories will continue to get claimed. May 1 is when the site will be unveiled and launched ready to deliver leads.

For more information and to sign up and claim your territory, visit or call Celucci at (407) 359-8878.

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Moore to Spearhead UVS Business Development

March 7, 2012 by · Comments Off on Moore to Spearhead UVS Business Development 

UVS Junction LLC has named Mike Moore as director of business development, according to a press release.

Moore, a 13-year software/technology veteran, will oversee the UVS global client base, eCommerce solutions, new client implementation, training platforms and the connectivity solutions for RV, marine and automotive dealers worldwide.

“Mike is a get-it-done guy with extensive experience in business development,” said Angie Celucci, director of UVS Junction “Most importantly, he knows our industry inside and out.”

Celluci reported that UVS Junction is also in the process of moving into a much larger office to help educate clients. “Having a training facility to accommodate up to 25 people at a time is an important step for us here at UVS,” she said. “On average up to five dealership teams per calendar month travel to our Florida office for a two day training. We’ve outgrown our office.

“Continued trainings have allowed us to develop a much more refined education platform and we are excited to have a classroom setting with a 25 desk computer lab to train our clients with everything from lead management to photoshop skills.”



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ARI Teams With UVS Junction on FootSteps Tool

January 12, 2012 by · Comments Off on ARI Teams With UVS Junction on FootSteps Tool 

ARI Network Services Inc., a provider of the lead management tool FootSteps, today (Jan. 12) announced that the company has signed a multi-year reseller agreement with UVS Junction LLC.

According to a press release, under the terms of this agreement, ARI and UVS will integrate their products and UVS will resell FootSteps Essentials and Professional to its current and future customers.

“The integration of FootSteps with our website platform provides our dealers with a powerful one-two punch,” said Angie Cellucci, founder and director of UVS Junction. “UVS sites help dealers generate qualified sales opportunities, and FootSteps helps dealers nurture these opportunities and convert more leads into sales. The word ‘Junction’ in our corporate name means ‘to connect. After an extensive search for a company that would help us provide the perfect connection, we made the decision to team up with ARI. We are excited to launch this new relationship and bring FootSteps to our customers and to the RV community at large.”

“In the complex world of eCommerce, dealers will benefit from an end-to-end solution that meets their eCommerce, lead management and end-user experience needs,” said Roy W. Oliver, president and CEO at ARI. “ARI is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with UVS. Our lead management expertise combined with UVS’ Web platform delivers a superior solution for our mutual prospects and customers.”

“At ARI, we are committed to identifying and collaborating with other providers to deliver integrated solutions that help dealers profitably grow their business,” added Jon Lintvet, chief marketing officer and vice president of product at ARI. “UVS was looking for a new lead management solution to replace its current offering and best support its customers’ growing business needs.

“FootSteps provides UVS and its customers with a proven solution, already in use by many of the most respected names in the RV industry, and one that uniquely supports the RV industry and UVS’ customers ‘off the shelf,’” he added.

Lintvet said FootSteps Essentials helps dealers convert more opportunities into sales by automating a consistent lead nurturing and communication strategy and efficiently managing the sales process. FootSteps Professional is a more feature-rich version of the award-winning solution primarily designed to support the more expansive needs of dealers with multiple locations, many users, and multiple user roles.

Dealers attending the 2012 Stag-Parkway distributor show, Jan. 16 to 18, at the Mirage in Las Vegas, will have the opportunity to meet with UVS (Booth 918) and Bob McCann, director of education at ARI. McCann will share his ‘tips from the trenches’ with attendees that will help them save time, get the most out of their FootSteps integration, help grow their business, and forge ahead of the competition.

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