WiFi Ranger Announces Public Wi-Fi Router

November 12, 2010 by · 1 Comment is now making available its new consumer router, the WiFiRanger which allows traditional connections to the Internet via WAN, as well as 3/4G USB modems, but with the added ability to connect to public or private Wi-Fi as well for the Internet backhaul connection.

The device has practical applications for RVers.

“As WiFi becomes more pervasive in apartments, communities, resorts and destination recreation venues, people still need traditional router functionality while using it such as LAN ports, a WPA encrypted wireless network for their own use, and backup capability such as 3/4G. The WiFiRanger puts all that functionality into a simple-to-use consumer product, and isolates the owner from being directly connected to the public Wi-Fi system,” stated Kelly Hogan, CEO and founder of

The WiFiRanger automatically scans for public WiFi, profiles open connections for signal quality, Internet speed and even determines if a signal is “filtered,” implying that a login screen is presented to the user. This information is then presented to the WiFiRanger owner within their browser, and allows them to select the preferred connection. Once done, all devices on their private WPA network, or LAN ports then passes through the WiFiRanger and its connection to the public WiFi, as if they were on a DSL/Cable connection at home.

“We’ve taken the complexity and security issues out of using public Wi-Fi for real, day-to-day use. After six years supporting the largest public Wi-Fi network in North America, we understand what is needed to insure effective and secure use of the public WiFi systems. Our WiFiRanger delivers the needed features at an affordable price,” Hogan continued.

The WiFiRanger sells for $147.50 and is available now at is a subsidiary of LinOra Corp., a privately held company offering wireless equipment and services to WISPS, Telco and national wireless provisioners. All operations are handled out of Caldwell, Idaho.

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