UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales

August 22, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales 

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.34.17 AMUVS Junction LLC announced in a press release that one of its clients shared “an amazing testimonial” about its cutting-edge UVSLive — an on-demand live-streaming demo tool that invites prospects from all over the country to “walk through inventory” with the dealer as if they were on the lot.

Florida-based UVS Junction reported that UVSLive, a mobile app, is available in both iOS and Google Play stores. Typically, explained UVS Director Angie Celucci, the dealer gets a call from a potential customer and their prospect goes to a page on the dealer’s site, fills out a form and in seconds sees everything the dealer sees through live streaming video. Customers ask questions and dealers answer them in real time.

For example, Cellucci added, a dealer client in a weekly call said that he had a prospect that couldn’t get to the dealership’s lot. The dealer had the UVSLive mobile app loaded in his cell phone but was always “a bit scared” to use it, but knew if there ever was a time that this was it. So, he opened the app and, according to Celucci, the potential buyer was able to see everything live while asking questions. A “cool example” of a consumer question was “how deep is the pantry,” and, right there, the UVS dealer-client was able to put his arm into the panty and show the customer. “He walked through every inch with the potential buyer, who purchased the RV without ever meeting the dealer,” said Celluci.

“Our client shared that his sales team never wanted to have a part of UVSLive and never understood the value of it. But the dealer said that things are certainly different around his dealership now that they walked away with over $2,000 in commission. My client pulled his phone out of his pocket and sold an $80,000 trailer and never met his customer.”

UVS Junction is now offering this tool industry wide, according to the company. To learn more about UVSConnect click here.

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UVS Junction Offers Upgrade to ‘UVSAssist’ Tool

March 25, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Offers Upgrade to ‘UVSAssist’ Tool 

UVS Junction announced that its third-party integration tool, UVSAssist, has been rewritten to allow for more streamlined, user-friendly postings.

“Due to continued demand, we’ve rewritten our UVSAssist software,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “We also put together an on-site team for continued live support and management of this tool. Now that we’ve expanded to nearly 5,000 square feet of office space we certainly have the room for this welcomed growth.”

UVSAssist is a third-party inventory assistance and management tool that posts to a dealer’s market of choice. Cellucci said UVSAssist is also a YouTube automation tool that stitches inventory photos together, embeds logos or seasonal image of choice and a phone number on the video with a detailed SEO friendly description of the unit.  UVSAssist includes an eBay automation tool that connects to the eBay Motor Store.

“UVS Junction currently services over 250 RV dealers with this product and we’re confident with our new easy-to-use upgraded version our numbers will increase due to the affordability of the product,” Cellucci said, noting that for UVS website clients who pay monthly, it’s included, while for non-clients the entire package is $200 monthly. “This new version replaces our current UVSAssist tool. Our goal was to make is as user friendly as possible.”

She added, “We’ve learned through our research that one will more than likely get flagged or even ghosted when posting large amounts of inventory, even when paced. There are also targeted hours of activity that will flag or ghost your listings.  We’ve written that all into our automation to keep flagging and ghosting down to the lowest levels. Our research leads to 10 daily postings as the magic number, so we’ve paced our software in your favor.”

For more information about UVS Junction click here:


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Hannmann to Drive UVS ‘Business Development’

March 19, 2014 by · Comments Off on Hannmann to Drive UVS ‘Business Development’ 

UVS Junction announced the hiring of Bill Hannmann to head up national business development. According to a press release, the position was created to continue to “educate and nurture RV dealers whether or not they are a client of UVS Junction.”

Hannmann comes to UVS with nearly 15 years of business development experience, seven of which were focused on the document management system side of the industry working with major providers.

“Since we started servicing the RV industry, we always shunned away from having a sales team,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “I believe over the past 15 years we had two attempts. In both cases it just never worked out because we never agreed with relentless pressure calls. All our clients have to come us through 20 Group invites, referral, or trade shows.

Cellucci said Hannmann’s role will be to show dealers how they can improve efficiencies through relevant content, page layout and inventory details. “Bill’s role is to educate dealers and show them tools that will keep them front runners,” she said. “We don’t consider Bill a salesman. Salesmen work on commission, but Bill does not. He’s part of our committed team and his role is to educate, following the same path that we have traveled since we started servicing the industry back in 1999.”

Cellucci also noted that UVS Junction recently expanded its corporate office to nearly 5,000 square feet. “Our new office has allowed us to spread our wings and continue to do it all for our clients,” she said. “That’s what makes our dealers successful – more room for data entry and graphics team members. Data entry and graphics are now such an important part of our service and most importantly an important part of our clients website success.”

To learn more about UVS Junction click here


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‘UVS Junction’ is Partnering With ProResponse

March 17, 2014 by · Comments Off on ‘UVS Junction’ is Partnering With ProResponse 

UVS Junction announced it has partnered with ProResponse, a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs for RV dealers.

According to a press release, the partnership will allow shared customers the ability to access the ProResponse product within their UVS console.

“David Goodison and I go back well over a decade,” said Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction. “Over the years we’ve always crossed paths during show time and have shared customers. We both knew it was time to put our heads together.”

With the ProResponse portal in the UVS dashboard, CRM is just a click away, Cellucci said, noting, “Now our UVS clients can easily follow up every Internet lead, phone up and floor prospect.”

Some of the ProResponse features are:

• Ability to follow up sold customers for eight years.

• Data mining.

• Target marketing.

• Simple e-mail campaigns.

• Real-time reporting to keep managers up on every prospect.

In addition, UVS Junction reported that Scotts Motor Coach, Haydocy Airstream and Arbogast RVs had joined its family of dealers while Coachlight RV and Florida Outdoors returned as customers.

“It’s an honor to earn their business again and service these fine RV Dealers,” Cellucci said.

For more information visit


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UVS Junction Partnering with RV Education 101

February 19, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Partnering with RV Education 101 

UVS Junction announced that it has partnered with RV Education 101, offering the company’s training program and educational videos within its console video playlist.

“Over the years our play list has grown and we currently have hundreds archived dating back to manufacturer brands in 2000,”  said UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “Our dealers simply need to open their library and publish on demand video anywhere on their site.  Our archives give our clients the opportunity to publish video even on their pre-owned inventory providing we have it in our library.  Having this new playlist from Dawn and Mark Polk is a powerful addition to our library and we’re so excited to announce it.

RV Education 101 founder Mark Polk noted, “In an effort to continue improving RV safety awareness and RV consumer education, we teamed with UVS Junction to provide RV dealers with easy access to our consumer-driven video training program. Video is the consumer’s choice venue for learning about their RV and this partnership with UVS will assist RV dealers in providing free quality how-to video content to their customers. It’s the perfect training portal for RV dealers to offer additional training to their customers on how to use and maintain their RV to include product training associated with RV use and fun.”

Dawn Polk, co-owner, added, “Since 1999, RV Education 101’s full line of training video and DVD series, has helped tens of thousands of RV consumers learn how to properly operate and maintain their RVs. Mark delivers the video content in an easy to understand style that makes sense to the end user. Our professional free educational videos from a recognized RV authority will give consumers a reason to come back to a dealer website. A satisfied and educated RV owner will stay actively and safely involved in the RV lifestyle, not to mention loyal to the dealer that provided them with the knowledge.”

UVS clients who are also Stag-Parkway eCommerce clients, will have access to the library on their online stores.  “This means that Stag Parkway eCommerce owners can now add any of these videos to any eCommerce page in an effort to continue educating consumers,” said Cellucci.

“On average, UVS Junction supports roughly 80,000 to 90,0000 hours of viewed video per calendar month for our client base,” she explained. “If you do the math, the numbers are mind blowing as the average video run time is between 1 and 7 minutes.  Consumer are hungry to learn and video brings a sense of comfort to them.  Now adding The RV Education 101 library to playlist only makes things so much better.”

To learn more about UVS Junction, visit


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UVS Debuts New Mobile App for ‘NADA Guides’

January 7, 2014 by · Comments Off on UVS Debuts New Mobile App for ‘NADA Guides’ 

UVS Junction has released its newest mobile app, UVSNADA, which brings NADA Guides “to the next level,” according to a press release. The app is now available for download in both Android and IOS stores.

“We were going to bill the service monthly, but after careful review, we saw the value and made a choice to pick up the tab for our clients,” said Director Angie Cellucci, noting that UVS announced a partnership with NADA Guides last September. “All clients have access when logged into their UVS console and most importantly their calls are unlimited.

“Unlimited calls to NADA through our console tool has been a powerful asset to our RV website clients. We’ve styled it in such a seamless and user-friendly way and even included options to select which of the three prices you would want to print. We even included a mileage option for motorized.”

All UVS clients receive a dealer ID number, which will access the tool. “I knew this would be an asset, but I didn’t realize how fast our clients would want to get going,” Cellucci said. “Once the app is downloaded and the code is loaded, they’re good to go.”

Other apps developed by UVS Junction in 2013 include:

• UVSLive invites clients to stream live video walk-through presentations right from their mobile or tablet.  The prospect sees the video in real time right from their computer.

• UVSAdmin was released in November and gives clients the ease of taking inventory photos from their mobile device or tablet. They then select the images from their camera roll and load them directly to their website.

To learn more about UVSNADA and see a walk-through video, click here.

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UVS Adding ‘Business-to-Business Service Map’

November 27, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Adding ‘Business-to-Business Service Map’ 


UVS Junction LLC announced that clients now have access to a business-to-business service map. According to a press release, the company currently services over 270 RV dealers across the country.

“The power of our strong client base is reflected in these internal tools and it makes sense to network our clients with this level of connectivity,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “The map allows our clients to search all 270-plus locations by keywords or manufacturer and find the closes dealer regarding their service or parts inquiry. Dealers can now pass on business or even locate hard to find parts within the UVS customer base. It’s just another great addition to our website back end tools.”

The service map is the latest internal tool UVS provides for client use, including an RV Finder installed last month. Cellucci said the RV Finder gives clients the opportunity to locate inventory that they may not have on their lot.

“Currently there are over 22,000 units to search from within the UVS client base and that’s only the available units,” Cellucci said. “If we ran a search for all inventory including on order, sold, sale pending and virtual we would tip over 100,000 units nationwide.

“Dealers search the unit and our system calculates the distance the unit would be to see if the deal is potential. The automotive industry has been doing this for years.”

To see demo video on the business-to-business service map click here

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UVS Introducing Mobile App for Posting Images

November 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Introducing Mobile App for Posting Images 

UVS Junction announced it has released UVSAdmin, the most recent addition to the company’s mobile apps. According to a press release, UVSAdmin offers the ease of posting inventory images from any smart phone directly to the dealer website.

“This application is clearly a time saver and easy to use,” said Director Angie Cellucci, noting that the app is available through both the Android and IOS stores and is free to all UVS clients. “UVS Junction is always working on time savers and inventory images have always been time consuming. With this new app the dealer doesn’t have to download images from their camera to their computer and then their website. It’s a direct hit from their mobile camera roll right to their website.”

Once the application is loaded, the dealer can select the images from the camera roll and load them. “The app also has targeted search options,” said Cellucci. “When the browser is opened, the user can see how many images are already living on that piece of inventory. Dealers can also search by stock number or keyword.”

To view a demo video click here

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UVS Junction Makes Upgrade to Mobile Version

October 18, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Makes Upgrade to Mobile Version 

UVS Junction has updated its mobile version to accommodate improvements in cellular devices. According to a press release, the new platform offers larger screens to “allow for more enjoyable viewing.”

“Whether on a cellular phone, tablet or phablet, we’ve learned that nearly 80% of visitors that click through to our client sites are visiting with some sort of mobile device,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “Overall our newly installed ‘Heat Map’ and ‘Site Stats’ show that Android averages about 77% strong compared to IOS which surprisingly measures about 17% of cellular traffic. Under 5% are using devices unknown to us.”

Because of all the new demands for mobile participation, UVS Junction has also updated client sites to now have a choice for what they want to publish as their “Default Mobile Selection.”

“They can choose between the mobile optimized version of their website or their full website built with responsive design,” Cellucci said. “Of course, once the visitor lands on their mobile site they too can select which of the two best suits their viewing by clicking from one choice to another. They can view the full site on their tablet and the mobile on the phone if they choose.”

She added, “All incoming leads stored within our clients CRM are clearly marked as mobile. It’s important to measure all inbound traffic and leads to report true ROI.”

Cellucci said that UVS built its mobile version to work in real time with client sites. This means that if a dealer brings in a horse trailer on trade, their mobile will now offer a category allowing the visitor to easily find that inventory. When the unit is sold, the category and inventory go away.

“It’s all automated,” Cellucci said. “All our mobile sites are always current and mirror the actual website including immediate updates. We also include cool features like similar inventory, video options, location maps, directions and click to call.

To learn more about the new mobile upgrade and watch our video click here.

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UVS, NADA Guides Releasing New ‘Digital Tool’

September 11, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS, NADA Guides Releasing New ‘Digital Tool’ 

UVS Junction and NADA Guides announced today (Sept. 11) the release of a new digital tool for use by all UVS website clients.

According to a press release, the NADA Guide Digital Tool is now loaded in all UVS website consoles and ready to use. It includes a mobile version  of the NADA Guides, which is exclusive to UVS Junction. The back-end tool also includes print options.

“Having this tool will keep our clients current as updates are more frequent than the book version,” said Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction.

UVS clients will have unlimited users and calls to the NADA Guide database and, providing they have an active account with UVS Junction, the mobile version will be included in the monthly service. The partnership resulted in “never before pricing for our clients,” according to Celucci.

“The idea came through our company like a train,” said Cellucci. “We knew our clients needed it.  Lenny’s team got us the data and we built it into our back end in microwave speed.  We styled it so it’s easy to use.  In less than a week it went from pencil and paper to living and functional.

“Our clients are thrilled.  It’s brining this tool to the next level of convenience,” she added. “It’s a new relationship focusing on new technology for the RV industry. This is a necessity for our clients and getting it loaded into our UVS consoles was a priority.”

Cellucci said she worked closely with Lenny Sims, vice president of operations for NADA Guides, to put together the partnerhship. “I knew the value of NADA and got with Lenny to orchestrate the new UVS Digital Tool,” she added. “It’s just another ‘thing’ for our clients to stay on top of the game.  This marriage is long overdue and it’s so exciting to work with Lenny and the NADA team.”

For more information and to watch a video, click here.

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UVS Upgrade Improves Web Tracking on Sites

July 25, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Upgrade Improves Web Tracking on Sites 

UVS Junction announced that it has enhanced its online console for dealers with a heatmap and site stats map to improve web tracking and performance.

“Having a real time heatmap installed is an amazing tool that allows our clients to click onto a tab and view actual impressions for every page on their site,” said UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “The more impressions in one area, the hotter the map. This tool paints a clear picture and helps us provide the best page layout for our clients helping them benefit by all their traffic.”

She added, “With our Grid Builder, moving modules around to key hot spots on the website is easy. Combine these tools and together they are truly cutting edge.”

In addition to the heatmaps that track every page, including custom pages, UVS also introduced a site stats map that shows real time visitors who are on your site at that moment.

“A red dot will show up on the map,” Cellucci said. “The more people the hotter the dot. You just click on the dot to pinpoint the location of where the IP is being sent from. You can also change the view to satellite for even more detailed viewing.”

Cellucci reported that the company would be “adding different levels of tracking as we grow the product, including graph and pie charts.”

For more information click here.




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New UVS Widget Offering Floorplan Directories

June 12, 2013 by · Comments Off on New UVS Widget Offering Floorplan Directories 

UVS Junction LLC announced the release of the company’s newest widget, designed to help RV dealers better update and display available floorplans on their websites.

“Floorplans are such a big part of our client requests that we knew we needed to give them multiple ways to feature their floorplans,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci.  “Most importantly, they need a way to publish floorplans whether or not the inventory is living on their lot. Our directories are all set up in seconds – just click on the plans you want.”

UVS floorplan directories offer dealers the ability to select actual inventory, virtual inventory or both. Cellucci noted, “If they select both, our database will look at their inventory first. If they have that model, it will publish their real inventory. If they sell the unit, their directory will still remain complete and pull from their virtual lot.”

The floorplan widgets offer three choices for dealers.

“Our clients can choose to publish their floorplans by manufacturer and then drill down to brand.  They can even separate manufacturer floorplans by motorized and towables,” Cellicci explained. “That’s the beauty of our widgets.  You just drag and create a new box and you’re done!  The second widget is a floorplan browser.  This tool lists all manufacturers and their brands in alphabetical order.  The last is a floorplan carousel which is simply a visual product.”

A thumbnail is also displayed along with the floorplan. When visitors click the plan it drives them to the inventory.

“It’s important to our client base to remain front runners,” she said. “Consumers are smart and they know what they want.  Having floorplan directories helps keep hard earned web traffic on our client sites and doesn’t give a visitor a reason to visit with manufacturer sites to find what they’re looking for.”

To learn more about floorplan directories and view a demo video, click here.

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UVS Junction Hires Trono to Spearhead SEO

May 17, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Hires Trono to Spearhead SEO 

UVS Junction LLC has hired Dominic Trono to oversee the web development and software firm’s in-house search engine optimization (SEO) service. According to a press release, Trono brings nearly 15 years of marketing and SEO experience.

“Over and over we receive emails from our clients asking us our spin on SEO marketing,” said Angie Cellucci, director of Winter Springs, Fla.-based UVS Junction. “They want to know if they should spend the money. Or worse, they’re spending thousands of dollars for unnecessary services. We are also faced with marketing firms asking us to do things to a client site that we clearly know are not effective.”

With Trono joining the UVS team, the company will have an expert to manage this service in-house.

“RV dealers have enough on their plate focusing on rolling metal out the door,” Cellucci said. “Our clients trust us and it’s our responsibility to look out for them. We embraced the idea and ran with it.”

Cellucci said that SEO just adds one more service to UVS Junction’s portfolio.

“This service, as is true of most of our services, will be included in our clients monthly payment,” Cellucci said. “By offering this in-house service, we will continue to keep money in the pockets of our clients.”

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UVS Junction Launching ‘RV Rental Platform’

May 15, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Launching ‘RV Rental Platform’ 

UVS Junction LLC has released its new “RV Rental Platform,” according to a press release.

“This platform is probably the most efficient available,” said Angie Cellucci, director of Winter Springs, Fla.-based UVS Junction. “We designed it to be simple by eliminating all the unnecessary layers while keeping our three-click logic in mind. I’m so pleased with our development team and the results of this program.”

Cellucci said that RV dealer clients can utilize the platform within their consoles. After logging in, dealers can view pending rental applications, process credit card payments, or view a map of all rentals scheduled or pending.

“We are often asked by our clients about various products and in all cases it’s just easier for us to build the software ourselves,” she said. “Taking action to write this software keeps our clients in control and everything is within reach once they are logged in.”

The rental platform is free to all UVS clients. To learn more and watch a video, click here.

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Stag, UVS Junction Offer E-Commerce Platform

February 20, 2013 by · Comments Off on Stag, UVS Junction Offer E-Commerce Platform 

During Stag-Parkway Inc.’s Driving Success Show in San Antonio this January, the Atlanta-based company announced a new partnership with UVS Junction, a web development software and hosting company for RV dealers.

“It is clear that the needs of RV dealers are evolving very fast and all the programming and hosting functions that progressive internet retailers and marketers demand require strategic partnering to deliver solutions that work”, said John Spaulding, senior vice president, marketing, in a press release. “For the past several years, UVS has provided web content for our dealers through their web hosting services. We came to respect their work and believe this is the perfect time to merge our operations, logistics and fulfillment capabilities with their programming and web hosting capabilities.”

Current subscribers to Stag’s bolt-on catalog are being moved over to a new platform hosted by UVS Junction. Stag said that dealers will receive the same support, service and site benefits they are accustomed to getting from STAG at the same price, and the change will be transparent.

For dealers who want a more robust and customizable e-commerce store-front solution, Stag will be offering two new subscriptions – Level II: RVlifestyles Ecommerce and Level III: RVlifestyles Total Management. Both solutions bring a million dollars worth of resources to bear in delivering a turnkey store front product for as little as $4.93 a day. Stag will provide the content and logistics support and UVS will provide the web hosting and technology to support a dealer’s online store.

According to Stag, Level II and III will provide dealers with complete editing control. Dealers will be able to change copy, images and layout. They will also have complete control over online pricing and the ability to ship from their own inventory. These enhanced subscription packages allow the dealer to add web pages, post newsletters, issue certificates and coupons.

In addition to the new storefront solutions, Stag and UVS Junction are offering a new mobile application upgrade for Level II and III subscribers. The mobile app will put a dealer’s storefront in the right format for easy access and browsing on smartphones, pads and other mobile devices. It will allow dealers to broadcast live videos to customers online and demonstrate how a product works or is installed.

For more information, contact Stag Sales or UVS Junction at (407) 359-8878.


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