EcoMotors to Market Fuel-Efficient Gas Engine

April 10, 2013 by · Comments Off on EcoMotors to Market Fuel-Efficient Gas Engine 

Zhongding Power and EcoMotors announced that they will begin production of an Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) internal combustion engine in the Anhui Province, China, beginning in 2014.

As reported by, the benefit to RVers of an engine that can deliver an improvement of 20% to 50% in fuel economy, when compared to a conventional turbo-diesel engine, is readily apparent. Not only is the OPOC engine simpler and cheaper to manufacture than a standard diesel engine but it’s also lighter which, in an era of small lightweight RV platforms, offers a clear benefit to motorhome upfitters.

Producing the engine — which can deliver the same power level as conventional engines at half the size, a lower cost, and with lower emissions — is a huge step forward for the Allen Park, Mich.-based company and clearly vindicates the backing of investors like Vinod Khosla (founder of Sun Microsystems), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and Braemar Energy Ventures.

EcoMotors and Zhongding plan to supply OPOC engines to a broad clientele, including gensets (which are often installed on motorhomes), off-road and commercial vehicles with a portion of the plant’s output reserved to EcoMotors for sale and distribution to its own direct customers.

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