RV Dealers Ramping Up Marketing Strategies

December 23, 2010 by · Comments Off on RV Dealers Ramping Up Marketing Strategies 

header Dealers are beginning to ramp up their marketing campaigns now that the economy is  slowly returning.

In fact, Angel Valenzuela, sales manager, Sky River RV, Paso Robles, Calif, plans to step  up his ad budget 25% this year, RV Executive Today reports in its online edition.

“A change is coming, and we really feel good news is around the corner,” he says. “We’re starting to see a relaxing in banks giving loans to people, and I think this thing is about to take off.”

Valenzuela isn’t the only optimist who’s jump-starting his ad campaign.

“Many dealers are finally saying, ‘I survived the recession and now I need to start marketing again,’” says Ron Wheeler, CEO of Wheeler Advertising, Arlington, Texas. “They’re ready to make some long-range plans versus looking at things one month at a time.”

With money still tight, though, dealers will be thinking extra hard about where to spend their ad dollars and about which mix of traditional, digital, and social media will bring the best results. Experts say all three are mandatory and should be treated as a multi-pronged approach rather than as separate efforts. “Don’t treat them like they’re each a silo – they must work together,” says Wheeler. “It’s all about integrating them to get the best bang for the buck.”

Social media venues such as Facebook and YouTube can be tremendously valuable for dealers, but only if used correctly. And traditional media are still powerful venues but can be pricey.

For tips from the pros on how to blend the old with the new and make the most of their unique strengths, read “Making The Pitch: Dealers Refocus On Advertising As Market Slowly Returns” in the January issue of RV Executive Today.

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