RVDA Confab to Feature Super Session Panel

July 23, 2012 by · Comments Off on RVDA Confab to Feature Super Session Panel 

RV dealer principals, general managers and parts professional are invited to attend a special “super session panel” entitled “E-commerce Solutions–Taking Your Parts Store to the Next Level” on Oct. 4, during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo at the Rio All-Suite Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to a press release, the panel will discuss how the RV parts industry has changed through the power of the Internet. Discussions will include solutions to online parts stores ranging from third-party opportunities to self-managed revenue building and enhancement opportunities. Session attendees will learn how to use and implement the newest tools and strategies to build parts revenue. Tactics discussed on the panel will include product bundling, couponing, fulfillment, shipping, taxes and returns.

Panelists for the session include: Angela Cellucci, Robin Beebe-Moussaoui, and Doug McDonald from UVS Junction, Martin Street of Stag-Parkway, and Steve Swanson of Hilltop RV.

“Dealers will find out how to re-think sales by bringing parts to the front of their websites, how get to cash flow going by moving stale parts off the shelves, and creative marketing strategies get parts customers to return to their website,” Cellucci said.

UVS Junction has upgraded its sponsorship to level to Silver – making it the sole sponsor at that level at this time.

The session ties directly into curricula developed by the RV Learning Center and the Center on Education for Training for Employment at The Ohio State University. It is ideal for parts personnel interested in certification or seeking recertification continuing education credit.

The RV Dealers International Convention/Expo will be held Oct.1-5, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The convention is sponsored by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), RVDA of Canada, and the RV Learning Center.

The 2012 convention will feature an exhibit hall filled with the RV industry’s top companies offering products and services to help dealers improve profitability. RVDA’s Partners in Progress Brand Committees will also meet to work on important dealer/manufacturer issues.

Visit and to register for the convention and complete information about all the continuing education opportunities available. You can also get convention updates on LinkedIn® professional networking services, Twitter, and Facebook.

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UVS Junction Adds Parts Sales Referral Option

July 19, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Adds Parts Sales Referral Option 

UVS Junction has enhanced its eCommerce program with a new online parts sales referral program. According to a press release, the new referral program allows RV dealers to invite “sales affiliates” to help with parts and accessories sales online.

Based on the decision of the RV dealer, anyone can be an affiliate seller under UVS Junction’s referral program. The dealer eCommerce administrator will have full control in managing its affiliate members and can customize the commission it pays individual affiliates for sales.

“Basically, RV dealer affiliates with this referral program can place a special link on their websites that pushes visitors to the dealership parts store,” Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction. “A specific affiliate ID number allows the dealer to know which affiliate made a sale, what they sold, and when the sale was made. Another really cool thing is that now smaller RV dealerships that don’t have partnerships with industry distributors can now become an affiliate for another dealership and earn a set commission for online sales.”

The referral program comes at no extra cost to UVS Junction eCommerce program customers and is available now.

“RV dealers over the past few years have learned that selling parts online are now a very large part of their revenue and having this option to sell parts through their eCommerce store while they are sleeping is the coolest option ever – especially when someone else is selling your parts for you,” Cellucci said.

Features of UVS Junction’s new referral program include:

• A user signup tool allows dealers to have direct administrator control over affiliate participation. Affiliates must apply to the program, be accepted by the administrator, and can be suspended at any time.

• Universal affiliate links ensure that referrer affiliates will receive a specially-assigned ID number, which is included in their referral URL links. When someone uses the link to purchase parts, the referrer affiliate receives a commission credit predetermined by the RV dealer.

• The dealer administrator decides what commission each affiliate will receive and can change the rate at any time. Commission can be paid at any time.

• Monthly individual affiliate payout reporting tools and order review. Referral reports are broken down into affiliate ID number, last payment made, current commission rate, current sales, unpaid commission, year-to-date sales, year-to-date commission, and order-by-order breakdown.

• Referrer banners. Web banner graphics linking to an RV dealers parts story can be created for specific affiliates to host on their own websites.

“We built this referral program so RV dealers can pass on a controlled affiliate link, and others can sell parts for them on their site,” Cellucci said. “Our lead developer, Doug McDonald, built this new program as a surprise to me on his down time to kick up our eCommerce product to unimaginable levels.”

To learn more about this new RV Parts eCommerce Referral Program, click here.


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UVS Junction to Deploy ‘RV Digital Boot Camp’

June 25, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction to Deploy ‘RV Digital Boot Camp’ 

UVS Junction announced that it will be conducting its “RV Digital Boot Camp” Aug. 14-16 at its learning lab in Winter Springs, Fla.

According to a press release, the three-day Junction University session will teach attendees the latest and most effective Internet strategies, BDC development and dealer processes through hands-on computer lab exercises. Attendees will “learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t” on the Internet and can implement the strategies at their individual workstations.

The Junction University workshops are designed to bolster the skills of RV dealers of all levels, according to Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction. The educational offerings will be overseen by the company’s development team, which includes two former professors of Full Sail University. Online marketing and technology experts will regularly make guest appearances during workshops, UVS Junction said.

“The purpose of this university is for the RV industry to remain powerful,” said Cellucci. “Our industry is so far behind others like the automotive sector. While speaking with RV dealers every day, it’s clear that there is such a thirst to learn but they just don’t have a place to go that can be trusted.

“We feel that if we don’t start educating RV dealers now, they are going to go elsewhere to other industry trade shows that are outside the RV industry to learn about the new digital world. We want to ensure dealers are getting the right information instead of what marketing companies are trying to sell them.”

Topics will include:

• RV Digital Marketing basics.

• Attracting today’s RV prospect online

• Merchandising inventory online.

• Generating first-party leads.

• Effective processes for collecting consumer information.

• Optimizing your dealership website without the high cost of SEO companies.

• Learn about Google Logic.

• The power of video marketing.

• Effective SEO strategies.

• Social media strategies.

• Social media strategies for website visitors.

UVS Junction’s effort to educate the industry will continue outside Junction University. The company said it will donate a portion of its Junction University registration proceeds to help support the RV Learning Center.

To learn more about Boot Camp click here.


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UVS Launching ‘Easy-to-Use’ Website Platform

June 13, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Launching ‘Easy-to-Use’ Website Platform 

UVS Junction is launching a website development platform that will combine ease of use for the provider with the look and functionality of a “masters skill” site.

According to a press release, the new platform gives clients the ability to build and customize a home page in minutes as modules are easily sized, added, deleted and navigated. Pre-loaded modules use a simple “drag-and-drop logic,” giving dealers the opportunity to showcase floorplans, maps and all the information that is relevant to their location.

UVS will launch the new product with at least five templates that can be “variated hundreds of ways,” according to UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci, adding, “Or, the client can build their site from scratch, and even then, minimum skills are required. No less than one new module will be released on a monthly basis.”

With the launch, UVS will feature a floorplan carousel module. Cellucci noted that existing UVS clients will have to upgrade to this new platform while new clients will automatically have it delivered with their new site. Development will start within the next 60 days for existing client upgrades.

To learn more about UVS Junction visit

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UVS Junction Launches Stag-Parkway Mobi Site

April 4, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Launches Stag-Parkway Mobi Site 

UVS Junction recently announced the launch of its eCommerce Mobile Parts Store designed for use by Smartphones. According to a press release, the new mobi application is exclusive to customers of industry distributor Stag-Parkway Inc.

“This new application allows the consumer to shop parts right from their smartphone,” said Doug McDonald, UVS Junction lead developer. “It’s easily navigated and the best part is that if a customer starts an order on their mobile and walks away from the purchase, then logs in on their computer, the shopping cart will follow them. One little click will add a shortcut icon to the users phone for continued easy access.”

While UVS Junction’s core eCommerce Parts Store platform can work with most distributor’s fulfillment services, the company said that Stag-Parkway’s seamless interface and superior data management protocols make it the easiest to integrate and manage. UVS Director Angie Celucci noted, “Dealers using the Stag-Parkway store have the distinct benefit of real time pricing and inventory availability. In a mobile environment, we saw this as a critical requirement and decided to make the new tool available exclusively to those using the Stag-Parkway storefront.”

With the eCommerce Parts Store, dealers control sales, coupons, emails and newsletters. To learn more about the UVS eCommerce Parts store and to see screen shots of their new mobile version, click here.

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UVS Offers Video for eCommerce Parts Platform

February 20, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Offers Video for eCommerce Parts Platform 

UVS Junction announced today (Feb. 20) the addition of a video option to its eCommerce Parts Store frame. According to a press release, the new element will allow RV dealers to showcase product videos, personal videos,  television spots and educational videos on most pages of their eCommerce Store.

UVS Director Angie Celucci reported that the Winter Springs, Fla.-based firm started offering industry video to website clients back in 2004. Since then they have archived hundreds of videos, giving dealers the opportunity to publish both new and pre-owned inventory. In addition, UVS recently developed software that allows custom videos to be loaded onto a website console with the same logic as YouTube. “This new tool gives total freedom to our website clients to load their television spots, walk through videos, and any other video they like within minutes and publish it on demand without any downtime,” said Celucci.

During any given calendar month, UVS said it can support up to 40,000 hours of video combined among its client base. “Having a video option included within the framework of the eCommerce Parts Store opens so many new marketing strategies and gives our eCommerce clients the opportunity to showcase on behalf of themselves or a vendor,” said Celluci. “It also opens up tons of opportunities for providers. Providers can offer video to eCommerce RV Dealers from specific markets and vendors to help highlight the how to’s or help educate consumers.

To learn more and view a live demo store, visit

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UVS Junction Adds Access to eCommerce Store

February 16, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Adds Access to eCommerce Store 

UVS Junction LLC announced a new program offering its eCommerce parts store to all RV dealers, regardless if they are currently a client.

“When we built the eCommerce store, we knew it was a powerful tool,” Angie Celucci, director of UVS Junction, said in a press release. “Since the release the reception has been overwhelming. After participating with the recent Stag Parkway show in Vegas we knew it was something we needed to do. We had so many RV Dealers that truly wanted the store as a stand-alone product. We’ve rewritten our eCommerce store to allow just that.”

According to Celucci, dealers gain the ability to load over 13,000 products on their website while adding their own categories, parts and products. The store also allows dealers to fulfill orders from their own shelf or their providers and generates a PO for tracking.

“It’s an eCommerce store, so the dealer collects all the money, and they pay their provider based on their terms,” said Celluci. “It’s collecting the information from the customer, generating a data base for future contact.

In addition, dealers can create coupons, newsletters and e-blasts, Celucci said.

To learn more about the UVS eCommerce platform and view video, click here or to see a demo store click here 

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UVS Junction Hiring New Director of Marketing

February 1, 2012 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Hiring New Director of Marketing 

Following six years as director of marketing with Giant Recreation World, Robin Beebe-Moussaoui joins UVS Junction to oversee marketing for the Winter Springs, Fla.-based RV web development firm.

“UVS has such a well-rounded platform and we continue to roll out new products and software updates every month,” Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction, said in a press release. “We teach our clients about so many strategies but, until now, we felt penetrating this market full speed would fall us short with our development. We needed the right fit to oversee an in-house marketing department.”

With UVS Junction, Beebe-Moussaoui’s primary role will be to offer augmented digital marketing, media and traditional advertising services that compliment and enhance the primary UVS product.

“Unlike traditional marketing companies that service our industry from the outside looking in, Robin’s expertise truly offers the best of both worlds,” Calucci said. “She understands how dealerships run from the inside out. She was able to bring her automotive marketing and operations background to the RV industry and help the dealership dominate its market.

In addition to Giant Recreation World, Beebe-Moussaoui’s background includes marketing positions with: Chuck E. Cheese Pizza, Little Caesars Pizza, Cox Radio, Tribune Publishing and Centex Homebuilders. She  also handled digital marketing strategies regionally for the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) since 2009.



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Zender Joining Web Design Firm UVS Junction

August 10, 2011 by · Comments Off on Zender Joining Web Design Firm UVS Junction 

UVS Junction recently announced that Jim Zender has joined the Winter Springs, Fla.-based web development and design company as director of national sales.

According to a press release, Zender has a strong background in retail financing of RVs, boats and horse trailers.

Originally from Wisconsin, Zender was with WPS Insurance prior to moving to Springfield, Mo., where he now resides. He held the positions of regional director, director of sales and director of the Western Division of InsurTec, a sister company of WPS. He is also founder of Selarity Inc., a Springfield firm that works with RV companies which he will continue to oversee.

Zender said he is looking forward to “an incredible opportunity and journey with the UVS family.”



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UVS Junction Facebook App Features Video

June 16, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Facebook App Features Video 

Winter Springs, Fla.-based UVS Junction today (June 16) released a new Facebook platform “unlike any other currently in the RV industry,” according to a press release.

As approved Facebook developers, UVS has written an application for their clients that automatically updates client inventory daily onto their Facebook pages. The new feature means UVS clients won’t need to pay any third-party companies to do this for them, said Angela Cellucci, director of UVS Junction.

“The beauty of this app is that inventory is on a stand-alone app page rather than getting lost in the shuffle of the client fan page wall,” she explained. “What also makes this app development so amazing is that UVS has installed a content-editing tool within their system console that automatically updates UVS client Facebook pages.

“This feature allows our clients to post banners, specials and content above their inventory page and it will remain static on the top of the page all the time, unlike random wall posts,” said Cellucci. “The client has the option of defaulting visitors to their inventory page or their Facebook wall.

“This capability is superior in giving our clients the opportunity to create banners, coupons, incentives, etc., and publish them on their Facebook page in real time. But, it’s unlike what they’ve seen in the past because we have designated an upper section just for that purpose,” she added.

Now any message or incentive can remain static on the top of the page including video.

“Having video on Facebook gives our clients the opportunity to run their TV spot, testimonials or any other video to capture their Facebook visitors,” said Cellucci. “While developing this platform, we felt it was highly important to drive Facebook visitors to the client website. That is why all the inventory posted is linked directly to the client site.

“Click onto any pricing form or inventory link and the results are exactly what they would be if the prospect is right on your site,” she explained. “All forms are submitted directly to the RV dealer via e-mail. This technology is bringing this social networking platform to the next level and, most importantly, communicating with our clients as if they had another website.”

With the digital growth in the marketing industry, companies have had to be creative to keep their businesses afloat, Cellucci said. Many dealers have made choices to keep their marketing focused on the Internet and marketing companies are experiencing the loss, she said.

“Facebook has become a popular tool among RV dealers, but, unfortunately, they are not using it to truly benefit themselves,” said Cellucci. “In many cases, they have hired third party marketing companies to do the job for them. Social networking is free, so it just didn’t make sense to us as developers that our clients would have to pay for this service. So, we put our plan onto our development table, but with a twist.

“Posting inventory on a Facebook wall is simply that,” Cellucci said. “We’ve taken the beauty of Facebook and developed it ‘UVS style.’ Our clients can truly benefit from Facebook by having their real inventory posted and updated daily, they can self-manage their page, include any coupons that will stick on the top of the page, and, of course, now even include video like TV spots and testimonials.”

Cellucci said a UVS client page is similar to the Facebook apps, like Bejeweled and Farmville.

“In most every case, any fan page an RV dealer is using now is not an app, they are more than likely using their Facebook wall,” she explained. “Wall postings push down. Our platform keeps inventory in front of the visitor.

Having an app also allows a dealer to view activity from their page confirming any false reporting of Facebook activity.

“As Facebook approved developers, we now offer each dealership the ability to track their Facebook activity,” she said. “This is a true way for our dealer clients to see in black and white what Facebook is doing for them –or not doing. Traffic is beneficial if it comes from Facebook to the client site.”

Facebook provides platform developers with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook, Cellucci said.

“We can easily report activity to all UVS clients,” she said. “We can even give them ‘insight’ privileges that will give them the freedom of pulling their own stats.”

To see a demonstration of the Facebook page, including video on Facebook, click here.

For more information about UVS Junction products and services, visit

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UVS Adding Translation Tool to Dealer Sites

May 24, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Adding Translation Tool to Dealer Sites 

UVS Junction, a supplier of RV dealer management software, has added a dynamic translation tool to dealer-member sites that will translate all content into one of the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Greek, Italian and Japanese.

The translation buttons are located at the top of each of the client sites and each language is represented by that country’s flag, according to a press release.

The tool will translate 95% of the content on dealer sites. UVS noted that due to the way some parts of the site function, 5% cannot be translated, including pop-up forms and the UVS homepage image rotator section.

Once a language is selected, the site will be translated and will remain in that language. As users switch from page to page, it will automatically translate into the selected language.

The language translation tool works on all mobile devices and the standard languages provided are the most prevalent. However, the company said it will work with clients seeking another language.

Every client site has a complete content translator. The UVS platform will translate all content including:
• Inventory
• Sidebar
• All general content
• Forms (with the exception of any forms that “pop up”)
• Drop down menus
• Disclaimer (footer of your site)
• Pricing
• Phone numbers
• Location(s)

UVS-dealer members can now target the European and Canadian markets for rentals and sales. A visitor would simply select the flag that represents their language and everything will change. Content changes in real time with each new page request.

To learn more, go to

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UVS Junction Releases New Live Chat Platform

April 26, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Releases New Live Chat Platform 

129907591168120 Editor’s Note: the following news release is from Ultimate Video Showcase Inc.  (UVS), Winter Springs, Fla.

Over the past years, we’ve had a self battle with the benefits of live chat. Live chat if not  managed correctly can kill a deal. On the other hand, if managed with care, it can be a wonderful way to generate leads…it’s always about leads. Over the past couple of months, we’ve introduced many different platforms to generate leads for our clients. We knew it was time to break into the world of live chat. We would rather offer a safe and reliable product that’s our own than bring in software that is hosted elsewhere.

Here at UVS we are constantly working on products that benefit our client base and tend to be over protective in shielding them from those that won’t. So our best approach on chat was launching our own. By doing this we knew we would be in total control of the product and allow it to grow with client input.

UVS Junction Chat was introduced to our client base this past Friday (April 22). We offer four levels of service ranging from self to total management. Under two bucks a day will feed you with quality leads. A perfect example of the benefits of live chat is this past holiday weekend. One of our clients generated 30 quality leads on Easter Sunday. These leads were all confirmed with name, phone and email. Keep in mind the quantity of leads are based on your individual traffic. But why would any dealer walk away from leads for under two bucks a day.

The purpose of live chat should not be to close a deal or to shoot out pricing. Remember consumers are savvy and they’ll use your chat to play “good cop bad cop” with your competition. Live chat should be a tool to generate leads only. There is a method to entice your visitors to share their name, phone and email. Live chat will generate leads whether you’re online or offline. It’s a welcoming tool for your visitor.

Some of the negatives attached to chat would be having your chat online without an active operator. That’s why when we developed our chat we made it user friendly so our clients could remain active on the administrative side from any computer, smart phone, or tablet device. As long as you have internet and a browser, your chat will always be available. You could be shopping for groceries and still manage your chat! How cool is that?

Our chat allows “round robin” operator coverage. That means if one operator is busy, it will flip to the next. Chat by departments is also a great tool. When putting this chat into place, we took every scenario into consideration.

For those dealers that just want to have a “lead cow” through the power of chat, our offices are equipped with receiving operators that are trained to generate leads and not scare your prospects away. UVS is now offering a full service chat platform with live operator coverage. Our team of operators continues to grow as our chat clients do giving peace of mind to each dealership.

What ever package our clients choose, we are certain there is a UVS Junction Package to fit every budget…and by far the ROI should blow you away.

Chat is installed typically within 24 hours and is ready to go with your first login.

To learn more click here:

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UVS Junction Intros 4 New Consumer Websites

April 18, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Intros 4 New Consumer Websites 

UVS Junction has released a new series of consumer websites for their combined clients that results in inventory based on the visitor’s ZIP code. These sites are all part of the UVS direct platform.

Combined,  these sites add over 1.5 million indexed pages to the Internet, all relevant to its dealers and their inventory, the company stated in a news release. “We here at UVS take great measures to insure that our client sites are working hard under the hood to get them noticed. These direct sites are a perfect magnet for RV buyer traffic,” the release stated.

These sites are smart. When a visitor clicks onto the page, it will recognize their IP address and publish inventory based on ZIP code. This logic is about 80% accurate and for those ZIP codes that are not recognized or to give a visitor a more defined search, they have the option of entering their exact ZIP code.

The four sites are:

UVS RV Floorplans:

We are most excited about this site. This site can be searched three ways. By floorplan, by ZIP code or by state. Searching by floorplan is easy. The user will select their category, manufacturer and brand and the site will deliver every floorplan available among our clients. When a visitor searches by ZIP code, it will publish all ZIP codes for the brand they are looking at. They then have the opportunity to visit with the dealer, view other floorplans, or shoot out a request for more information which will then deliver a lead to ALL DEALER CLIENTS that carry that brand. This is an amazing site and the logic it is built on is light years ahead of anything in the industry. In the event a floorplan is not available it gives the user an opportunity to view inventory so not to leave them frustrated.

UVS Direct

UVS Direct is a compiled data base of all client inventory. This site offers both new and used inventory. The visitor can search by ZIP code or visit our dealer locator and search by state. Once on the details page, the visitor then has an option to click through directly to the RV dealer’s website. The details page also offers information on the dealership including their location address, contact email, and phone number.

Once landed on the details page, the visitor then has the opportunity to click through the floorplans for that brand. This is an amazing tool for the consumer, but by far a wonderful source of organic traffic to our clients.


This website follows the same logic as our primary UVS Direct site description above with the exception of publishing only NEW inventory.


This website follows the same logic as our primary UVS Direct site description above with the exception of publishing only PRE OWNED inventory.

These sites will leave their mark on the internet. UVS client do nothing. This is all automated and refreshed daily based on their current inventory. Just another way for us to continue to keep our clients ahead of the internet game. There is not an SEO company out there that can even start to give our clients the exposure they are getting on these platforms.

For more information about this new platform, contact Angie Cellucci

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UVS Junction Announces New Dealer Network

April 7, 2011 by · Comments Off on UVS Junction Announces New Dealer Network 

Click here to watch a video about the following story.

A new and still unnamed network of U.S. RV dealers is currently being formed, according to press release from a Winter Springs, Fla.-based web firm — UVS Junction — that plans to help manage the fledgling buying group.

“An original dealer member of another network has contacted UVS Junction as well as several other existing UVS Junction RV dealer clients, and expressed a very strong interest in creating an RV Network that would be 100% not for profit,” UVS Director Angie Cellucci announced in a release directed at least in part to her company’s clients, representing 160 dealer locations. “They explained… that for the first time a network needs to benefit the participating dealers.

“All dollars should be rolled back into the dealers pockets,” the release continues. “All books should be public. The entire business plan should be uncovered. With that being said, Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction, embraced this idea and felt due to our strong client base it would be a good time to move forward and help get this network off the ground.”

Cellucci claims that this new network will help members “stay on top and compete with the larger chain RV dealerships and entities.”

“The Internet has changed how we do business,” said Cellucci, noting that seven unnamed founding members are currently serving on the advisory board. “We can fight the battle alone or we can win the war and become strong in numbers. This is about the power of numbers as a group.”

Cellucci stressed that UVS Junction, which builds specialized software for the RV industry, would assist in the startup and management of the Network, but that the network itself will be owned by participating dealers.

She goes on to invite her company’s clients, representing more than 160 RV dealer locations and more than 25,000 inventory listings, to “get in on the ground floor” of this “newest RV network,” which will offer exclusive territories and “has learned from the mistakes and strengths of other networks.”

“The main objective of this group,” the release adds, “will be to promote the dealers in the Network, not the network or selected network providers.”

“Competition is healthy and the intentions of this network are not to infringe on any existing networks out there, so please refrain from the gossip,” the UVS release further states. “But due to our client base and continued inquiries on ‘bulk buying,’ we here at UVS Junction feel the timing is right and this concept is long overdue. UVS Junction has brought so many new concepts to the industry. This is an old idea with a refreshing twist in favor of the dealer.

“Some other networks are ‘running a business for profit and benefiting by the number of their participating dealers,’” Cellucci continued. “They’ve lost focus and are driven to service themselves. We here at UVS Junction will ‘manage this network for the benefit of our dealers, not us.’ By doing this we believe we can keep network dues down to the bare minimum. Most importantly, (we can) roll incentive dollars back into the dealerships. The incentive money will keep this Network alive. Our objective is to build it enough to not have any dues at all.

Cellucci, in the release, claims that this “very exclusive” group “will represent only good and fair-minded dealers” and “will not control your insurance, financing, etc. but will get you bulk pricing due to our volume.

“Again,” she adds, “we need to stress that any incentives earned on the dealers behalf will go directly back into the dealers pockets.”

For more information, contact Cellucci at (407) 365-1299.

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