XP Camper Introducing All-Composite Pop-up

May 20, 2013 by · Comments Off on XP Camper Introducing All-Composite Pop-up 

XPCamper LLC — manufacturer of the world’s first all composite monocoque pop-up camper — recently unveiled its new V2 XP camper at the 2013 Overland Expo in Mormon Lake, Ariz., near Flagstaff, according to a report by

Custom designed for compact trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, the hard-sided, clamshell style, V2 XPCamper — which was originally scheduled to debut in mid 2012 — will retail for $31,875.

The clamshell V2 XP — which employs the same monocoque design and cored composite construction as its larger counterpart — incorporates many of the same cutting edge appliances and electronics as the XPCamper. Designed for off-the-grid camping and overlanding, the V2 XP includes a diesel cooktop, fridge and Spinflo kitchen centre. Other interior features include a shower, cassette toilet and Imtra marine grade LED lighting.

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Prototype XPCamper Truck Unit Unveiled

June 1, 2012 by · Comments Off on Prototype XPCamper Truck Unit Unveiled 

The XPCamper in the "up" position.

XPCamper LLC, a niche RV manufacturer in Grass Valley, Calif., has introduced a unique truck camper the front of which pivots on ball bearings so as to raise the rear and offer 7-feet 4-inches of headroom. ”We have built the first prototype,” said XPCamper President Marc Wasserman.

XPCamper in the "down" position.

The 800-pound composite XPCamper XP V2 is designed for a flatbed pickup on which a two-piece shell is placed above the wheel wells. ”We tried to build something simple,”Wasserman said. ”We didn’t want (the top) to go straight up because that had been done before. It took a while to be engineered, but I’ve had this design in my head for quite awhile.”

Features include solar heat, a cassette toilet, diesel stove, 12-volt refrigerator and 60 cubic feet of storage. With six employees, XPCamper builds custom units that take three to five months to complete. MSRP: $33,000.

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Rugged XPCamper to Display at Arizona Show

May 9, 2012 by · Comments Off on Rugged XPCamper to Display at Arizona Show 

Off-road XPCamper

Grass Valley, Calif.-based XPCamper LLC – manufacturer of the world’s first all-composite monocoque pop-up camper – will be showcasing its custom-built camper at the upcoming Overland Expo, which opens in Flagstaff, Ariz., on May 18.

As reported by the RVing Examiner, the XPCamper prototype – which was designed specifically with the off-road enthusiast in mind – debuted to much critical acclaim at the 1st Annual Overland Expo back in 2009.

After several years in development and a further two years in production, XPCamper designer Marc Wassmann, “is confident that the XPCamper and every system in it is the best possible quality.”

The XPCamper – which is offered at an MSRP of $58,875 plus $9,950 for the flatbed – incorporates a number of cutting edge appliances and electronics – many culled from the marine industry – including its remote controlled hydraulic popup system, Webasto diesel fired stove and Carmanah solar panels.

To read the entire blog from RVing Examiner click here.

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