Leadership Alliance – Blue Ox

Blue Ox: On the Cutting Edge

Blue Ox is the leading manufacturer of towing, hitching and steering products in the RV industry.
With roots in machinery invention dating back to the 1920s, the company has a proud history of innovation and development. CEO Jay Hesse led Automatic Equipment Mfg. Co., Blue Ox’s parent company, into the RV market with the introduction of the Kar-Tote in 1984, and subsequent purchases of the Blue Ox line of tow bars and base plates and the Duncan line of tow bars and brackets in the 1990s cemented its place there. Afterward, with the development of braking systems, trailer hitches, TruCenter steering products and other accessories, Blue Ox was established as the leading product source in RV and towing arenas. The company manufactures all its own products in its Pender, Neb., facility.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Blue Ox is still coming up with new products, including the latest Patriot™ electric-powered braking system, which is designed to provide more sensitive braking performance for vehicles in tow, including hybrids. Instead of the sudden all-on or all-off braking of typical air-compression systems, the Patriot electronically coordinates with the motorhome brakes to apply appropriate, proportional braking for all tow vehicle wheels, providing smoother deceleration and less wear on the brake pads.

Blue Ox provides a comprehensive list of services for customers that is unequalled. They offer a toll-free hotline, nationwide technical training, servicing at rallies, even a mascot Flakey the Clown who entertains the young and old alike at rallies. Blue Ox is also a good employer, offering one annual college scholarships to qualified Blue Ox associates’ children. RVers can stay at Blue Ox’s full-service RV park at no charge and enjoy a factory tour to see how its quality products are made.

But if you’re not in the area, they’ll come to you. Destination America sends crews to rallies and campgrounds across the nation to educate the public on towing safety while providing goodwill and customer service along the way. This isn’t a one-way street; the crews are also listening to RVers. In fact, many of Blue Ox’s new products and product improvements have been a direct result of a comment or suggestion from customers. The crews have a goal of supporting Blue Ox dealers and distributors by providing customers with the tools, education and personal assistance it takes to ensure a long-term, equitable partnership, and to get even closer to the RV customer who uses the company’s products.

Blue Ox is committed to being the market leader in steering, towing, hitching and braking products through cultivating partnerships with its customers, suppliers, professional partners and associates. Each associate is a valued contributor to its success, with all working together as a team united by common goals. The company espouses ideals including loyalty, innovation, uncompromising quality, teamwork and professionalism. As for RVers, it is Blue Ox’s goal to have them see Blue Ox as the premier provider of unparalleled quality products and exemplary customer care. That’s the Blue Ox standard.

For more information about Blue Ox and its dealer partnership opportunities, contact vice president of sales Ellen Kietzmann at 800-228-9289.