Welsh-based Builder Unveils Luxurious Trailer

October 14, 2011 by · Comments Off on Welsh-based Builder Unveils Luxurious Trailer 

Interior of Fifth Wheel Co.'s Inos

When it comes to RV interiors, bigger is almost always better, and no European manufacturer can claim to offer more space than Fifth Wheel Co.

Caravan Times reported that the Welsh manufacturer showed off the prototype for its first ever tourer at the Boat and Caravan Show in February, but this week caravan enthusiasts can inspect the completed Fifth Wheel Inos for the first time at the NCC Motorhome & Caravan Show.

As the only European trailer with slideout technology, the Inos offers simply unrivaled levels of spaciousness, from the open-plan living area, through to the lavish bedroom.

This is achieved by having a sliding section that extend out sideways from the offside of the van, resulting in expanded interior space.

In addition to the Inos 1211 model that is on show in Birmingham, Fifth Wheel will offer a further three floorplans to suit buyers’ requirements, but the luxury standard is maintained throughout the range.

What’s more, the Inos features the Alde Compact 3010 wet heating system, which makes for a cozy year-round touring experience as well as further increasing the amount of interior space available. Other features include an island-bed layout, which offers an enormous bedside shelf complete with a large chest of drawers, to create truly hotel-like decor.

These levels of luxury are normally only seen in American RVs and as such it’s hard to predict whether British buyers will buy into this lavish touring style, or whether it will be judged as simply too flashy.

Adrian Parry- Jones, operations director at Fifth Wheel Co. said: “We are confident that the production model has the technical superiority and design flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.”

However, this technical superiority and design flexibility doesn’t come cheap – the Inos carries an elite price tag of just over $49,000.


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