Prominent Canadian RV Dealer Seeks Support

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Alden Kowarsky

Alden Kowarsky

Alden Kowarsky, chairman of the board of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers of Canada (RVDA of Canada) and president of Alco VR in Laval, Quebec, is appealing for aid to a cause that he is involved in and which he holds dear.

Funds are being collected to support the synagogue Young Israël of Chomedey which has had to undertake significant repairs following vandalism which caused sizeable damage to the building and land, according to a mailing that has gone out to RVDA of Canada members.

A statement on the synagogue’s website from Rabbi Gewirtz contains this additional information:

On October 6th someone took our garden hose, placed it in our oil pipe, and let it run all night. 3,200 litres of water forced all 2,300 litres of oil out of our tanks and onto our back lawn. We now have an extensive area of contaminated soil that must be cleaned up quickly before it spreads even more.

At this point, we have been informed that our insurance policy only covers a maximum claim of $25,000 for polluted soil and that all other costs related to our removal of this earth must be at our own expense.Conservative estimates so far, assuming the oil hasn’t penetrated under our foundation which would truly be even more disastrous, have been made to the tune of $65,000 above our insurance coverage. It could even go higher once the soil is tested, most likely in the coming week.

The RVDA of Canada e-mail said any donations can be made directly to Young Israel of Chomedey, 1025 Elizabeth Blvd., Chomedey, Laval, Quebec H7W 3J7. Please note on the check, “For the Vandalism Campaign Fund.”

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