Winegard: Compact RoadTrip Minimax Antenna

January 29, 2010 by · Comments Off on Winegard: Compact RoadTrip Minimax Antenna 

Winegard-SiloSatellite TV antennas are a virtual necessity among today’s mobile campers — but they can substantially increase an RV’s height. Winegard Company virtually eliminates this with its new RoadTrip Minimax ultra-compact in-motion RV satellite antenna, which delivers powerful performance thanks to its new antenna design yet only adds a 20-inch-diameter footprint to your roof. The antenna is fully automatic with a one-button on-off control and utilizes DVB technology to enable it to lock onto signals fast and accurately. It also toggles automatically between satellites, and supports two receivers — enabling users to watch different programs on two TVs at the same time so long as the programs are located on the same satellite. A wall switch, power and coaxial cables are included. For more information: Winegard Company, 3000 Kirkwood St., Burlington, IA 52601; (800) 288-8094,

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