Xantrex Freedom SW2000: 2K Watts of Power

February 23, 2010 by · Comments Off on Xantrex Freedom SW2000: 2K Watts of Power 

Freedom_SW_2000_InverterCharger_290x230The Freedom SW 2000 inverter/charger by Xantrex features pure sine wave output and power factor corrected multi-stage charging to meet power needs of today’s sensitive and sophisticated electronics. It provides 2,000 watts of continuous sine wave power to operate commonly used AC-powered electronics such as plasma television sets, microwaves, entertainment systems, computers, printers, power tools, mini refrigerators and much more. It is designed for a variety of mobile applications, including recreational vehicles. Features include a built-in transfer switch automatically that transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power, a power factor corrected multi-stage charger for fast, efficient charging, temperature compensated charging for all climate conditions, an ignition lockout that prevents unnecessary battery drain when the alternator is not providing power, an adjustable low-voltage disconnect, conformal coated circuit boards for humid environments and an on/off remote control panel with 25 feet of  cable. Xantrex Corporate Operations, 8000 Nelson Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 4B5; general office, (604) 422-8595; general fax, (604) 420-1591;

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